Arriving might seem an odd concept in this bizarre and strange world presiding at present, but due to the “stay at home” lockdown, my new and latest book number eight is ARRIVING very soon! ?
Yes Book EIGHT, and a bit of a surprise in as much as not only done in just six years, but that this latest book was aimed for about November 2020.
However as I see this book as a bit of a “Celebratory Milestone” for me and a sort of “Arrival” (lol get it now, hee he “arriving”) for me, THUS the title is POETIC SEEDS to FRUITION, depicting how over the 8 books I feel I have flourished to some recognition. Not meant to be a presumption as quite a few kind people have said to me on many occasions that I “arrived” with my poetry ability a long while ago! THANKS❤️
AND this “Bumper Book” is also different (AND published by James Harvey of Bad Goose Publishing, with the amazing Mike Seager doing the book covers),  as will include for the first time more than poems.
There are 4 of my column offerings and poems on the appertaining theme which were my articles I have written for The Sussex Newspaper Online for nearly five years now. SO my writing as WELL. Obviously there are fifty new poems (somehow?) written since my last book was published in November 2019, and some much requested “special” and popular poems from my previous books, SO yes a Bumper and celebratory milestone of fruition.?.
What new poems are in it then?
 I will put up parts of some, but included are poems on this Viral Crisis, including “Fun in Crisis”, and others like Not Above my Station, A Dream of Dreams (this book?), Your Story, Bob the Builder, Unnatural, Floral Derriere (YUP and lol true?), Toilet Rolls, Loaves and Fishes, a stunning “Heartbeat” and how can you miss “I Am Spartacus”?.
Right, some promised tasters…….
                                                                    Not Above My Station

As the train pulled out of the station

I thought my heart would break,

But I still retained that inner glow

And warm feeling I couldn’t slake.

For I was walking among clouds

In a movement of regal majesty,

Because in a very short time scale

You’d made twice the man of me,

As from when I’d first seen you

There at that all night party event,

I was lost in your special magic

Like a wonder heaven sent.


A Dream of Dreams

I dream of images and thoughts

That come like falling snow,

Cascading round my startled mind

So my reasoning will go.

For I don’t know if I’m asleep

Or blindly staggering along,

A path of light shining in the dark

With a backdrop of sweet song.

Your Story

Everyone has their personal story

And it may seem trivial or immense,

To an unforgiving world audience

Maybe observing from their fence.

But if a story appears insignificant

To the owner it is paramount,

Whilst maybe feeling overshadowed

Their story is the only one to count.

For each individual lifetime story

However mundane or small it seems,

Will for each and every one of us

Project innermost hopes and dreams.


A good start then, BUT I should say I hope everyone is safe and well as can be expected in this mad world at the moment!…..
Not TOO much activity news obviously at moment, but little gems still come! 
I got couple of nice mentions by Tim Lochereau on Classic F M Radio as “Laurie the Poet from Eastbourne”  last week for getting his criptic clue right…. An Adele song of “A person not too disimilar to a female sheep” which is of course Somebody Like You! Good one and a bit of fame…
What SHOULD have been a big bit of fame poem reading in front of 2,500 + people at Hailsham Live 75th Anniversary of V E Day in Hailsham, was commuted to me being LIVE on You Tube (still on) at 14.55 after Last Post, reading my poem “Footsteps”, initially in my 3rd book! Nice one!  Hailsham Live V E Day 75th Anniversary You Tube should get you there and the 14.55 slot!


He is a man of constant sorrow

And no pleasure can he derive,

So he really cannot care less

If he should die now, or survive.

The world he loved has broken

And shattered into many parts,

So the grief he is enduring

Would shred the stoutest hearts.

The career he loved is now over

For you have to be fully fit,

And not pain filled and crippled

Struggling to get along with it.

An unlucky placed size ten boot

On bland ground that looked fine,

Took the life he knew in seconds

With that cruel exploding mine!

It was what these heroes feared

An undiscovered explosive device,

That could rip off skin and limbs

Or cause the supreme sacrifice.

So just how do they do this job?

If wrong moves can be your end

They say you just get on and do it

With your comrades and best friend.

Now our man of constant sorrow

Begins to get on with his life,

With support of all his family

And care from a loving wife,

Who tends his hurt and fears

Like those buried deep inside.

So slowly he starts to fight back

And regain his stubborn pride.

Of course he gets help and aid

Along whatever way he goes,

From excellent support teams

That gives help to our heroes.

Thus now he has a strong lifeline

Helping his family without fuss,

So we should all help him also

Giving thanks, it’s him not us!


So a very powerful and  apt poem, written particularly  for more recent conflicts, but fits V E Day too….
JOKE TIME: YEeeeeeeesss 
1) Have you noticed the sea never speaks, just waved?
2) I don’t know the meaning of Armageddon, but it’s not the end of the world a?
3) A crook who stole a whole load of calendars was caught and got another 12 months!
Couple more “New Book” excerpts in this Bumper Book STILL only £9.99 and YES you CAN order from me now….


The monotonous ticking of the clock

Amplified the tension in the room,

When the man unburdened himself

There was silence like a tomb.

I had rarely been so mesmerised

As latent menace passed his lips,

So I sat motionless and captivated

For fear this seismic moment slips

Out of his trance-like confession

Being told in an emotionless mode,

Such a tale of clear possessive evil

Which on his soul was bestowed.

So near the end of a Blog somewhat different due to Lockdown, but more given over to my new book that with some stunning graphics on the front is I think. a fitting “Flourished Fruition”…


As this Blog is dedicated to ALL of you to keep safe, I will only mention a couple (or so) of people, so Kelly B❤️ for ALL your invaluable help and lol reminding me about the Hailsham Live video spot I had forgotten about, due to being absorbed with my new book, ( LOL have I mentioned that??). 
Young Star Fan Henry? who Ted n Beth (AND Army Bear too Henry) have sorted of adopted, alongside and NO connection, is “Charlie Monkey” in the photos who I’m SURE will feature in the future too. Elaine W who has kindly suffered my “rabbitting” and also my going on about The Book?. Thanks… 
I will let you work out the photos, and hope you enjoy the “parts” of my new book “Poetic Seeds to Fruition” which of course will still donate to the excellent Help for Heroes from all sales! DO YOU want a copy? Then please let me know. on here OR….
Facebook The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson
Thus The Journey Continues and like all of us will ARRIVE…..
Thanks, Peace and Love,
Laurie xx








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