Welcome to another of my Blog articles, and also to new “sign ups”, and don’t the Blogs keep coming round quickly?
A bit of a poignant title which will unfold as to why soon, BUT as a change I’m going to start with first verse of a poem I have literally just written called appropriately “Goodbyes”. I actually wrote this first verse very fast for this Blog and carried on with the rest later.


Some goodbyes are happy, others are not

I guess it depends on the thoughts you’ve got,

That have made you decide to up and go

Maybe to a future you can’t possibly know,

If it will prove to be the very best thing

And happy and glorious times will bring.

But in life we must risk such brave bets

Or perhaps be condemned to sad regrets.


There we are then, that has got us started, but although a couple of “goodbye” thoughts for me, the title also reflects that hopefully we can say a farewell to pretty unhappy recent times, and as I’m a profound optimist, HELLO to better times, AND (yes wait for it), my new and 9th book coming out!

Probably the main goodbye for me was a swift 2-week trip to my French places, a static Mobile Home, in beautiful S W France as some of the accompanying photos, after 16 years. Some friend goodbyes were a bit like Brief Encounter as I caught up with some folks from over the years too. Clearing my home was a challenge of many parts including emotions and “Tip Travels”. If anyone wants to know how much you can store in one Mobile Homeafter 16 years, I can well advise you.


Oh how well we can remember

The recognition of a mother’s love,

Given so free and unconditional

As if sent down from high above.

Oh how well we can remember

The comfort of a big hug,

Like warming before a big fire

Sitting on a thick pile rug.

Oh how well we can remember

The magic of our first kiss.

As we puckered up together

With a handsome hunk or pretty miss.

Oh how well we can remember ,

When we first had too much to drink,

Vowing never to do that again

As alcohol is stronger than you think

Oh how well we can remember

The wonder of when we first made love,

Feeling the intimacy and warmth

As we soared to skies above.

And it’s well that we remember

These precious moments of life’s thread,

To enjoy them and the memory

Before the time you wake up dead!


My poem Memories from my 4th book, list at the end. 

A quick report of some great news, 

1) I’ve just finished a very well received commissioned poem for a wedding couple, care of Andy Kerr my Wedding photographer partner, 

2) Been offered, accepted and produced first monthly column for a new Hailsham newspaper, More details as I know more next Blog, lol getting like a serial now a? Yeah !!! 

3)Book 9 nearly ready, more detail further down, and Book TEN already moving well.

Last Blog I promised a Ted n Beth poem, (attention King Henry & Kids please), so as a nice distraction comes their poem from my book six.

Bears in Love

Ted and Beth have been together

For over fifteen years now,

And still they love one another

Both uttering a teddy “wow”,

When they smile and have a cuddle

That they will frequently do.

For though they often muck about

Their love for each other is true.

Beth was alone when found by Ted

And since they’ve never been apart,

Being a very true loving pair

Joined by a special teddy heart.

They have also shared adventures

Like touring Australia in a tent,

And going off on a long cruise

They thought was heaven sent.

Now regularly going to France

They’ll relax at their place there,

Enjoying a dinghy on the lake

And playing without a care.

Though they find time for mischief

Getting up to naughty japes,

As they’re both still young at heart

Constantly getting into scrapes.

But mostly the bears love each other

Although fame has brought temptation,

But their regard for life together

Won’t allow a tarnished reputation.

So they continue as a perfect couple

Happily sharing time and joy,

Because Beth is Ted’s special lady

And he’s her favourite teddy boy.


Yeah, Ted n Beth there and a bonus for you “Romance Section” fans as I normally finish with romance as well, so today too?

My Book NINE then, OUR WORLD in VERSE, and again published by the excellent James Harvey of Bad Goose Publishing, now both that and my Website Guru, and possibly even more talents I will divulge later. Well done though James, and well worth a contact if you think he can help you, as several of my friends have recently found out to their satisfaction., 

In Book 9, but not TOO mawkish will be examples of my emotional rollercoasting15 months or so, some shots at Covid and resulting behaviours, a “very interesting” look at our body and how it lets us know it’s alive, new romantic offerings, (hold on tight), new adventures of Ted & Beth including a very poignant tribute to their human mum who passed away a few months ago, an “education” on sayings, and some offerings on our thoughts on life and death. OH and of course my NEW features and poem descriptions, so just how can you NOT purchase it?


  1. I really struggled to get my seat belt on. Then it clicked…
  2. Planning meals in advance, that is really food fore thought!
  3. I felt sorry for the sheepdog that went blind, UNTIL it wouldn’t stop singing “I’ll never find another you”
  4. Blooming book fell on my head, but I only have my shelf to blame.

Hello then to hopefully much new and better times, maybe I have already started with some of above and perhaps more? AND Book ELEVEN ???
Of course, I should mention the excellent charity HELP for HEROES that I promote, fundraise and donate to still, Nearly eight years now.

Maybe another bit of an explanation on me, (OH and yes there are two poem clues in my new book too),, so here is my poem from Book Six.

Reasons Why?

My favourite times
A good few wines,
Some great friends
Home road bends.

Ideas and inspirations
Poetic writing destinations,
Music of Strawbs or Moody Blues
So scarce know which to choose.

Maybe Garfunkel and or Simon
With more material to climb on?

Yes it all comes so easy now
Or is it that I’ve just learnt how,
To be my best, and now I know it,
Writing as The Psychy Poet!


Nearly finished and squeezed in at a busy time for me with future meetings of exciting times and experiences soon, that also Help for Heroes may benefit from, my new newspaper column etc, as demonstrating The Psychy Poet is never still or stationary in any way, lol using much stationary too, whilst also learning that however mush you push paper it is still stationary!

Romance poem to finish,and yes here it is you loving and romantic lot, and why NOT, so again check out my new book OUR WORLD in VERSE for more amorous thrills?


Apparent in a wonderful vision

This sight for sore eyes to see,

A woman with alluring looks

Who seems very attractive to me.

Of course nature plays her tricks

Upon the poor male species of life,

Which causes many an intrigue

And more than a little strife.

For the lovely sirens in our view

Cause bubbling emotions in man,

That instil a profound sense of need

To kiss and cuddle them if he can.

Now with a gentle caress or touch

Emotive sensations come alive,

To those soft pressures and strokes

On which our bodies thrive.

So don’t be shy of nature’s lead

Into temptation with a natural wish.

When signs and permission glow,

Brush her skin with a subtle kiss.

Then if this is received with pleasure

And perhaps an encouraging gasp,

Do not delay or be bashful

Or magic may slip from your grasp.

So continue with sensual movements

With words of complimentary love,

To ensure that you and your lady

Will soar to the heavens above.


Ooooh, so somehow, I seemed to have fitted quite a lot in this Blog, but hopefully both interesting and amusing, for as ever I really DO appreciate you being there, and again, come ON don’t be shy fill in your thoughts and comments in that box at the end! Be gentle with me please lol

AGAIN, as The Journey Continues its HELLO to all exciting, good and new things coming our way,

Thus, from Ted n Beth, The Bear Family and me, “Goodbye” for now,

Laurie xx

All eight of my books :–

Poetic Views of Life

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Reviews of Life in Verse

Life Scene in Verse

Life Presented In Verse,

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These all ensure my donation to the excellent charity I support, promote and donate to, that being Help for Heroes.

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