Hi, and so this Blog is about "Hope" with the Daffs suggesting spring and better times to come, including our "adaption" to this worldwide curse of horrific virus that has been visited upon us☹. Adaption yes, and mostly everyone in the world is having to do that with personal and individual ways, in the face of this unspeakable horror!

This Blog will be a bit shorter, (is that hurray I hear??), Sorry I have told a "Porkie" but with links for more reading of our news, poems and photos that make up my "Poetry World & Help for Heroes support!

Quick and quite brief news then :- 

Well brief but excellent as the local (Sussex) glossy magazine "etc" who recently did a big article on me have now published it, and very good too, in the April edition.
 As there may be some difficulties with their distribution they are including a copy of ETC in this week’s Eastbourne Herald, and possibly other area local papers as well. Article is on page 106.

Obviously due to current situation on gatherings, none of my Gigs can go ahead, which is a big shame but also reduces a lot of my money I raise for Help for Heroes. All of my booked venues were very disappointed and will put me straight back in when sanctions are lifted.

I am ploughing ahead with my Book 8 which is aimed for approx. May/June so not too bad….

Two excerpts of a couple of poems I have just written about this vile killer virus, follow….


Well that is the usual way it goes

Or perhaps the workings of death,

But in some dreadful circumstances

Other causes will stop your breath.

And we have such a dire situation now

With a horrific epidemic of viral strain,

Sweeping worldwide across the globe

That may never be the same again.

Because this is an invisible killer

And cannot be seen, felt or disturbed,

When it spreads from person to person

Especially when gathered like a herd,

That we humans mostly like to do

As we have a companionship need.

But danerously for us all now,

This the Coronavirus will feed. 



Therefore I got a surreal experience

Quite emotional, like a form of grief.

As one evening on my allowed walk

The deafening silence beggared belief,

Of events in such a very short time

Having everyone in a panicking quake,

Which brought about the eerie quiet

A world destroying bomb would make.

There was no noise of children playing,

Music was not heard, or any traffic hum,

Revealing petrified people are staying in

So to a creeping virus won’t succumb.


Two quite heavy pieces of new poems, and maybe next Blog will post it, ot both in full.?

There are no particular "mentions" in this Blog as I want to sincerely wish everyone on here, or who reads, all safety, health, and thoughts during this "WW3 of killer virus". Love and peace to you all.

JOKES then, well we HAVE to even more now:-

1) A man was reading a book on gravity, but found it impossible to put down.

2) Due to the current shortage of toilet roll I’ve been using lettuce leaves, but fear this is just the tip of the iceberg?

3) Here is a joke for all the mind readers out there – – – – – – – – – – – –  – –  – – 

YES well?, so onto a poem from my 7th and latest book that is VERY apt now. For all of us =


The shrieking wind shook off the hand

Desperately clinging to the rail,

And threatened to flatten him

For fighting was to no avail,

As weakened frame and battered mind

Could offer no more defence,

Against the elements bombardment

So now resistance made no sense.

But a defiant spark was remaining

While a strong will said hold on,

And struggle to the bitter end

When all hope has finally gone.

Because man has a deep inner will

That can achieve huge success,

When all has appeared hopeless

And seemed an impossible mess.

But what is it that drives us on

Like the intrepid case as above?

Well I believe it is our fine spirit

And a considered belief that love

Can help us overcome diversity

And everything that life can throw.

But obviously there are times

When we just have to let go.

So meanwhile we can take a lead

From courageous exploring heroes,

Who forged new paths and discoveries

So that everywhere man now goes,

He has the lessons on fortitude

Taught by Trojans from the past,

Who used love and determination

To teach how to make it last.


AND now those promised links. For my article in ETC =  https://epages.jpimedia.co.uk/full_page_image/page-106-21/content.html 

For my most recent piece(s) in The Sussex Newspaper = thesussexnewspaperonline

Nearly there, so photos = Daffs = hope, Ted n Beth kissing (Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgghhh nice), my French place I hope to get back to one day, me with a pint in a pub, (remember them lol), Bears friends group, Me reading to a group of people, another loss, but last and NOT least "Success and Triumph" that we will do over this curse!

HAVE to end on a love poem in these horrid circumstances as love and togetherness will win out, (or we won’t have to worry a?), so here is =

Ease of Entry

When you apply your magic touch

You take my breath away,

And take me to loves deep feelings

That don’t need shades of grey.

For it’s as if you have ease of entry

To me, without need of a key.

Though that’s no great mystery,

Just your unique chemistry.

So touch away sweet lady

For you have an open goal,

And an unobstructed free way

Straight into my very soul.

Though I don’t think I would protest

Even if I possibly could,

Because I’m certain that no-one

Can ever be so very good

As you are, when with me,

In all our glorious connections.

For no architect of life

Could ever plan such erections,

As our love and life together

That cannot be pulled apart.

So we will travel roads together

Just living off one heart.

Now I know that there are doubters,

Maybe jealous of our ecstasy.

But they’ve probably never felt

Just what you do for me,

Or perhaps I do for you too.

If all I see in your release,

Causes such deep sensations

To give us inner peace.


All done then and please all take great care as The Journey Continues HOPEFULLY…

From Ted, Beth, all The Bears and friends and ME,

Love and Peace,

Laurie xx

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