Fighting back may sound a bit dramatic, and the boxing gloves might emphasise that, but fight back “I” and we must  against this suffocating Curse Covid world now.
 Yes, things are opening up a bit and we must of course cherish hope, but I seem to be noticing some differences in people, (you do recall how I watch people and write poems on them ???🙂) in as much as many still appear really nervous about the virus, getting back to normal and going back out into the old world. It might be just me, but what do you think?
You might like to peruse the photos with this Blog that like the boxing gloves, all have some connection to fighting back, so “C’mon Gang” let’s fight back😍
First poem then, and from my 3rd book…..


Safe Inside

Loving times, family and friends,

Precious memories shared for you.

Though times may pass and change,

They’re safe whatever you may do.

We live close inside our world,

So don’t see much else around.

And very little affects us there,

So we sleep so safe and sound.

Then who can see our inner pain?

And take away the hurt and ache,

Of missing people once so close

Each and every move you make.

Thus we must count our blessings

And do this all our living days.

For the memories we treasure,

No one can ever steal away!



I have personally started fighting back a bit in as much I have now had my stall selling my books and collecting for Help for Heroes at two Pevensey Market Sundays which have given me some book sales and a “few extra bob” for that great charity.

At yesterday’s market i also met some great locals including Freda who has bought a few of my books, and Sarah who was down “our end” of town visiting her mum, so welcome aboard Sarah, and hope you are enjoying my book? 


 Next poem then and from my book 5, (list at the blog end)




Our lives can be very complex

As we wend our weary way,

Thus we may feel the need to talk

But must watch what we say.


For candid talk can be dangerous

If life turns on its head,

And you may very much regret

Some words that you have said.

About a person, place or thing

You genuinely felt was right,

And if twisted or misconstrued

They can come back to bite.


For times will change for certain

With opinions of past themes,

And when your words are called back

It could be nightmares and not dreams.


For candid talk can be dangerous

If life turns on its head,

And you may very much regret

Some words that you have said.


Thus on our intrepid trip of life

That has many a pitfall or bend,

Without intent or fault of yours

You may lose a confided friend.

And repeat of your spoken thoughts

May not come out like yours did,

So more innocence that you protest

Will only further lift the lid!


So an angry friend or lady scorned

May just come back to bite,

And people love to see the worst,

Even if you’re in the right..


For candid talk can be dangerous

If life turns on its head,

And there is little you can do now

If some people now cut you dead.


Now the conundrum that is life

Poses who to speak to first?

For if you keep in all your words

Your troubled brain may burst!




Ted and Beth are very happy and excited as I promised them another of their poems will go in this Blog, so here it is you two as I told you, and this poem is from my Book 3


Bears Bath Fun


Ted and Beth are full of fun

Happy bears and keen to laugh,

And one of their special joys

Is in a massive soapy bath.


With water sloshing everywhere

As the bath fills to the top,

Both laughing until they hurt

And their fur soaked as a mop.


Then Beth gives out a cry

As her paw’s caught in the plug,

But again screams in surprise

As Ted frees her with a tug!


And so the bears fun continues

With the floor wet as it can be,

But their splashing just goes on

As if swimming in the sea.


Teds got his toy boat in the tub

And Beth has her rubber duck,

But alas now their play fun

Is about to run out of luck.


For their big watery puddles

Are dripping through the floor,

But the bears still don’t know it

Until a loud voice at the door,

Says “just what are you doing?”

An angry dad asks of the bears

Saying that all their splashing

Has made water leak downstairs!


So with a mop each in their paws

And a strong demand to sort it out,

Ted and Beth are now deflated

But will continue to muck about!



That poem is extremely popular at my reading Gigs, well when I was able to do them prior to Curse Covid, but HEY fighting back, so I may be able to do them again soon.

Did you like that one Henry The First, but T & B say “Hi” anyway Henry (and lovely mum Kelly)🐻🐻


JOKE TIME, (AND you really WON’T want to miss these🤡🤡🤡)


1) Man went into a bar with roll of tarmac under his arm. He ordered a pint for him and one for the road…


2) How does Moses make tea? He brews !!!!


3) I dreamt I was cutting vegetables with the Grim Reaper, sort of dicing with death?


4) I have this monotonous and stuttering words in my head. Guess like Elvis I must be caught in a rap !!!! ( Sorry I will own up to that one 😊😊😊)


Did you like those corny jokes, Sarah? You can contribute too you know…… As long as not TOO bad🙏


Another poem as news is a bit scant at the moment, so this is one way I am fighting back….


From Book 4 a poem for you to maybe think about?


Two Way Mirror



It’s often easy to see the problems

Those things that aren’t quite right,

And do not seem to be working,

Seen with the gift of second sight.

So judge away and cast the stone

For the target is an easy one for you,

Not having to rectify what’s wrong

And much easier to say than do.


For creeping mists of darkness come

When tears of inner pain fall,

So you may just see the anguish

But can’t ever know it all,

And how the battering of turmoil

Erodes away to expose the nerves,

Left raw by the nagging vibes

Of the doubt that worry serves.


Look in and make your observations

On what you think is seen,

But how can you make judgements

On where you have never been?

Or to understand the pressures

And the frustrations of a change,

To something you knew completely

But now it just seems strange.


For the world will bring in heartaches

And condemnations with the years.

That can distort life grotesquely,

As we are left with bitter tears,




A quick mention to a good mate I had not seen for nearly two years until we shared some beers after the market, so YES Simon, LOL you are on here (more fame a?), and I hope you get to read most of the poems before your mum swoops, ….. Bet she will be quick and on time for the books !!!!.


One more poem to end a slightly different blog this time, (ha ha I like to keep the opposition guessing) as I’m “Often imitated but NEVER duplicated” as The Psychy Poet….


The last poem is one from my always popular Romance section with some nice comments from some special ladies, and some re-joining us (again, for some like to keep the excellent James Harvey my publisher and Website Guru extremely busy 😍, thus here it is,❤️❤️❤️…….



 Message from the Heart


Eyes can only see and admire

Objects of wonder in their views,

Especially when widened in awe

At a stunning hoped-for muse.


So an alert goes through the body

With the blood streaming around,

With an awakened amorous idea

That a gorgeous siren’s been found.

But we have little control over this

And must obey it from the start,

Within this “action stationed” frame

Hearing this message from the heart.


All people and the sights once seen

Have now faded from your sight,

Reduced to mere bit-part players

By this seismic feelings might.


Now the brain will try to balance

These vibrations, so very strong,

But the senses now have a target

Though the brain thinks it’s wrong.


Thus now nervous and infantile

A besotted body makes its move.

With new and aroused emotions

That the brain tries to approve.

So embarkations to possible grief

By the heart are now fully set

Off onwards, to hoped – for passions

With this siren, very newly met.




Well that’s another “terrific, amusing and breath of fresh air” (kind comments made to me on my Blogs, THANK YOU, Blog finished and I really thank ALL of you for your support and interest in both myself and the charity Help for Heroes I promote and donate to!


SO as always, The Journey Continues as “I” and hopefully “we” fight back…..


Love, Peace, Sunshine and Love, from me and “They Bears”


Laurie xx


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These all ensure my donation to the excellent charity I support, promote and donate to, that being Help for Heroes.

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