I am extremely pleased to say that my last Blog, (+Reaching out and being there), that was slightly changed in style and somehow 3 weeks ago now, was very popular and well received. 
I know this from kind comments and feedback to me via my various “avenues”, although most will only rarely post on the “comments” box at the end here. C’mon don’t be shy and I always answer don’t I, Kelly B, Suanne P & I A W? 😇
Due to the above I will continue in the same idea mode, so “From the beginning” is the theme, inspired largely by a friend from distant past, or “beginning”, yeah good a? I will expand on that again further on, so stick with me gang, lol I ALWAYS make it worth it don’t I, S A B, our latest lovely “joiner” on here.
To get really started I will put up now a poem “Bubble” from my very first, and lol going to be my only book, “Poetic Views of Life” We all know that with eight books now and still counting, that wasn’t the case to be the only one.😂


I cannot see or touch it

This bubble of your love.

But I know now that I need it,

Like the manna from above.

For if I step outside it,

I feel a stabbing pain,

That cuts and hurts my being,

Until I step inside again.



A simple short little poem there, written in late 1990’s so reasonably “at the beginning” of my formal and prolific writing that has (wonderfully for me) emerged today. Proud to say again I have now written around 500 poems in about 7 years, (roughly 71 a year for the keen mathematicians among you), so not too shabby that, but with quite some success I will revisit now, (How am I doing Jane B?) 😍


Ok so from my start, and next I will post a poem right “from my root beginnings”. Hold on it WILL BE worth it, but first my Poetic Recognitions…


Eight published books in about 6 years, poems in Daily Mail, two poems and articles in Daily Mirror (June & July this year) Five of my poems read out with multi mentions on National Radio that broadcasts internationally, several interviews on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey, with many local radio interviews and guest slots, plus many further publications and prizes from competitions😁


Okay, so with lol “The Credits” out the way, what was “The Beginning” then? I guess truthfully largely from my wonderful parents, who though quite poor always laughed, joked, sang and reeled off bits of prose, poetry and sayings, so perhaps inherit, BUT in my teen years I sang with several music pop etc groups, and had mostly forgotten, I wrote some of our songs, humming the tunes to the more “musical” group members, but perhaps most importantly I wrote lots of lyrics, thus later, my poems…. 


This poem from my 4th book is written from a song I wrote and we played a lot, …. Autmn of our Love –


Autumn of Love


The autumn of our love is descending

No more to feel our heartbeats blending,

It’s fading fast, the end it is near

Our love shares the fate of nature each year.


I never now see that spark in your eye

That was always there, however shy.

For I can tell that we’re going wrong

Soon to be singing that saddest song.

That haunts all lovers that have lost,

Leaving us to count all the cost

Of wasted time, and broken dreams

Replaced by souls agony screams.


The autumn of our love is descending

No more to feel our heartbeats blending.

That loving magic is there no more

Laying instead nearly dead on the floor.


It never seemed to us we’d fail

To live forever in loves glow,

But people and times will always change

And turn into strangers you don’t know.

So best to stand up, tall and square

With a new freshly painted smile,

That you know will see a lonely road

Hurting and aching, mile after mile.


Thus many a face will turn away

At your look of contagious gloom,

Whilst rushing back to lover or spouse

In a frantic bid to save their doom.




There is an amazing twist to that poem story now as only nine days ago I got a Facebook message out of the blue from a David I who played in my very first group about 55 years ago, yes 55 years, and we had lost touch! 

He was extremely complimentary, saying he knew I could sing and write a bit, but was amazed at how much now, and more, but my lol “blushing modesty” prevents me from saying any more… Help Jane B, help.😬.

It was also nice to fill in some more gaps from times past, forgotten and happenings unknown, cheers David.




1) I played my dog classical music and now Haydn seek is top of his Listz of games….


2) My mate said to me you’re a poet, what rhymes with orange. I said NO it doesn’t !!!!


3) NASA will always have a great party as they know how to planet..


Another poem QUICKLY…. Again, one from my beginning as started out as a joke heard around the sixties, but I have turned into a poem, again in my 4th book, Life Scene in Verse = “Double Vision” =


Double Vision


I went into this village pub

For I was dying for a beer,

But I was very soon to learn

Not to ever come in here.


For I stood patiently at the bar

With a throat dry as a bone,

Despite coughing and shuffling

It seemed I was all alone.


But then a noise behind the bar

Caught both my ear and attention,

And with a very surprised eye

Saw the cause of service retention.

For the Landlady and barman both,

Were doing what comes naturally,

So I realised to my dismay

Neither would be serving me!


Now in a huff I went round the side

And entered the other bar,

But saw a barmaid and Landlord

In a clinch that went too far.


So storming out for another pub

That would hopefully quench a thirst,

I tripped over two copulating dogs

And furiously upon them burst,

With barely contained fury now

Complete with an angry frown,

I threw the randy dogs inside

Saying your ruddy sign fell down!



Yes, so careful where you go for a drink, but I wonder just how many pubs still have their name on a sign hanging over the door?


Not too much news to report, with Curse Covid not only prevailing but threatening to lock us all down again? Horrid times, so lol glad I had great beginnings….


So, having happily taken you, and ME back down memory lane for my start off, here is a nice “aaaagh” poem to finish up, S P get ready lady ❤️ and maybe newer members as well, but for ALL of YOU comes “Message From the Heart” out of my 5th book…..


Message from the Heart


Eyes can only see and admire

Objects of wonder in their views,

Especially when widened in awe

At a stunning hoped-for muse.


So an alert goes through the body

With the blood streaming around,

With an awakened amorous idea

That a gorgeous siren’s been found.

But we have little control over this

And must obey it from the start,

Within this “action stationed” frame

Hearing this message from the heart.


All people and the sights once seen

Have now faded from your sight,

Reduced to mere bit-part players

By these seismic feelings might.


Now the brain will try to balance

These vibrations, so very strong,

But the senses now have a target

Though the brain thinks it’s wrong.


Thus, now nervous and infantile

A besotted body makes its move.

With new and aroused emotions

That the brain tries to approve.

So embarkations to possible grief

By the heart are now fully set,

Off onwards, to passion hopes

With this siren, very newly met.



Yeeeeeees, nice then and I hope it has come to you, in the past, your beginnings, or even recently, for just who knows what and when something like that may occur? Clean your teeth then, change your underwear, put nice “pong” on you and just “Whooooooo Knows?” as said The Wise Old Owl in that children’s story, Sparky I think, c’mon lol YOU remember….. 


Okay, photos =


L to R = My last group in 1969, 2) Me at a Clacton site bar thinking up lyrics?, 3 At a Crazy Bow Tie competition I came 3rd in (anyone see what my bow is?), My very first book cover, Ted n Beth, Power station towers at top of road I grew up by in East London, My second book, and up to date from beginnings, my latest and eighth book 😀


Close now then, and as ever MUCH love and thanks to you for being here in these strange, uncertain times, but together WE will endure, that I am convinced of!


Thus Love, Peace and Light as The Journey Continues EMPHATICALLY from great beginnings…


Laurie xx

















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