The scales are a great balance and measure of a good foundation of justice and right, so I have led with them. For if anything is to stand and last it must have a firm and well-prepared foundations, so best if i put up the start of my poem from my ninth book, to be published very soon.


If anything in life is going to succeed

A relationship, building or way of living,

It is imperative that it’s all started well

From the bottom up and no leeway giving,

To allow any flaws or imperfections there

At this important statement of registration.

Because to last well and withstand assaults

It needs building on a strong foundation.

For most things in life will have their trials

Whether it is dwellings or relationships.

So we must take up our guard with this,

To ensure nothing precious to us slips

Away to be lost forever and maybe tainted,

Or perhaps has structurally dangerous flaws,

As we must protect what’s precious to us

To prevent any sad closing of doors.


A perhaps teasing taste there of one of my latest poems, but I think even from that start you can see the value of strong foundations? 

As I am actually myself looking at past foundations, and in fact maybe some new ones as my “Poetry World” moves on with some new changes and ideas I have, but lol no worry my basic, and seemingly quite successful style won’t be changing too much.

From my fifth book Life Presented in Verse comes another long term “foundation”, Pyramid. Good a?


A pyramid is an ancient wonder

Of architectural progressions,

As a protective tomb for Pharaohs

When buried with their possessions,

To accompany them up to heaven

And so grace them in the after lives.

Sometimes including many slaves

Still alive, just like their wives!

Thus these ancient rulers and kings

Would have riches in a next world too,

Well that was the theory they had

But alas it was so rarely true.

For the cunning human mind

Has very few boundaries or ends,

So many of these lauded kings

Were betrayed by so-called friends.

Who ensured a secret passage or two

That would allow removal of wealth.

So after the deaths assured inside,

These valuables are taken by stealth.

Which I think gives a great example

Of man’s vulnerability to sin,

And reminds us that at life’s end,

We only leave with what we brought in.

So it’s carbon footprints and worth,

Which will be remembered after we go.

For these can’t be removed or stolen

And are left in the world to show,

Just what we did, or achieved in life

That some will just fritter away.

Like the choices and time they’re given,

So they will have nothing to say.

While many folks will work tirelessly

On all of the things that they love.

Leaving behind many creations

After getting the call from above.

So can look back on a fulfilled life

Giving much to the world, and others,

Who had the joy to be with them

And embrace their life like brothers.

Thus nothing else can be taken out

Of this world, where we spend our time,

Fashioning gifts that proudly remain,

As respect and memories sublime.


Straight into the poems then, and especially as I am actually “packing up and closing” an excellent foundation I have had for 16 years in the shape of my permanently sited “Mobile” Home (never been sure why called that as they are not mobile, well only on the back of a lorry) in S W France as some of the photos attached show.

A busy time for me then out in France to close up and leave, but I’ll always find time to do my Blog for you although it might be a little shorter or different?

An extremely apt poem, or start of, as again from my 9th and new book “Our World in Verse” so hope you enjoy and will want the “bigger, different and better” book…

Born Anew

I’m confronted by crossroads and junctions

When I would prefer one straight lane,

Because these various direction choices

Are not helping me much to stay sane.

For many ideas and choices avail me

Since I have left the clinging mire.

Leaving me in quite a bewilderment

As to what is now my heart’s desire.

Because I had spent so long battling

To be both caring and master of all,

And that is an almost impossible task

From which it’s so very easy to fall,

Into bouts of exhaustion and frustration

That watching eyes may fail to see.


Yes, new beginnings so new foundations and just where will they take us all? Ted & Beth have some ideas but of course they are all Teddybear related.🐻🐻.


      * I’ve just changed my I pod name to Titanic as it syncs well! No, ok try these next one’s then

  • My mate didn’t like his beard at first, but it grew on him
  • *I complained to my doctor the pills he gave me made me walk like a crab, No worry he said, they’re just side effects! 
  • To be outside more i did my ironing in the garden, but we had a shower so it was like Singeing in the Rain!
Another poem quick, and a popular one when i (pre covid) did my reading gigs, so from my 5th book Poet Reveals All comes =

And the Music Plays On

Do you remember in the old westerns

When the saloon broke into a fight?

As chairs were smashed and fists flew

The pianist played on with all his might.

Oblivious almost as the riot continued

Though ducking the odd flying chair,

He seemed determined and fixated

Playing on with scarcely a care.

Of course some cowboys had to crash

Through saloon windows onto the street,

Just as the intrepid sheriff arrived

They were falling at his feet.

So with a couple of his pistol shots

With authoritative voice of command,

Everyone came to a perfect order

As any civilised town would demand.

Well that’s the way the films did it

But I doubt it always went that way,

As they were very dangerous times

Just like our world is today.

Though we don’t always seem to have

A big, powerful sheriff bold,

Who makes the criminals and terrorists

Do exactly as they’re told.

But there are many similarities now

With our world all going wrong,

As so many just turn their backs

With their wine, women and song.

A bit like the pianist in the saloon

Told to keep the music playing,

For today there is music too

Whilst terror groups keep on slaying

As many innocents as they want,

And world leaders make sterile threats.

Until they see the body count

And are filled with guilty regrets!

So play on mister music man

We all need to have some fun,

But can we keep living with it,

After all is said and done?

For there must come the time

That we bring killing to an end,

Though let’s hope when that occurs

Some are still alive to tend


Another important foundation there as well then, and the necessary one of right and wrong as well as fighting bullies and terrorists too. 

Nearly time to close as I’m a busy boy in France, sorting, selling and packing stuff, but i couldn’t close without the almost customary now romance poem, (got to keep in with those special romance fans and friends❤️), or I might feel a tightening of various parts of my anatomy.🤡

Ted & Beth are shouting out they want a romance poem about them, but maybe next time Teds lol…

Okay then, and this romance poem has some of my little twists in it, so read with care in case i cause some twitching, and definitely NOT of the bird watching kind❤️❤️ lo. From my 6th book again, and a list of all my eight and soon to be nine, books are at the end, so here comes a (your?) Return Flight..

Return Flight

There are some loves that will not die

Although they shouldn’t really last,

But linger on still flickering

From times left in the past.

Those illicit days or stolen moments

Perhaps your first real kiss,

But every now and then in life

Those memories will be missed.

For as every dog will have its day

We must all find time to fly,

Then reach out to touch the stars

At least once before we die.

With skipping heart and infants smile

And stomach churning fit to burst,

You soar and glide effortlessly

Around sensations not rehearsed.

Though every flight will end sometime

Bringing its cargo back to land,

And so you must return to life

Maybe your soul won’t understand.

For we can never eternally visit

Ecstatic playing fields of gods

And even if we feel we do

It’s only when the devil nods!

Thus glowing embers of loves fires

May burn against the rule,

And play on heartstrings silent now

But better than never played at all.


So how did you get on with that? And NO I’m not responsible for any twitches, ideas, (naughty or nice), or any little tremors, but HEY I AM a passionate poet too….

Quick Laurie, close here and R F the H***s, 😇

As ever I sincerely thank you all for reading this, and pretty please, DO feel welcome to contribute in the COMMENTS bit at the end and just tick the boxes as well.

 Cheers for now from myself and Ted n Beth,…..

The Journey Continues with our strong FOUNDATIONS and ENTERPRISES.

Love, Laurie xx 

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