After my recent Blog titles of “Flowing, Automatic and Coasting” there could only be this current one of “A bump in the road”, because that is what I unexpectedly hit. Nothing to do with my Poetry World, but my health, which has always been excellent, so to that end and at my older years, my first time ever in hospital was a massive shock, or lol bump?

After a couple of days in pain I took myself off to A & E and was told the cause of my pain, (agony) was a highly infected and inflamed gall bladder. Pretty nasty, and kept me in hospital for 4 nights before a very weak Laurie went home after excellent treatment and outside support from The Red Cross who were brilliant. I’m stronger and well on the mend now, but perhaps this very recently written poem may say more about it all, and as one of my wonderful “quality assurance readers”, S A B suggested to me, I unusually post a brand new poem in full…

Behind Me?

I guess I was just too busy being unwell

And in such severe pain to stop and think,

For all my concerns and fears were such

That I couldn’t concentrate or even blink,

Over what other events were occurring

Apart from me needing a hospital bed.

Which was a new cardinal shock for me,

To contemplate anything else instead.

For I do now recall a doctor saying

How I was a very seriously ill case,

So at that time it didn’t register much

I might be going to that other place,

From which there is no coming back

Or even have much choice it seems.

So I determined to get well and recover

And not dwell on nightmarish dreams.

But having largely all recovered now

Only needing to get my strength back,

I have reflected on my recent situation

With updated thoughts that now stack,

Across my mind as I try to process it all

Or how it may have alternately turned out.

Because it had given me a massive shock

And deep concerns without a doubt.

So I have now come to this conclusion

That I might not have heard the knock,

Upon my metaphoric door for me

To give me that huge ultimate shock,

As I believe now my unwanted visitor

Was the fearsome, dreaded reaper grim,

Deciding that he would take his chance

To force me to go away with him.

Thus I now count even more blessings

And consider I had a very lucky escape,

For I was far too ill to know or be aware

He sought to take me off under his cape.

So I survived to live on many more days

Much to that grim character’s great regret.

For though he wanted me for his dead army,

I’m nowhere near ready to go just yet.


There we are then, my very recent after thoughts on my hopitalisation, warts and all, probably more noticeable for the very astute and discerning among you who know I rarely post too much on me of a personal nature, so there you are.

Most of you will probably be aware that it is almost Christmas again, and that it has sneaked up on us aa usual, but my thoughts remain the same as in this popular and much complimented on, poem written 7 years ago, but perhaps even more pertinent today?

IS it Merry Christmas?

Christmas cheer fills the world

All ready for that special day,

Got to have the greatest meal

For the best ever family day.

Smiling faces beam for the photo

All happy sat round the table.

Well mostly smiling, some just trying,

To look as happy as they’re able!

For Christmas isn’t all it seems

Despite your spending and the drinking,

And peace on earth, goodwill to men

Isn’t really what most are thinking!

It all has to be done, put on a show

Make sure the kids presents are the best,

For when they all return to school

Their parents must pass this test.

Not much cheer in the Christmas crush

Battling each other in the shops,

To get all excesses in good time,

You must pull out all the stops.

Or be deprived of those luxuries

The adverts scream you must buy,

So your greatest day stresses soar

No matter just how hard you try.

For Christmas isn’t all it seems

Despite your spending and the drinking,

And peace on earth, goodwill to men

Isn’t really what most are thinking!

Greed mentality takes over dwellings

Cramming supplies up to the walls,

As if to withstand some long siege

This one-day battle is made for fools

Who succumb to the media demands,

And empty their banks and cash flow.

So after the fuss and waste is done

It’s not worth seeing your money go

But I’m no Scrooge or killjoy at all

I like a booze up too, that I must say,

Though I really can’t help thinking

How nice if it was Christmas every day.

And not the seasons bloating scene

With Its pushing and shoving crowd,

Who cannot see that just being nice

All long year round is still allowed!


Christmas then, but SO many people have told me over the years that they totally identify with my sentiments in that poem of mine! Do you?

Some brief news and even whilst I was in hospital, and then at home recovering, but The Psychy Poet continues and rolls on.

 I have had a nice little increase in my book sales, and some requests with amazing compliments, comments on my Book 6 cover “bravery” and “intrigue”, but that is ladies for you!

 Pat C from my Tuesday Social group and her amazing generosity for her books with added donations to my Help for Heroes fund raising, thank you, and also for your kind feedback on my poetry writing.

