Yes, my old and trusted saying “If you don’t go fishing, you won’t catch fish”, (nothing ventured, nothing gained), so I am constantly metaphorically fishing by striving to improve, and achieve more although in truth my “Poetry World and Help for Heroes support” has gone way, way beyond my initial wildest dreams. 
Thus, at this point, kindly encouraged by the lovely Debbie and Sharonski B’s who have said that I have already been more than very successful in my “fishing”, so here is a brief run-down of my published life, Bless you ladies, (among many others too), thanks. =

In only just over 8+ years of my poetry involvements I have been quite prolific and have written over 500 poems, had ten books published, (listed at end), been a multi-credited, competitions and awards winning poet, with my poems read out, some by me, on BBC Radio, National Radio that broadcasts internationally, and several other local radio stations too.

Many of my poems have been published, with articles, in The Daily Mirror & Daily Mail, and magazines etc, alongside lots of my poetry reading events I can be hired for. All of this promotes, and donates from my books sales, to the charity Help for Heroes that cares for our wounded service personnel.

Phew, so that is one bit of fishing out of the way, but lol more is to come, but before that, and as of my last Blog promise, (ok King Henry?), here is a Ted & Beth poem about fishing! Good a?….

Ted and Beth’s Fishing Trip

Ted decided that he would go fishing

As his plan to sail a boat had failed,

Because he and Beth had got worried

And as the tide was out hadn’t sailed.

So now Ted is taking a reluctant Beth

To go and hopefully catch some fish,

But Beth isn’t too enthralled with the idea

As it’s not exactly what she would wish,

Spending time on a cold, wet river bank

While an enthusiastic Ted casts out his line.

For as usual he is all confident and sure,

But Beth’s mood is not too sublime.

Especially when Ted give an angry shout

As he gets his line caught up in a tree,

Because although he brags and swaggers

It so often goes very wrong you’ll see,

For now he can’t free his his tangled line

However hard he pulls at it and tugs.

So he is angrily forced to give it up

Muttering teddy words as he shrugs.

So Beth says its best that they go home

But Ted won’t hear of any such wish,

Saying he has got many other fishing lines

And will not go until catching some fish,

So the determined, cross look on his face

Fills our Beth with frustration and worry,

As she knows he might now stay all night

If he doesn’t get a fish catching flurry.

Now unusually for them they start to argue

And Beth’s patience is getting much shorter,

Until with an anguished and startled shout

Ted slips and falls into the muddy water,

Initially sending Beth into laughing hysterics

Seeing him soaking wet, with an angry frown,

But then her laughter turns into worried fear

As she panics her Ted could drown!

But Beth’s helping paw aids Ted to get out

Although a much sadder and wiser bear,

Who is learning another painful lesson

About cockiness and him taking more care.

So unhappily our bears traipse off home

With Ted still in quite a little teddy strop,

But Beth knows just how to cheer him up

And buys fish and chips from a shop!


Ted & Beth fishing from my 9th book then, but what am I doing to fish more? Well apart from publishing two books in about a month, I am promoting my Humour Only book, “Laurie’s Bundle of Poetic Humour”, getting mentioned on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey, and reading my poems out, announced on Magic FM, looking at venues and new opportunities with some probable “big one’s in January, so a reasonable bit, but also some I am keeping to myself as lol “even fish have ears”, so I want fish cakes and not Eccles cakes at the moment.

Now follows the start of a poem from book nine, where maybe you might fish for a choice in……

Romance, Love or Lust?

A romance, love or even lust

Could really all mean the same,

But some aren’t comfortable with this

So prefer to call it a softer name.

Now exactly what that would be

Depends on them or more their mood,

Because if too raunchy emotions felt

Could maybe make them sound rude.

For society likes to condemn others

On what they say and what they do,

Perhaps due to some jealousy felt ,

Which couldn’t possibly be you?

For nobody likes to be left out

If others are having so much fun,

Especially a very lively sexual kind

They are losing and you have won.


My bit of a tease there, but it can all be revealed (?) in my ninth book, and of course like many things in life it comes down to only you, so from Book six =

Only You

Most of the successful people you meet

Won’t have let grass grow beneath their feet.

But it’s not all about making money,

More of creating your world that’s sunny

And makes you smile across your ways,

And grin back at whatever days

Don’t sit well or rest with others,

For the fact is we’re not all brothers.

So get up and get your ideas on

For tomorrow they could all be gone,

And disappeared down the slippery slope

Leaving you frustrated without hope

That you can ever move yourself,

To gain prosperity and wealth.

