Well as we all know now, and frequently read I’m sure, it is a strangely weird world out there with many people going through the motions, pubs and places opening up, but not really in full flow, and a dramatic spectrum of “winners and losers” from the Coronavirus effect. Jobs and businesses floundering everywhere while pockets of workers are flat out and earning more than usual. ??
For my part in my “poetic world mode” I find it all a bit quiet and am missing all my network meetings, groups and reading gigs…..  THUS explains the Blog title and photos with me as a swan, (lol yeah alright) serenely gliding, ok I DO know but I’m evoking Poetic Licence, but more accurately paddling furiously and “like crazy” (NOW you get it ?) under the surface! Yes I admit I am rarely still which is what makes me, C’mon all join in, “Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated” ….. AND you will see evidence further on!
BUT what a great “paddling” line to get that wonderful paddle steamer photo in…. yes paddling up The Murray River in Oz, (ya like that John H in Townsville?)
Slightly different Blog this time so first poem time. I mentioned “winners and losers” and as always how we respond to varying fortunes marks us out, and if we can retain our dignity, SO not one but two poems follow on this…..


Life Presented in Verse

Incidents in life come to us all

Though some will prefer not to see,

But there can be no hiding place

And that’s up to folks like me.

Who will observe and then present

All that life will bring to us.

From laughter and tears, to death,

To confront without a fuss.

For every one of us will experience

Good and bad that we don’t choose.

So how we react and deal with this,

Will decide if we win or lose.



That short poem is on the back cover of my 5th book, but the next quite poignant poem is from my very recent Book 7 of eight published now.


The Pool and the Leaves


There’s a camp site by my French place

With a small, round swimming pool,

That gets leaves dropping in it

Which is not too good at all.

So every morning of each day

The site manager would get them out.

Which was appreciated by swimmers,

And of that there is no doubt.


He also used to maintain the camp

Making sure everything was clean,

Not just because it was his job

But so it looked nice when seen.

Though sadly he is no longer here

For cruel cancer took him away,

And those leaves are still dropping

But the pool gets cleared each day.


So as I pass, or sit with a drink

At the site bar that’s just nearby,

I often get to wonder about life

Which can often make us cry.

For the man who cleaned the pool

Was nowhere near my years,

Yet was removed from life early

Condemning his family to tears.


Now many of us will leave things

That occupy ourselves and time,

And when we have left the world

We hope memories remain sublime.

So for me it’s my words and poems

About love, life and she who grieves,

Over things still here without us

Like the man who cleared the leaves.



I have to admit now that i cannot hold back my excitement any more, well probably I can but don’t want to?!

RIGHT the astute among you, everyone I guess, WILL have wondered about “flight” from paddling, but of course flight is taking off, so here I go again,,,,

Today 13th July I had printed in The Daily Mirror ANOTHER of my little verses, well a parody really, but again I got mentioned with my latest Book 8 and donating to Help for Heroes. I had a poem and great little article on me in The Daily Mirror only a month ago, Flap, flap, flapping of wings taking off to my slot on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey on Sunday 19th July! Quite a month from my serene gliding swan a? (OK Jane B, how am I doing?❤️)



1) To answer the old aged argument why we sing HYMN’S and not HERS is of course because we say AMEN and not AWOMEN…….


2) The diesel train won the locomotive race after getting up ahead of steam!


Poem from my latest book “Poetic Seeds from Fruition”, still only £9.99 despite being a Bumper book, bigger, different and an “arrival” whilst still donates to Help for Heroes from each sale. Order from me on here or on My Facebook page The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson, new website address below, and I will deliver free locally, post out, Social Distance meet and or collect…. you can’t lose and it helps a great charity too.


The world currently in a poem.




Most human beings are very sociable

And need contact response from others,

Whilst we make our way in life

Alongside family, friends and lovers.


For if people are separated or lonely

They will often not function too well,

And perhaps behave in unusual ways

With some reactions that clearly tell,

That they are not at a hearts ease

Due to lack of that positive stroke,

As social contact is a basic need

To ensure our well being won’t choke.


So when a deadly, contagious virus

Threatens every person world wide,

All places of social gatherings closed

With orders to stay home and inside.

For all collective groups or crowds

Which as social beings give us cheer,

Can no longer be allowed at present

While a silent killer spreads mass fear.


Therefore I got a surreal experience

Quite emotional, like a form of grief.

As one evening on my allowed walk

The deafening silence beggared belief,

Of events in such a very short time

Having everyone in a panicking quake,

Which brought about the eerie quiet

A world destroying bomb would make.


There was no noise of children playing,

Music was not heard, or any traffic hum,

Revealing petrified people are staying in

So to a creeping virus won’t succumb.


For life routine changed dramatically

Like a cruel twist in some sick game,

As we fight to survive unnatural events

In a world unlikely to be the same.



As part of continued breaking out I have a stall again at Pevensey Open Market outside Pevensey Castle, so lol NOBODY can miss it a? OH ok maybe some might?.


I will leave you to guess the photo relevance, BUT Ted n Beth are jumping up and down for a mention, so ok they are reading one of THEIR poems in my latest book, AND in a photo with Henry the First !!!! Hi Henry & mum Kelly ??


I must mention again my new publisher the excellent James Harvey of Bad Goose Publishing, who has also brilliantly overhauled and updated the website, have a good look, and with Bad Goose on the top. James is also updating all of my previous books, so lol no swan him…… ALSO (sorry James) having just added my last article in The Daily Mirror to the website, hahahahahaaaaaaaa I now have another one in there !!!?.


OH, and have I mentioned I already have some plans and new ideas for my next book…… Flap, flap, flapping of wings! Well swans DO fly……


Closing poem of hope, love and just WHO knows what might happen! (ok Suanne❤️❤️❤️)


Coincidental Chance

You spoke to me out of the blue

And I didn’t know who you were,

But like Pitney’s “24 hours from Tulsa”

Such happenings can occur.

For I had felt an instant shudder

That I couldn’t quite control,

Also a strange realisation

You had touched my very soul.

We did the awkward introductions

That two strangers muddle through,

After your identity mistake

That I was someone else you knew.

So I tried to cover your blushes

And embarrassment so clear,

Though again I felt compelled

By the need to hold you near.

Thus we both stood quite flustered

By clearly felt sensations,

Running through the two of us

Defying all explanations,

As to what had just happened

In an amazing heartbeat,

When people blend together

And their very souls now meet.

Now you look at me and say my name

And I go shaky at the knees,

But when I felt your touch

I thought my blood would freeze.

So now we need to decipher

Just what we can understand

About this, and further actions,

As we walk off, hand in hand.



The end then, so a sort of SWAN SONG ….???


Love and Thanks to you all, take care and be safe, from The Bears and me as The Journey Continues flapping in FLIGHT MODE…..


Laurie xx














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