As per the Blog title, “consolidate”, that is the Blog theme and so consolidating it is then. I certainly have being trying to consolidate and build on those little positive shoots of hope as we begin to live with “Curse Covid”, alongside all the other sadness and tragedy that seems to be prevailing in the world at present, so I feel the need to try and spread some love!
Love spreading appeared to be very successful on Mothering Sunday 27th March when I again guested on the sublime Sylvie Blackmore show on BBC Radio Sussex/Surrey, reading out my poem tribute for “mums”, making the point that some are often forgotten, no longer with us etc. We should all remember that too. Sylvie was kind enough to call my poem “beautiful” and sure I had touched many hearts with it, and her appreciative little gasp when I finished the poem was enough for me. Thank you Sylv…
The poem I read follows and is originally from my 4th book but on request features in others.

Cradle to the Grave

A lilting voice from the past

That will affect you like no other.

Bringing love and goose bumps too,

For it can only be your mother.

The one who always from your birth

Stood by you with no quaking,

Though inside she cried bitter tears

If bad decisions you were making,

Or was given cause to be upset

At your failure to return the love,

Which will always be too late

After she is taken to live above.

For a mother always looks with pride

At your first shaky steps to walk,

Across your rocky paths in life

Since she first helped you to talk.

Thus had also been there for you

From that cradle to the grave,

Watching out for all those dangers

As your soul she tried to save.

So when others reject and doubt you

Your doting mother will be there,

To ensure she can protect you

With unconditional loving care,

That first began when as a child

You needed succour and a kiss,

Given with uncomplaining lips

You will always sorely miss.

A lilting voice from the past

You will remember all your years,

Though may not always appreciate

Until her passing brings your tears.

So while you have her, be ever nice

To your solid embracing fir,

Who whatever heartbreak you cause

Will still put you first, before her.


Plenty of love there so let’s keep up the good work of being positive, and in that mood I did a very successful reading Gig on March 11th to a group of near twenty wonderful ladies who generously put money in my Help for Heroes tin, as well as giving me a donation and buying some of my books too! Thanks to Jane B and her lovely group.

I must say on a less than happy note for me, that I did the gig the day after having a very large and painful tooth extraction, but of course lol soldiered on.

Last Blog I mentioned that Ted & Beth will get a mention, (they thoroughly enjoyed coming with me to the above gig and the ladies loved them), Yes Henry The First and “Youngsters Team” I’ve not forgotten T & B promise, so a poem of theirs, and there is ONLY one poem I can post after that above.

Dental Bears

Poor Beth has got a toothache

And is in quite a lot of pain,

But she really is too frightened

To go to the dentist again.

Because the last time she went,

It wasn’t very pleasant there.

As the dentist had no experience

Of tooth treatment for a bear!

Now Ted has said he will act

To get Beth’s tooth out fast.

Which has filled Beth with terror

For Ted has tried this in the past,

When he put a string on his tooth

Attaching the other end to a door.

But instead of pulling his tooth out

It knocked him right onto the floor.

So this leaves Beth in a dilemma

Of what to do for the best,

To resolve her toothache problem

Which allows no peaceful rest.

And she is also getting grumpy

Ted says like a bear with a sore head,

But this doesn’t amuse our Beth,

Who says she’ll flatten him instead.

So there has to be an answer

And as usual Ted’s his clever self,

When he went along to a library

To borrow a book off the shelf,

Which explains in great detail

And with photos in a sheath,

That he will show to the dentist

About treating teddy bear teeth.


Yes Ted & Beth at their best there I think with that poem from my  6th book, but as always a list of my books is at the end to help you choose and purchase.

Again on a “nice and positive” theme I have just had a wonderful and moving catch up with an “Ol’ mate” for his 75th birthday, (lol he’s older than me), who I go back to 1963 ish with, and shared  some great times with, including holidays and playing in pop groups, (photos at the end). Dave got quite emotional that I attended and at the poem I chose as being very apt, which was wonderfully and appreciatively received by his lovely gathered family! Yeah as I said, nice consolidating.

The poem from my 2nd book follows +

People Places

People and places from your past

Are no longer there, or the same.

So will make you notice more

The years you couldn’t tame.

People known from distant days

Maybe won’t still be around.

So you must indulge old friends

Before you too run aground.

Places where you knew each stone

Will now soon lose you in a trice,

And even finding a familiar part

Will still make you look twice,

Because memories will play tricks

On what you thought you knew,

And many a place or person now

Seems different from your view.

People known from distant days

Maybe won’t still be around.

So you must indulge old friends

Before you too run aground.

