Following many doors closing with the onset of the cursed Covid, it is nice to see many open again, BUT always striving to be original and different, “I” have been opening doors and in an expansive way for a while now.
OPENING doors to promote the excellent charity Help for Heroes with all I do, and especially with my latest and 8th book “Poetic Seeds to Fruition” just published.
I have promoted them on all my social media, but much more now, as I have had a poem and write up on me in The Daily Mirror, TWICE now!!!!
After my initial piece on June 13th, I was again featured on July 13th, (so NOT unlucky for me), with a “quick Ode” and mention of me, my Help for Heroes support, and new book. Not bad a?
ADDED to that on two successive Sundays, July 19th & 26th, I was interviewed live on BBC Radio Sussex, Surrey & (what bits lol?) parts of Hampshire apparently. Nothing TOO unusual for me there now,…
BUT the interview on 26th was unexpected due to a message not arriving and whilst I was driving up the M 3. Boris would be overjoyed I was A LERT and was all excellently done with many “off the cuff” jokes, (clean as live), and bits of my poems I remembered. ALL of this because I have a German car, so very safe and ……. “Hans Free” lol ?
THAT ALSO last Sunday, I luuuuuuuuuuuurrve Sundays, the brilliant Lynn Parsons of Magic F M national Radio mentioned me, complimented my poetry, and that i was doing a stall at market by Pevensey Castle, (every Sunday in August now), AND our beloved Ted n Beth were mentioned by Lynn as “always with me” and “seriously go see Laurie and his Teddy Bears! ??❤️ !!! The Bears were ecstatic……
 LOL ALL Together  = “I’m Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated” lol Yeah follow that hahahahaha…
Poem time, and fuelled by thoughts of how some way time has flown during this Viral Curse comes from my Book 7 and called “Where?”


Where have all my years gone

And can I please get them back?

I promise that I won’t waste them

For I never let sad times stack

Up too highly in my world,

In those years of mine now past.

And I nearly always enjoyed myself

I guess why time went so fast.

So where have those years gone

Along with so many great days?

For I can still vividly remember

The songs and music that plays,

Like a magical memory jukebox

Rewinding much love and fun,

As they bring back situations

Where all was said and done.

Oh I can recall so many people

Sadly though some have gone,

Though their days are remembered

When they danced and faces shone,

From disco lights and silhouettes

Or maybe it was too much drink.

But that was in the distant past

Which makes me stop to think,

Just where have my years gone?

For it doesn’t seem that long,

When my features were pristine

Like some newly written song.

Now as I look very fondly back

Over all those years I’ve had,

And people met and places seen

With more happier days than sad,

I feel my lifetime has stretched

Across many a stunning sunset,

But I hope for more to come

As I’m not ready to go just yet!



Yes time shooting by and another poem on time in a minute, (good clue Deb B ?) BUT I must mention as really “Chuffed” about it, that Help for Heroes sent me, another, Certificate of Achievement and Gratitude…. Unnecessary, but very welcomed and humbling too.? 

ADDED to that you may recall I have very proudly been allowed Help for Heroes Logo on the back of my latest book. A rare and cherished privilege that YOU can share by buying the BUMPER latest Book “Poetic Seeds to Fruition”, already getting great reviews, from me as all my books are reduced from me at moment. SO from £9.99 down to £8.50 or what deal you can get from me lol = 07967 355236 – or from on here. Of course all quality bookshops will get it for you or “Good Ol'” Amazon. FREE local delivery from me, and all S D adhered to, (NO that is NOT S M Suanne❤️)


AS is very apt for these strange and different days, please check out my July Column article for thesussexnewspaperonline called “Winners and Losers”




Saw a note on music shop window “Gone Chopin, Bach in few minutes”


I won lottery and bought a huge Limo, but forgot to get a driver so I spent lots of money but nothing to chauffeur it…


The cops stopped me and gave me a pencil and thin paper…… wanted my help to trace someone…


This next poem is a great fav of mine, popular at all my Gigs, (remember them Post Curse Covid?), Got into National finals so in Forward Poetry Publication of finalists, but written for great lady, Deb B, who has encouraged and supported me from my very start. and penned following my Facebook comment on a sad time for her. Please read and take note….?


From my fourth book, and some following due to popularity, AND complimented on  by The Poetry Society… Laurie bows and knuckles forehead…..


Moment in Time


The world spins on its axis

Night darkens the light of day,

Summer follows winter and spring

Our times were made that way.


Yet we go on in our existence

Even if we want to or not,

For however much we fight it

We mostly have the life we’ve got.

For as we continue on our road,

Days will come that bring our turn.

To have some suffering to bear,

From which we need to learn.


For as our loved ones die on us

Others will come as we see them go.

Replaced by babes newly born,

In natures continuous flow.

So enjoy what you have now

For as long as you possibly can,

Because there is no certainty

Of the time scale given to man.


Waiting for exactly the right time

To do all that you want to do,

May catch you out very badly

And be totally denied to you.

Thus best appreciate it all now

Even if the truth hurts and numbs,

For however hard to accept it

Sometimes tomorrow never comes.



Yes, and again very apt now. Stay safe, stay well….


SO in all of this “Laurie Door Opening” on National and Local Radio, National newspapers, Ted n Beth have been mentioned or joined me and are now shouting “Daddy tell them about OUR poems in your new book!!!” 

Ok Bears, I have done, but please get my new Bumper Milestone book if only to support Help for Heroes, but I promise you WILL love it…. I Am Spartacus, Bogged Down, the now BBC Radio famous poem “Toilet Rolls”, Not Above My Station, (on ME & an early love), A Dream of Dreams, Ted n Beth’s Bedtime, (a MUST lol),”Your Story”, (yes YOU) the “stunning and rivetting” (quote) “Heartbeat”!!! Plus “Sunny Deceit” etc….. Please contact me as above……


NEARLY time to (sorry) close the door, well only PARTLY at least, but a “nice” romance poem, ok Suanne to atone for earlier pun?❤️❤️


Sensations of Love


From lovestruck teen to an older heart

Love can arrive and catapult you,

To unscaled heights and sensations

With many vibrant feelings anew,

Soaring and gliding across the skies

Like operatic arias touching your core.

In fact you are so moved and ecstatic

You feel a need to beg for more.


So mesmerised by a dazzling light

That seems to shine right inside,

Your very secret, inner soul

Leaving nowhere left to hide.

For like a melting of frozen lakes

Washing all the icebergs away,

A controlling spirit leads you

To another rapturous day.


Thus stunned and filled with wonder

You walk majestically about,

Believing whatever comes now

Will be joyous without a doubt.

For slowly you come to realise

Some great miracle has occurred,

Brought by this faultless muse

That your whole being has stirred.


So who is this magnificent angel

And how did they spread such love?

For you now believe you’re flying

Alongside passing clouds above.

The sun is now in your pocket

With many other exhilarations.

As you have come to realise

You’re caught by loves sensations.


OOOooooo I MUST mention the photos as often requested…..


First is Open Doors for me, MY idea for a mask we must wear, (alright yeah know i have lot of neck),My stall at market, Langney Pond where i have taken to sit and PONDer….Ted n Beth in MY chair, GERTCHA, Me with another open door and last but NOT least Help for Heroes

My doors are never closed so please give me a comment?, message , book order or just a quick “Hi”, so Bless ya all with Love, Peace, music and (my?) POETRY….


From Those Bears & Friends and me The Journey Continues in OPEN DOOR SEASON…


Laurie xx











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