But do not worry too much on this

For money is not the only bliss.

Now cast around this world of ours

Where a negative thought always devours,

But if you have your health and brain

There is little that can restrain

You from doing what you will,

Ensuring happiness soon must fulfil

Your heart and all you do,

For there’s no point in being blue.

So to just finish and be very exact

It all comes down to a simple fact.

And in this there’s no need for debate

That you can a success create.


Happy fishing is all that I can add to that, unless its romance, love or lust you are baiting your rod for, and if successful you will be like the cat who got the cream, or perhaps a very large saucer of milk?


  • I discovered that average things are made in the satisfactory
  • The orange stopped very suddenly as ran out of petrol, or should that be juice?
  • Sheep now get their hair cut at the Baa, baa shop.
  • I tried to back my car up, but my computer kept rejecting it.
A big shout out to you all, and as ever thanks for being there, supporting and sending kind compliments. Welcome Brillo in Melbourne, the original Crazy Horse, but a great guy with it, John H up in Townsville, are you still hanging in there Blue?
Another form of fishing is the famous “Fishy Stories” (how big it was, or the one that got away?) Cue my next poem from Book Four =


It’s so easy to sit and dream

Bringing wonders all around,

As you create great events

Then make them truly found.

Well maybe truth in your world

But not one that accepts a lie,

For imagined dreamy events

Won’t fit however you try.

Though maybe past memories

On which incidents are caught,

Possibly did happen back then

But not exactly as you thought.

For memories can always seem

To deceive us in some ways,

Which will all cause confusion

About those long past days!

But that is natural enough

And we can be lured into error,

With events from long years back

That no longer cause us terror,

Making them much more likely

To confound and dull our wit.

So we will evoke imagination

To make those memories fit.


Please excuse my tongue firmly in my cheek there, but come on we all know those who are “Holy Friars”, stretch the truth or yes as the poem says, image and make it true! Me? Well, you know I am fine and anyway I can claim “Poetic Licence”. Good a?

My latest two books are beginning to do swimmingly well, okay but almost fishing, and details of how to get your copies of all my books AND support Help for Heroes is at the end, but NOT before the usual now, romance poem, so love away you folks and try to have your milk and drink it….

From Book five is a luuuuuuuvverly and very nice poem Trinket, I have “landed” for you in my “keep net”, please enjoy…


A trinket is an ornament or memento

That is of little value and worth.

But could possibly get sentimental

If allied to a special birth,

Or something that’s held dear

Becoming an intrinsic part of you.

But mostly the trinket is worthless

Whatever you feel or do.

So why then do we collect them?

When not wanted until seen,

With the initial attraction to them

That soon made us very keen,

To get and own these items

Which we succumbed to and bought,

Though now lay about forgotten

Without a second thought.

Because far more important in life

Are the lovely people there,

With you to make those memories

And wonderful days you share.

So when without a thought or plan

A chance meeting turns to bliss,

That without a shadow of doubt

You wouldn’t want to miss.

So going back to our trinkets

And maybe other things we get,

Which cannot hold a candle

To that someone special met.

Who fills our life with sunshine

Even when it’s a cloudy day.

For a person to love and treasure

Is a far better gift and way,

To find life’s joys and wonder

That a trinket could never do,

As the simple fact of the matter

Is that love is best for you!


Our fishing trip has safely “landed” then, and another big thanks to you all as The Journey Continues in our Fishing mode, so prepare to empty the overflowing nets.

All ten of my books :–

Poetic Views of Life

More Poetic Views of Life

Reviews of Life in Verse

Life Scene in Verse

Life Presented In Verse,

Poet Reveals All (in your world).

Poet Reflects Your World

Poetic Seeds to Fruition

Our World in Verse

Laurie’s Bundle of Poetic Humour

These all ensure my donation to the excellent charity I support, promote and donate to, that being Help for Heroes.

My first 3 books are only priced £4.99 each, with my 4th and 5th bigger books at £6.99. My new 9th, 8th, 7th and sixth books, all bigger are still £9.99, while my “Best Of” 10th book is only £7.99, and are for sale on Amazon, book stores or preferably from me ………….. Or 07967 355236

I can now also write a “Personal Poem” for you, your family, any event or your business too…….

I also have a Facebook page “The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson”, and a website:- = Please sign/join up absolutely free.

From Ted & Beth and myself,

Laurie xx


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