So going back where you’ve been

May not be for the very best,

As these places may disturb you

If they’ve not survived times test.

But people are somewhat different

Always worth a nostalgic greet,

For though they may have changed

It will be good for you to meet,

And share those long gone times

Where you both ran alongside,

Each other with your experiences

From which you should not hide!


Yeah “Nice One” man, and again I got a donation for Help for Heroes and sold books too…. Bless ya all. 

Right JOKE TIME and maybe even some belly laughs?

* A mystery boat found shaking on the sea bed turned out to be just a quivering wreck.
* A man climbing a mountain to see where the daylight went, found it dawned on him in the morning.
* The rabbit who was on a promise won the gold medal sprint time at the Animals Sports day!

Yes, well ok and I hope you all manage to get those jokes, dipsticks, and all?

As part of a successful period for me and so more consolidating I am going to mention the “thorny subject” of reviews! Yes reviews on my books where to be honest with my last 2/3 books, well certainly books 9 & 10, (Our World in Verse & Laurie’s Bundle of Poetic Humour) I had not bothered asking people to review as I feel it is all a bit false, cosmetic and a circus, BUT  sometimes you just have to “play the game”, so when a friend asked me for a review I got moving with mine. Well, to a certain extent as “Good Old” Amazon seem to have a very varied and hit and miss allowance for accepting reviews, so some friends where not allowed at first, but then later allowed to review? Yeah, weird a?

ANYWAY if any of you could be kind enough to give my books a positive review, especially the books I mentioned above, I will be very grateful! You just need to go to Amazon Books, enter my name and you will see all my books and 5 star reviews, and leave a review. THANKS in advance.

Another poem and again I think apt? From my 5th book comes…

Just a Shadow

The visitor comes to my door

In a cloak complete with hood,

No need to ask why he’s here

For that is understood.

As a shapeless face peers out

From darkness cast by shade,

So no eyes glare or gleam

To betray any offers made.

But I was quite familiar

With this figure’s eerie stance,

For I had seen it many times

Though often just a glance

Of fleeting dark awareness,

And cold shivers up my spine.

Though I recognised the meaning

Of this spectre that is mine.

For in those visits to me

When no words were exchanged,

I knew temptations were offered

With safe passages arranged.

But each time I had declined

To succumb to any deal,

For my integrity and reason

My visitor knew were real.

So what you ask is the meaning

Of my visitor in sombre cloak?

And why did I deny him

The offer to remove my yoke,

Of all the burdens we carry

Which at times drive us mad?

But the answer is quite simple,

In that I chose good, not bad.

For that was the decision

My ominous caller sought,

With Siren like offers

On my very being, that he sought.

Though I am no virgin soul

Who has never made wrong calls,

But always put my hand up

If I ever broke the rules.

So no conceited hat do I wear

Or a countenance all contrite,

Just a firm unwavering belief

That I try to do what’s right.


A bit of a deep one consolidating my outlook I think, so I hope you are reading, hearing and understanding all meaning and signs of my poems and Blog? 

I really do hope so, and as usual thank you all for reading and all the very positive comments and encouragement I get from very special people. Ted & Beth want me to mention their gratitude too, as well as the excellent Help for Heroes (alright John C?). Yeah, cheers guys! Welcome Luci P

Nearly time to end so as per now a “romance poem”, but with a ” little Laauuurriieee twist” perhaps?

From my sixth book =

Lament for a Lost Heart

This is a lament for all the lost

At least those who’ve run aground,

On voyages and searches for love

That they never happily found.

Maybe it was their own defences

Which ensured no happy connection,

Or possibly they miserably sailed

In the completely wrong direction,

Never to meet up with, and blossom

In a welcoming and loving heart.

So whatever fair winds and tides

They were doomed from the start.

Because most people can get caught

And boarded by loves attraction,

Unless fear, malice or selfishness

Prevents any mutual satisfaction

Of that loving bond and arousal,

Causing hearts to swoon and fly.

But if a love is denied expression

It can whither up and die.

So sail on alone in a wilderness

That is like a horizon-less sea,

Bobbing about and lost forever

With a sad heart not allowed to be,

Cast off to adventurously fly

Just where its passions want to go.

Thus all sensations and love stories

Its lost life will never know.


I really hope all you lovers, long and short time, seeking and would be, enjoyed that! Yeah go fill ya love book……

Okay, nearly done, and as ever  a BIG THANKS for all your support as,

The Journey continues in CONSOLIDATING mode….

Thanks, love, light, and smiles,

Laurie (and Ted & Beth) xx

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These all ensure my donation to the excellent charity I support, promote and donate to, that being Help for Heroes.

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