So, winning then and a bold statement, but to be fair I have been bordering on it with last few Blog titles of Flowing, Arrival, More, and Spreading Out etc, thus really no great surprise when all my “Poetry World” seemed to burst forth to “Win” in one short time, and since my last blog. 
I will table all great results and successful events in no special or particular order as I (actually) DO try to keep blogs succinct and rolling, so will start with an end one really, and that involves me reading my “Queen” poem out at a vigil for our late sovereign in Hailsham in front of The Mayor, Chaplain, Councillors and about 300/400 people. 
Ironically, I’d been ask to write the poem for BBC Radio Sussex and was to read it out on air before “media concerns” prevented any such like going “live”? Never mind I did read it at the Vigil and it was well received. Here it is..

The Queen

I never got to meet our late Queen

But I understand that many people had,

Although that doesn’t really bother me

I do find her tragic passing very sad.

As she seemed to have been our queen

For virtually all of my cognisant life.

Presiding in maternal and caring way,

To guide us along and ease our strife.

So now many moving words of tribute

Are being said about this unique Lady,

Who with majestic manner and dignity

Steered us away from sorrow and shady

Dealings following some leading figures

That Her Majesty side-stepped well,

As controversial relationships emerged

Which deeply upset her, you could tell.

But continuing to serve and put country first

This wonderful woman took it in her stride,

So that now her time is tragically over

We can regard her with an almighty pride.

For certainly we won’t see her like again,

As tears flow like from a fractured dam.

So I will now join in with the multitudes

With simple words of “thank you Ma’am”.


That was the last in a short spell of successful promotions and events, but others included some extremely well appreciated reading gigs that I did with amazing compliments and requests to return, a great fund raise collection in aid of Help for Heroes at Tesco Langney, (thanks Seb and team) of £115 and sale of many of my books, even though I ended up doing it alone from 9am to 5pm and lol under the flipping air conditioning BRrrrrrrrr. Cafe Old Town had sold loads of my books for me, continues to do so, and I have restocked my books, some on offer, with some more leaflets and my brand new “business” cards just done, thanks to the excellent Sharon of Olive Design!

Another poem break but a very apt poem for me =

Love to Live

To love is to live

In all things, they say,

As to feel like this

Must enrich every day.

Though some people can’t,

Get love past themselves.

And the result of this is

They’re left on the shelves.

Others spend their love

All on one single thing,

Which if it goes wrong

Only heartache will bring.

You can love what you do

To give you much pleasure.

So long as it’s spread out,

And in equal measure.

Because I’ve always found

In life with kith and kin,

You get back joy and love

The more that you put in.

Many folks’ type of love

Will only bring strife,

But for me it’s all simple,

I just love my life!


Now after mentioning my recent fortune, perhaps worked hard for, I’m not someone who has to have, or be, bigger than the rest, but as my continued media etc exposure further promotes my supported charity Help for Heroes, I will stand proud, not presuming, fluffy or muted, but proud. I am sure many others would, (are?) envious and if the boot was on the other foot? 

I will split more “winning” news up so you don’t get too dizzy, although I must admit I was for a while, but very nicely, SO, my poem Inner Tears about permission to grieve (very apt after the passing of our Queen, but written prior) won Hailsham Festival poetry competition, well shared, but there were apparently over 20 entries or suchlike, and I will take that. Yay…


*When its hot apparently cats eat mice cream.

*Spiders just love to zoom on Internet Web Sites now.

*Are two bananas on the floor a pair of slippers?

QUICK, another poem…

Poetic Prigs Presume

When is our poetry not poetry?

Apart from decree by a pretentious prig,

Who decides his opinion carries all

Like a judge presiding in his wig!

But away from all his dogma

There are mostly differing views,

For some like to tie up every line

Whilst others rhyme in twos.

Of course there is prose then

That forms up in no special way

And flows about a subject,

With no need at all to stay

Exactly to a point or course,

Or even with a topic theme.

Then leads you across anywhere

As if you were in a dream.

Thus as long as it is a pleasure

Poetry can be anything you choose,

From simple usual rhyming verse

To flyaway words about a muse.

That mine is very down to earth

And modern with a story telling style,

Suits me and many who like it,

Though elitist snobs may rile.

At this usurper who is new

And writes simply so you can see,

The essence of the poems

Which certainly pleases me!


No excuses offered for my “two fingered” response some time ago to a “pretentious dipstick” who genuinely believed he was a self-appointed authority on poetry. He wasn’t by any means, and rare for me, hey man “look at my stuff and achievements now” Yeah! Raspberry blown.

I will follow that with another poem that possibly is a bit about me, but again written a while ago, but I think it still works, what you reckon? LOL pretentious prigs allowing?


It takes a very brave person

To rise above the parapet alone,

And to show themselves completely

Whilst standing on their own.

Now of course they would expect

That others would support them too.

But sadly not quite the case

As some find it hard to do,

Something else for any others,

Or maybe it’s indifference

That causes them to duck out

All safe behind their fence.

Of course they watch keenly

To see what happens next,

With their well-rehearsed excuse

Or some other lame pretext,

That will justify themselves

From any exposure to the fray.

As they really do believe it’s best

To run, and fight another day.

So what of our poor victim

Now standing open to it all?

Leading a flock who didn’t follow,

And maybe smile to see him fall.

For in some cases, it would suit

The cowards to say, I told you so.

We were right to keep our cover

And thus not to have a go.

Which certainly would be safer

And not take any chance to gain

Successful wins in their life,

But all their fears remain.


Last mention of media promotion is that last Friday 16th September the Eastbourne Herald published yet another article on me, mostly about my 11th book for Ted & Beth, but mentions (as I wrote most of it) virtually all my other activities and Help for Heroes support too, plus on top of this I am again booked for BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey in October on our sublime Sylvie Blackmore show.

An upbeat blog as tough financial times lurk and winter starts to poke its chilly, dark nose round the fading autumn days, so let’s indulge all the happiness and good times we can, or yes, winning!

Romance poem to end with now, and a very popular “Aaaaaaaaaaah” one at my many gigs I am doing, for we all like a bit of luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrve a?


When I contemplate a painting

I always think of you,

Pretty as any art work

And so lovely with it too.

For no Mona Lisa picture

Or da Vinci at his best,

Could ever create attraction

That could ever pass your test.

For brush strokes can’t come alive

However clever is the touch,

And inner and outer beauty

Will always need so much

To capture all its presentation,

Only fully blossomed in the flesh

That no painting can fully copy

Or have a scent so fresh.

Thus a living breathing person

Is real beauty to behold,

So however warm a painting looks,

When you touch it, it feels cold.

Thus indulge any masterpiece

You may have for real,

As you are truly a collector

With your picture you can feel.

So when appraising your treasure

Of art in human form,

Don’t ever take it for granted

Or believe it’s just the norm.

For you must love and cultivate

Your own Mona Lisa smile,

Remembering you have it always

And not for just a while.


I have come to the end of this latest blog, a bit of a mixture and hopefully something for everyone as Ted & Beth, and all their animal friend that often join us at the gigs we do, say bye for now and a BIG THANKS for joining us on here as,

The Journey Continues with us WINNING….

Love, light and smiles, 

Laurie xx

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