Forgive my play on title of “One man and his dog” that t v programme about sheep dogs and their masters, for I just mean me as a “one man band” largely in my Poetry World, although I MUST say I’m supported, encouraged and complimented by a very special group of people that make it all even more worthwhile, and that means the charity Help for Heroes benefit from my donations even more, so a BIG THANKS to all for that. 
I am very used now to standing alone on request to read one of my poems or at gigs, and last week or so was no exception, reading to my Hailsham Chamber group on one occasion, and to our social meal group in front of the very affable Hailsham Mayor, both times being very well received. 
As Christmas approaches, I read my realistic, (and Laurie tongue in cheek) poem initially from my 3rd book, (list at end) and called “IS it Really Merry Christmas?), but like most of my 500+ poems now, read to the last verse.

IS it Merry Christmas?

Christmas cheer fills the world

All ready for that special day,

Got to have the greatest meal

For the best ever family day.

Smiling faces beam for the photo

All happy sat round the table.

Well mostly smiling, some just trying,

To look as happy as they’re able!

For Christmas isn’t all it seems

Despite your spending and the drinking,

And peace on earth, goodwill to men

Isn’t really what most are thinking!

It all has to be done, put on a show

Make sure the kids presents are the best,

For when they all return to school

Their parents must pass this test.

Not much cheer in the Christmas crush

Battling each other in the shops,

To get all excesses in good time,

You must pull out all the stops.

Or be deprived of those luxuries

The adverts scream you must buy,

So your greatest day stresses soar

No matter just how hard you try.

For Christmas isn’t all it seems

Despite your spending and the drinking,

And peace on earth, goodwill to men

Isn’t really what most are thinking!

Greed mentality takes over dwellings

Cramming supplies up to the walls,

As if to withstand some long siege

This one-day battle is made for fools

Who succumb to the media demands,

And empty their banks and cash flow.

So after the fuss and waste is done

It’s not worth seeing your money go

But I’m no Scrooge or killjoy at all

I like a booze up too, that I must say,

Though I really can’t help thinking

How nice if it was Christmas every day.

And not the seasons bloating scene

With Its pushing and shoving crowd,

Who cannot see that just being nice

All long year round is still allowed!


Obviously written well before Curse Covid, but the message is the same, but anyway continuing being alone I was again solo last Sunday 12th December on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey, but in the wonderful company of Presenter Sylvie Blackmore who had kindly invited me on her show yet again, but to read my poem for her after she volunteered to be on cover of my new book and said it was the “pinnacle of her career”, so here is my poem I read live (and lol yes alone) on air for her….

Sylvie’s Pinnacle

Our Lady Sylvie has reached a pinnacle

Complete with her own special look,

When she volunteered to feature boldly

On the front cover of my latest book.

For Sylvie had been sent a preview

With me in a jester’s gown and hat,

That had bubbles hanging from it

So she very quickly decided that,

It would be great fun to be so seen

As a smiling photo for one and all,

To view our lovely radio presenter

In not so much a bauble, as a ball.

So proudly on an eye-catching cover

Is a smiling Sylvie Blackmore space,

Alongside three other jolly folks

Surrounding a laughing Laurie’s face,

To hopefully attract people to buy

A book full of amusing poetic verse,

Which will certainly lift all moods

To a better place than sad or worse.

Now there is yet another positive in this

Apart from Sylvie being widely shown,

Because every book sold gives to charity

And not all kept by the author alone.

So excellent Help for Heroes will benefit

From a donation from every book sale,

Which with Poet Laurie and Sylvie there

It’s likely this fun book won’t fail.


For great feedback was a “funny and interesting2 interview just go to BBC Radio Sussex 12/12/21 Sylvie Blackmore show and my bit is about 2 hours 45 mins in. Very well worth a listen, and lol “I’m Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated” Ho, ho (ho?)… 

I perhaps should say here that I am quite happy in a “spotlight” as not someone too timid to say boo to a goose or be a wallflower hiding in some “smartie like spot” for the right time, so I will continue but only after mentioning that you can read my monthly article and poem in the new and successful free newspaper Hailsham News, (also my 6 years + column for “thesussexnewspaperonline” too).

From my 9th book comes a poem quite relevant to the start of Curse Covid virus, its presiding over us all now with (dare I say it?) threatening to cancel this Christmas festivities and much more beyond into the new year?

Oh Happy Death?

Silently now the town hall clock

Looks downward on the streets to mock,

The world still alive, but almost dead

As the human race has lost the thread,

Of how to continue with any form

That can deal with a deadly virus storm,

Which has condemned everyday life

To a living death of depressive strife.

For basic interactions in a joyous crowd

Are now all banned and not allowed,

With streets silent in a deserted state

As for many now it’s far too late

Having succumbed to an abrupt death

Strangled to take their final breath,

Before joining the fast-growing list

Of casualties who will be sadly missed.

