Changes, yes those things that can catch us out, keep us on our toes or like this year with Curse Covid, totally decimate us…
We all experience changes in our lives, some good, some bad and some, (like technology), blooming annoying. How we deal with these changes is of course crucial.
I always remember fondly at a particularly down time in my life years ago, the record, still one of my favourites, Joe Cocker “With a Little Help from My Friends”, who we all need at times, although some are more special than others and can also be fantastic, pests or even dipsticks?
One of my “changes” I always recall is when in 2001 I went on a brilliant but very basic camping safari all round South Africa, (hence lead photo), and this beautiful diverse and contradicting country gave me memories that still remain deep within me. From the wonderful and expansive wild animals and creatures, to Soweto and Mandela’s prison cell on Robben Island. At that time very recent history rolled out before me.
First poem then, and hopefully about changes that need to be made.

What a Piece of …..

The wonderfully expansive Shakespeare

Wrote magnificent words on everything,

From loves joy, sadness to tragedy

Using words that made hearts sing.

One such speech and quote from Hamlet

Is “what a piece of work is man”,

Going on to exult, but question

As to why man kills all he can.

With the murder of animals for gain

And shredding world treasure to the bone.

But worse than this is man’s wars

With people keen to cast the first stone.

Bombings, shooting and killings abound

In almost accepted daily news,

When man’s bigotry, racism and hatred

Surfaces across our planet, and spews

Mass slaughter, pain and carnage,

Even now on Easter’s religious day

Sri Lanka is decimated by bombs,

As evil scum murder their way.

Oh what a piece of work is man?

Although I could answer profane,

But outrage and contemptuous disgust

Now seems is uttered in vain.

For our world drops in downward spiral

Lemming like, in a desire to die.

While in some places across the globe

A few people cry in anguish, “why”?

So maybe I can pose an answer

In that mutual respect has now gone.

A respect for man, animals and our world,

When for so many centuries joy shone.

But perhaps it’s not yet all lost

As some are intent to put things right,

So I will stand alongside them until

We stop man being a piece of shite!



One of my recent poems, (Book 7 Poet Reflects Your World). and no punches pulled and extremely well received at my Gigs before the arrival of Curse Covid. NO changes with ME there then, and perhaps a quick poetic follow up from my latest Book 8 “Poetic Seeds to Fruition”….


I Am Spartacus

Yes I am Spartacus I cried out

Like in the film of the same name,

About Spartacus who led a slave revolt

The Roman empire struggled to tame.

But after defeating by superior numbers

The Romans wanted the man behind it all,

So threatened to torture all who’d revolted

Until Spartacus and slaves stood up to call,

That they were all the notorious leader

So desperately sought by the empire elite,

Who were petrified others would now rise up

Against a hated regime they wanted to defeat.

Thus now that bold and famous shout

Owning up to being the man that meant,

So much as a brave and resisting hero

Is today a statement of determined intent.

For by shouting his name out proudly

It showed a courageous and a fighting side,

So I respect and salute the likes of him

And also tried to show an honest pride,

In everything that I have said and done

When battling along my paths in life.

And not flinching from any twisted truth

Of false words cutting like a knife.

Because I still believe in myself and manage

To hold my conscience and integrity true,

In the face of some cruel envy and lies

Slanderously said about some things I do.

For there is always someone struggling

With their jealousy and a bitterness,

So they can never be at a hearts rest

While you succeed and they’re a mess.

So I will gladly shout out I am Spartacus

And own up to who I am and stand for,

Though others may not sit well with this

But as an honest man I can do no more.



Back to changes, and I guess that “luuuuuurrvvve” ❤️💕💔 with all its ecstasies, contradictions and pain is often a main change for people? Poet please step up….


Come Our Tomorrow

I will have all of your love tomorrow

And share our kisses so very sweet,

For we will always have it all

Each and every time we meet.

I will feel your touch tomorrow

As your hands explore my frame.

Saying you’ve had private moments

But without me, it’s not the same.

I will bring you to life tomorrow

As I gently stroke and softly caress

Your body, just as you like it,

When your secret parts I address.






Change of Heart

Carrying a sad and heavy heart

And with all emotions burning,

For you have been badly hurt

Your desires just left yearning.

Believing all would work out well

Whilst preparing for a blessing.

But in a heartbeat, it was gone

Leaving you upset and guessing,

Why those words said to you,

That were loving, warm and nice.

All disappeared in an instant

Turning hot blood into ice.

What could have now happened?

Causing such a massive shock,

To all of those deepest feelings

Making your whole world rock.


(another extract)


Distinct changes there then, all clever themed stuff from my “brain and books”, AND while mentioning my books, what amazing presents they will be, if not for you alone also, because from ONLY £4.99 – £9.99 depending on which book and size, they are now all “acclaimed, multi 5 star reviewed” and contain poems published in National papers, prize winners and read on both BBC Local and National Radio! All sales donate to the excellent Help for Heroes, so you just CANNOT go wrong.


