After my last two Blog themes that were “Consolidation and Forward Gear” I’ve now moved onto “Cruise Control” as I have picked up speed to my usual rapid pace of activity again. Read on to find out how and why as I won’t tease you..
Cruising on to my eleventh book then as Ted & Beth’s long-awaited book was published on May 1st, and they are SOooooo ecstatic. Book cover is among the blog photos 🐻🐻.
I have had further increased compliments for my St George’s Day poem reading and singing, yes singing, and well received too!

My website is flourishing as well, so WELCOME new sign ups of Andy C from “over there” and Nic G with two little ladies “Charlie & Lottie”, already T & B fans and soon to be even more when they get The Bears new book “Tea for Two: Poetic Antics of Ted & Beth”, so yup, great having you on board (lol cruising again see, or should it be “sea”? lol). You still enjoying Gill S?

I should say at this stage (or floating platform) that my website is really up to date, spring cleaned and attractive due to the excellent care and attention from my both now Publisher and Website Guru James Harvey who you can contact on “”…. lol I HAVE to keep in his good books, (literally), but no seriously we are a sort of “partnership made in heaven” that works really well. My books and website endorse that, so Cheers man!

First poem then and HAS to be one of The Bears, and the title poem of their new book….

Tea for Two

Now Ted and Beth like a cup of tea

And will drink it all day long,

But both are reluctant to make it

So that’s where it all goes wrong.

For Ted will say it’s Beth’s turn

She of course says it’s Ted’s,

So before you can say “teddy bear”

Another disagreement spreads

Into a mini bear fight,

Although they mean no harm.

For Beth will use her female wiles

And Ted will be all charm.

Thus often I am the peacemaker

And also the tea-making man.

Whilst they have their little bicker,

Though I suspect it’s all the plan.

With a very cunning teddy ruse

To get me to make their drink,

But although I go along with it

I’m not as silly as they think!

For every time I make their tea

And we sit drinking with a chat.

I find out all their secrets,

How they got up to this and that.

For although they are a lovely pair

And our hearts they do enslave,

They can still be quite mischievous

So I make sure they behave.

Thus our little tea drinking parties

Have an agenda for me too.

As they help me keep a close eye,

On just what they plan to do!


So, a taster of book at the start but there are many other poems about their mischievous behaviour and nine on their animal friends too.

This second poem goes back to my 3rd book (2015) and follows our cruising theme with title of “Even Out”, apart from potholes that is, so we’ll stay afloat for while =

Even Out

The roller coaster ride of life

Will test us one and all,

Just when you think you’ve won

That’s the very time you’ll fall.

So up you get and start again

Sorry, but perhaps much wiser,

To continue on your road again

Having fully cleared your visor.

For it’s best to see the road ahead

To ensure no fall or trip,

As without a doubt you will err

If your awareness you let slip.

Gleeful shouts you’ve got it right

Can only lead to sorrow,

For any complacency in this world

Will bring sadness in the morrow.

The wise man says that if you’ve won

And sport the victor’s crown,

Be modest with people going up

You may meet them coming down!

The rollercoaster ride of life

Will test us one and all,

For just when you think you’ve won

That’s the very time you’ll fall.

So take any successes in your stride

And stand proud if you should miss,

For if you have done your very best

No one can give any more than this.



 Why do we tell actors to “break a leg?”… Because all plays have a cast!

My dog ate all the scrabble letters and now leaves little messages all over the house…

New restaurant opened called “Karma”. No menu as you get what you deserve….


Well, got those out the way and hope you all got them without too much brain cell bashing?

SO, continuing with my accelerating up to cruise control more good news came in another invite for me to poem read and perform at a local prestigious venue that had not allowed visitors for some time since Curse Covid reared its spoiling head, and even now the gig will be in the open air of the garden, weather allowing of course, but nice to start getting invitations again.

Another “apt or appropriate” titled poem, (lol well it IS a roadworthy theme) from my 7th book “Poet Reflects Your World” with poem called Cowboys and Motorists =

Cowboys and Motorists

In those days of the wild west

People all travelled around by horse,

Mostly riding on these animals

With coaches and carts of course.

So I wonder how it would all go

If we drove about like on horseback,

And substituted cars into that wild west

Maybe having to repel an Indian attack?

Would our vehicles cope with that terrain

Or lots of horses fit well in the city?

But I don’t think we can ever see this

So in some ways that’s a pity.

For many motorists driving behaviour

Lends itself to those lawless days,

Seen in the old western towns

Riding their horses in careless ways.

Though of course back in that rough time

Horses were not subject to body repair,

And with any little coming together

Nobody would just get off and stare,

To see if any damage for insurance

Which could land you up in court,

And possibly a more perilous ending

Than who was the driver at fault.

As maybe it would have been settled

By both parties going for their gun,

So one of them might be killed

Or be left lying out in the sun.

Thus not for them any third parties

With any witness statement need,

To ensure that justice was done

And the innocent would succeed.

But alas although we’ve moved on

From horseback to modern car.

Some still drive as if on the plains

When any street courtesy is far

Away from their immediate thought,

Which is to complete their drive

In the shortest time that’s possible,

And just hope they stay alive.

Thus I would like to now see

Modern day sheriffs on our roads,

To monitor and punish rash cowboys

And enforce the highway codes.


Time for my usual, but heartfelt thanks to you all for continued support and encouragement which obviously enhances awareness of the excellent charity I support and donate to, HELP for HEROES, so again thanks and bless ya hearts! Yes, you really are “hear” there and everywhere we go to read, even to those strange and distant places? 

OOOh Ted & Beth are waving and shouting to remind me that THEIR book is ONLY £6.99 and still donates to Help for Heroes from all sales, and as usual a full list of my books is at the end, available on Amazon OR can get from me, locally, posted out etc at small postage fee, C’mon you KNOW you want to. no Boo hooing!

Also, before i forget I do have some adverts out (lol shooooosh), and still continue to write my monthly column in “thesussexnewspaperonline” and Hailsham news, AND on June 18th  am on Hailsham FM again with the terrific Simon Herbert at 11.00. YES, Ted & Beth as usual you can come, but especially to teddy talk about your new book. Will YOU be listening young Henry the First?

Closing poem and as per usual now for all you lovers, loved, young, old or indifferent (?) romantics comes a Luuuuuuuuuurrvve poem from my 7th book again =


If our bodies feel cold we shiver

Or perhaps have a nervous thought,

Because our systems are very sensitive

And emotive reactions can be caught.

So knowing cold weather can affect us

We need to always wrap up warm,

To protect ourselves from feeling

Any draft from an icy storm.

We must also try hard to guard

Against those moments of unease,

If discomfort or fearful reactions

Our nerve ends they don’t please,

Such as in those stressful situations

That make our body feel a strain,

Which our learning process teaches

Not to get into again.

But there is another kind of shiver

And that is one of pure delight,

Which comes over me completely

If I kiss or hold you tight.

Especially when you tell me

You are having nice shivers too,

That you say is all down to me

And the little things I do.

Which of course brings us alive

And makes our heartbeats sing,

So we then welcome those shivers

And all the ecstasy they bring.


Now that should warm the cockles, hackles or bottom of your heart, and YES Ted & Beth, I KNOW you have a poem in your book called “Bears in Love” but I’m sure your fans will buy it 🐻🐻 

Phew, well I think I have cruised and controlled another Blog that I really hope you have enjoyed as,

The Journey Continues CRUISINGLY …

Love, Light, Smiles and Laughter,

Laurie xx

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