As little warning came of impending curse

From a virus determined to be the worst,

And prevent happy gatherings of love

Causing a living death or early trip above.

For in fact a half-life is now presiding

As many go with the Grim Reaper riding,

Claiming them from earths death knell

While we wait in solitude for our bell,

Calling departure from this mortal coil

As any happiness will drain in the soil.

So don’t despair at your final loud ring

As we utter “Oh death where is thy sting?”

To release us from a world slowly dying

And save all futility of even trying,

To cope with a life of solitude spent

With no socialisation, fun or any content,

In lives that have seen a complete change

With only a future to be forever strange.


After my description above it may be apt for us to consider our situation as I have in my next poem, again from my 9th book, (you will see now why book Ten is an all-humour poem offering), but life is life, and what we make of it, with belly laughs or sadness?


                                                                           Questioning Fate

I really don’t know why I’m here

Although my parents love did devote,

But nobody had asked my opinion

And so I never got to have a vote.

Thus here I am on my life journey

Which I admit has been mostly good,

Though at times I do question it all

If things are not easily understood.

So we arrive in this diverse world

And must set out along our way,

With feelings of great bemusement

At the new things to learn each day.

For nothing seems to stay the same

As technology changes all we know,

To make us despair in utter frustration

And we’re tempted to just let go.

Hopefully other places are more settled

And not always difficult and confusing,

For whenever we seem to catch It all up

Changes ensure that we keep losing.

So we must now do our very best

Not to get all left out, or fall behind,

Though just as we solve one problem

Other conundrums cloud our mind.

Also we see our family and friends die

Or get cut down with some cruel disease,

That robs them of mobility or senses

With cancer and dementia leaders of these

Despicable inflictions that lurk in wait,

To cause us distress and sometimes fear,

As we get older and must struggle along

To wonder again, just why are we here?


I must quickly answer that “poetically posed question” then with this next poem from my fourth book, so please enjoy and feel very free to suggested good times.

Reasons Why?

My favourite times

A good few wines,
Some great friends
Home road bends.

Ideas and inspirations
Poetic writing destinations,
Music of Strawbs or Moody Blues
So scarce know which to choose.

Maybe Garfunkel and or Simon
With more material to climb on?

Yes it all comes so easy now
Or is it that I’ve just learnt how,
To be my best, and now I know it,
Writing as The Psychy Poet!


I think after my lol “Stand Alone” offerings above,  it just HAS to be JOKE TIME=

I once tried to catch some fog but missed

Two peanuts went into a very rough bar and one was assaulted

A hospital patient learnt the only difference between an oral and rectal thermometer is the taste!

I never, ever make mistakes, but I remember once I might have been wrong?


Thinking of younger readers, King Henry the First etc, I must just quickly mention Ted and Beth who are not so happy as they can’t get out to gigs and events so much, but were very cheered when “Auntie Liz P” (one of my Book Ten cover bubbles) sent me a Christmas card that was also addressed to them, thanks Liz, I hereby promise I will include one of their activity poems in next Blog, okay Henry and Co?

I think I’m near the end of a slightly different, but a veritable poem fest Blog, so before last “romance Poem”, yes, I have remembered all you romantics, heartthrobs and lovers practising out here, so shake those ribbons from your hair and enjoy this luuuuuurrvve poem from my (very popular) Book 7 with its prize-winning poems included=

Sensations of Love

From lovestruck teen to an older heart

Love can arrive and catapult you,

To unscaled heights and sensations

With many vibrant feelings anew,

Soaring and gliding across the skies

Like operatic arias touching your core.

In fact you are so moved and ecstatic

You feel a need to beg for more.

So mesmerised by a dazzling light

That seems to shine right inside,

Your very secret, inner soul

Leaving nowhere left to hide.

For like a melting of frozen lakes

Washing all the icebergs away,

A controlling spirit leads you

To another rapturous day.

Thus stunned and filled with wonder

You walk majestically about,

Believing whatever comes now

Will be joyous without a doubt.

For slowly you come to realise

Some great miracle has occurred,

Brought by this faultless muse

That your whole being has stirred.

So who is this magnificent angel

And how did they spread such love?

For you now believe you’re flying

Alongside passing clouds above.

The sun is now in your pocket

With many other exhilarations.

As you have come to realise

You’re caught by loves sensations.


Here we are then at the end of another Blog that I can never finish without thanking all of you tremendous readers and followers, especially those of you who so kindly, and very well received, give me compliments and nice remarks, but PLEASE you CAN add them in the “comments” part at the end of the Bog, and also on website as well., but now,

The Journey Continues ALONE or in GROUPS, so like me please all rock on safely, loud, safely and very well!

From Ted & Beth and all their friends, thanks and bye for now, and bless you all, from myself too,

Laurie xx

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