Confirmation and endorsement of above from amazing and stunning feedback on my reading a poem for Remembrance Sunday 8th November on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey. The excellent Sylvie Blackmore had invited me to read an “appropriate ” poem for that special day from my “armed forces” poems. I chose one very dear to me as my son had served many times in that place Afghanistan, and it had touched me in many ways, but on sadly meeting relatives as described, After reading my poem, (also a prestigious prize winner) I felt humbled and suitable honoured and proud. From my book 7 comes…..


Letter From Afghanistan

A letter sent back from Afghanistan

Was not something to receive,

For it was probably tragic news

With no one coming home on leave.

Or a letter could be hand delivered

Titled on the “occasion of my death”,

Penned for you by a loved one

And will take away your breath.

Because deploying troops are told

This was a letter they had to write,

Explaining their career commitments

And love for family while they fight.

Obviously when writing the letters

The authors hoped that it would be,

Just a precautionary exercise

And that nobody would need to see,

Their words of love and farewell

As they would return safe and sound.

So the “just in case it happened” mail,

Would not be homeward bound.

But sadly many such letters needed

Reluctant opening by shaking hands,

To a feeling we can only imagine

As nobody completely understands,

This sickening and traumatic time

When this letter home is read.

For it can only have dire meaning,

And that their loved one is dead.

Fortunately I never had to bear this

Although at times my heart would drop,

But I’ve met and seen such bereaved

And just know their pain won’t stop.

So we must honour and appreciate

Our armed forces standing strong,

Who sacrifice and determine for us,

That very little will go wrong.



Apparently from stunning compliments and feedback on my poem, I had the presenter, friends and family crying or with lumps in their throats alongside large swathes of Sussex and Surrey….. YES I may be often imitated, but NEVER duplicated😎


JOKE TIME, ha ha You LOVE them 😂😂


1) A termite walks into a bar and asks is the bar tender here?


2) My mate refused to pay his exorcist and now he’s been repossessed


3) As it was raining very hard, I got a taxi to go and collect my laundry. I got charged £15 for a few minutes ride, so really got taken to the cleaners..


4) You just cannot lose a Homing pigeon, for if it doesn’t come back you have just lost a pigeon.


OOOO my jokes a? Well lol nothing changes there then, but maybe I will change, who knows, and for the better or worse, and possibly from doldrums to joy in this mad Virus infected topsy -turvy world. BUT fear not I won’t change as a poet or for you! LOL now there is a thought 🙈


Ted n Beth and all their friend bears and various animals can’t work out what has changed as they no longer get to come with me to Gigs,,,, Sad for them and us all too.


OH, getting a long Blog and my breakfast toast was a while ago so I will finish  up, BUT a BIG welcome Vikki, hope you liked this and found something for you, lol or let me know! Henry The First, one of my youngest fans, The Bears say “Hi” and missed you because of the rubbish weather. 


AS ever I thank and love each and every one of you for your support from U K, Australia, N Zealand, S Africa, America etc and many parts of Europe I reach, just like that famous beer. Cheers to you all….


I mentioned at the start that maybe love was one of our biggest life changers if it comes crashing in, or conversely out of our lives. OR of course you may be contacted out of the blue by long lost friends, “found” by coincidence, but however it is for you don’t let love fall on deaf ears or you may rue or never know what could pass you by?

A love poem then to end on for no matter how the world changes, love in one form or another, seems to endure…


A desert with its vast distances

Of desolation and lonely quiet.

Would seem to many undesirable,

But for me and you just right.

For I could have you all to myself

So not have to worry about others,

Who could perhaps discover us

And maybe blow our covers.

But I have special plans for you

My stunning and beautiful queen,

Who has put this magic spell on me

That I’d never before felt or seen.

So therefore I must act now

As you would desire me do,

Though I am finding it easier

For I have put my spell on you.

Thus together in our own desert

And alone beneath a sky of stars,

I can take you on ecstatic journeys

Soaring across both Jupiter and Mars,

Before fluttering back all a quiver

Across your entire being and soul.

For our desolate loving motions

Have made our bodies whole.

So indulge this sand-less desert

That will always be our own,

With you in captivating wonder

As you see how I have grown,

In my total devotion to you

When we are joined by all parts.

That gives constant bliss to make

Just one from our two hearts.



Written over two years plus ago, and like many of my poems, people have guessed and tried to work out what, if anything, I was on about? I have to remind you, that if you buy the book “Poet Reflects Your World” there is always a clue in the Appendix, OR hahhaaaaa please guess yourselves. Or not….


Conclusion then, and sincere hopes that all readers of this are safe, well, and surviving this horrid time in the world, but “I” and The Bears will continue so as

                                                                          The Journey Continues through CHANGES,


We send love, light, sunshine and love,


Laurie xx












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