 I have had my book titles leaflets updated again for my “write a poem for you service” (ironically one I was commissioned on for a funeral very recently had the irony of me apparently being quite close too?). My reading and entertaining Gigs continue to be very popular and requested so all well there too.

Big news I alluded to re Ted & Beth is now out in as much as they have taken on a couple of “look-alike” understudies, and the start of the poem on this follows..

But Still Not Outshone

Ted & Beth think they have arrived now

Having taken on a understudy pair,

Of an “almost look-alike” teddy couple

But want to say they will still be there,

In the glaring limelight that they love

So won’t in any way be stepping aside,

As the thinking is that “Theo and Ami”

Could cover if our stars need to hide.

So for a short time they could rest easy

For with a thirty plus animal gang now,

There is much to do and keep an eye on

And they don’t want an unhappy row.

Thus that is how Theo and Lady Ami

Got recruited to occasionally stand in,

To keep good order and contentment

With a calm group not making a din.

For the teddies and various animals

Get excited and out of hand at times,

Often singing and shouting loudly

So would be better if stuck to mimes.


Yes, so T & B’s “stand in” teddies, so lol let’s see how that all goes a? Smoothly? Naaaaaaaar

What do you think King Henry The First, Nic’s Poppets etc ???

Joke Time :

*A hospital concerned about new admission with golf ball up his bottom. Seems it went up a fairway.

*A farmer finally got a new wife after he tractor down.

*A man in hospital wanted to stitch his own wounds. The hospital said suture yourself.

*Astronaut took drugs on a moon flight, and spaced himself out!

Quick a bit more news and little smile. 

After now successfully publishing 11 poetry books, having them read on National Radio & in National newspapers, being on BBC Radio Sussex, Surrey many times, writing 3 articles a month etc, it appears I’m known as “The Poet with the Teddy Bears” !!!! lol well at least I am remembered..?

I hope you are enjoying this “Pre Christmas” blog, and maybe with a cup of tea and cake, or can you do better? But hey I don’t want to raise any hackles at all, so just relax on the sofa and relax thinking of little surprises that might come up and say BOO.

While mentioning the “C” once a year word I will say my usual heartfelt thanks to you all for reading and wish you all a fantastic Festive Season, including my excellent Publisher and Website Guru, James Harvey at “” and many thanks man.

Not one, but two romantic poems to end with as it is that special season for luuuuuuuuuuuuuurvve apparently, but I like it all year round. From my 4th book initially comes “Jigsaw”


Dreamy figures of great delight

All come dancing into view,

I have a panorama of beauty

But know what I must do.

For you have made intrusions

Seismic like upon my soul,

As we determine to be together

Making our separate pieces whole,

Like some closely fitting jigsaw

That a glorious picture makes,

For it had become quite desperate

To complete for both our sakes.

I can still see your posture

With majestic desire for me,

That I had to return with vigour

How it was designed to be.

Now disappearing from all else

Except the views fixed in our sight,

We released basic desires

With erupting volcano might.

So now our jigsaw was complete

And you in your ecstasy cried,

Whilst we had flown together

Returning to land satisfied.


Yes, well that should set the mood to warm everyone OOoooop a bit, so pucker up and enjoy.

Last poem now, and an increasingly popular one originally in my 5th book and has been read by Lynn Parsons on National Magic F M Radio, (lol yeah, I’m the poet with the teddies)!

So, yes as I said, with me wringing every bit of love and emotion out, this poem has had quite a few people drooling (nicely) after my reading it, as Luuuuuuuuuuuuuurve goes across all ages and gaps a?


A quiet, simmering, burning fuse

Maybe oh so easy to miss,

As with a soft awakening

To someone you’d love to kiss.

So the signs of any recognition

Or consent given from your muse,

Are sought for their confirmation

You are the one they choose.

Thus with heartbeats all a flutter

You slowly pucker up to brush,

That alluring sirens ready mouth

As you prepare to make them blush,

With that soft sweet sensation

Now blowing bubbles on your lips.

So you lean closer in together

Lest this precious moment slips.

Eyes tight shut to keep out the world

From your very own embrace,

Your bodies pulse fast and close

So you are now lost in space.

With bright stars and planets forming

Brilliant lights across the sky,

And transform your understanding

That you’ve just learnt to fly.


WOW, even Ted & Beth are having a little pucker now, so thanks again and catch you soon as The Journey Continues with hopefully NO MORE “Bumps in the Road” and increasingly SUCCESSFULLY!

Love, Light & Laughs, 

Laurie xx

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