YES, and “on request” a special Blog for Valentine’s Day, (bless his heart?), and yes again, so “Roooooooooommmaaaaannnce” WILL follow. And yes yet again “some” of the things I “Luuuurvve” are in the photos included,❤️❤️??, check them out!
I have to own up here, and being a quite direct poet, (you noticed?) I’m not a great fan of “Special Days” telling us what to do, “Be nice at Christmas, be loving it’s Valentine’s Day, Happy Mothers Day” etc, WHY should we need a reminder, and why can’t we be nice, loving and thoughtful EVERY day without (commercial?) prompt????
Right, lol got that one out the way, and “Oh enjoy those overpriced chocolates and flowers”, but hang on in for some genuine love. Let’s make a start then and how relevant is this, what?
Arrival of Love

When love arrives the first time

You will never be quite the same,

Despite wise words of people older

Your heart is hobbled, you are lame.

For you will think you know it all

With the fluttering thrill of love,

Turning grey into a blinding light

As if sent down by heaven above.

You no longer walk about, but fly

Fuelled by compliments that flowed,

From your lover, this faultless one

Who all their love on you bestowed.

So your soaring heart glows bright,

Within your very soul and breast.

Marring sight and convincing you

That you’ll pass your every test.

Your head will try hard to steer

A safe course of sense and welfare,

But your heart will not be cooled

From loves bright, saintly glare.

Dreams of wonder and dancing joy

Will swell into the heart and soul,

At the very sight of the one you love

Who makes the bells of Utopia toll.

For they can never do any wrong

And will love you all your years,

With their body, heart and kisses

And be your armour against all fears.

For you will think you know it all

With the fluttering thrill of love,

And the finding of your soul mate

Whose body fits you like a glove.

So walk in wonder, sun and light

Alongside your angel, who has fed

Your very breath, thought and being

That your heart rules, not your head!



  That poem goes all the way back to my 2nd book, but gets this started I think, for romance IS the theme!

Still I need to “read the news” though, but maybe I bit briefer, but lol you heard that before from me? ?

News then, and recommendations for more of my gigs are coming in and I am writing new poems quite prolifically again, didn’t really stop but I’m actually writing them up now, SO whilst NOooooo rush, book eight is near halfway done, but IS going to be bit different?.

 It is also one of those sort of “Rainbow Periods” for me at present as it seems “whenever I go out wherever” I get (much appreciated!) compliments, more requests or ideas to present or be involved with things, thanks SO much “lovely Felicity”, Nessy, Kelly B (get feeling better soon), Mandy from “The Mart”, Shanaz, Helen Mc, Tracy Wen, Sharon M F G “Valentine”? ❤️❤️❤️, TracEy St were R U? lol etc.

I mentioned a while ago a “Sussex Based” magazine wants to do “an Interview” with me and seems that is going to happen very soon as they’ve just contacted me again….

Romance again then.……..

See Saw of the Heart

What makes love affect your heart?

And gets right to the soul,

Putting a smile upon your face

As if you’d scored the greatest goal.

Whether young or old we feel it

This pounding in our veins,

At the sight or thought of love

That’s unbridled without reins.

So we soar up to the moon

Or perhaps journey to the stars,

With our stomach’s all a flutter

As if returned from Mars!

Oh, of course it can fall apart

And cause hurt that cuts us deep,

But when we’ve cried and got up

We start again to look and peep,

For another love or partner

To get us back on song.

But of course there is a fear

That again it could all go wrong!

Thus round and round in circles

Our spiral of love and tears,

Causing the odd heartache,

But more joy across the years.


 Going ok “with the Romance” then Suanne, Rebecca, Tracy W (and your other favs. to keep you in “that ❤️shape”?)

Always amuses me when folks comment on my “wide spectrum” of poem subjects, that  my writing romance seems to surprise people?  REALLY? Read my books romance sections  then (that right Gordon lol, Caaaalm down man) and find out…
Also i was having a pint in pub with “my lady”? and I just said “Oh I love you” and she said “that’s so nice thing to say to me” , but i had to say “I was talking to the beer” ? It  IS a joke, but JUST to prove, hold ON S P……

Ease of Entry

When you apply your magic touch

You take my breath away,

And take me to loves deep feelings

That don’t need shades of grey.

For it’s as if you have ease of entry

To me, without need of a key.

Though that’s no great mystery,

Just your unique chemistry.

So touch away sweet lady

For you have an open goal,

And an unobstructed free way

Straight into my very soul.

Though I don’t think I would protest

Even if I possibly could,

Because I’m certain that no-one

Can ever be so very good

As you are, when with me,

In all our glorious connections.

For no architect of life

Could ever plan such erections,

As our love and life together

That cannot be pulled apart.

So we will travel roads together

Just living off one heart.

Now I know that there are doubters,

Maybe jealous of our ecstasy.

But they’ve probably never felt

Just what you do for me,

Or perhaps I do for you too.

If all I see in your release,

Causes such deep sensations

To give us inner peace.


Quick “Hi” in a very “poem filled” blog to Kerry @ Mantel Farm??????x, Carboury Boys, Jimbo, Mick S Jane B a V “short pole” sob, sob, lol, Gordana, where ARE you? X, Austen M, Frederica A, parted but still quality hug a? Kerri Louise, Lesley A T, Carol A, Deb B, Richard M, Sandra of Pink Spaghetti Media training, Richard of Eyemasters, The Incredible Cake Co Two, (WELL Lovely Helen and err Ollie) and in fact EVERYBODY “signed up” or reading, BLESS Ya ALL❤️❤️❤️.

JOKES:- When is a door not a door? WHEN it’s AJAR
My friend stopped having his dog in the back of his car as didn’t like having a bark seat driver!
My hard up friend (Ashley) started a Chicken Dating agency, (you listening M Farm Kerry? X), as it helped him make hens meet….
O K, Tony F, have you got them down, NO the jokes NOT your trousers, f g s  SORT him out (again) Heather…
Well with all this romance Ted n Beth didn’t want to be left out (see their “cuddling” photo) so here is THEIR poem now??❤️❤️ =

Bears in Love

Ted and Beth have been together

For over fifteen years now,

And still they love one another

Both uttering a teddy “wow”,

When they smile and have a cuddle

That they will frequently do.

For though they often muck about

Their love for each other is true.

Beth was alone when found by Ted

And since they’ve never been apart,

Being a very true loving pair

Joined by a special teddy heart.

They have also shared adventures

Like touring Australia in a tent,

And going off on a long cruise

They thought was heaven sent.

Now regularly going to France

They’ll relax at their place there,

Enjoying a dinghy on the lake

And playing without a care.

Though they find time for mischief

Getting up to naughty japes,

As they’re both still young at heart

Constantly getting into scrapes.

But mostly the bears love each other

Although fame has brought temptation,

But their regard for life together

Won’t allow a tarnished reputation.

So they continue as a perfect couple

Happily sharing time and joy,

Because Beth is Ted’s special lady

And he’s her favourite teddy boy.


 Really nice to see those two “loving rather than being mischievous” MAYBE they read this poem “start of” here…..


Dreamy figures of great delight

All come dancing into view,

I have a panorama of beauty

But know what I must do.

For you have made intrusions

Seismic like upon my soul,

As we determine to be together

Making our separate pieces whole,

Like some closely fitting jigsaw

That a glorious picture makes,

For it had become quite desperate

To complete for both our sakes.


Sorry but you need my 5th book to see all of that poem, BUT he hee he it IS worth it CORrrrrrrrrrr, hot or what Diana M? lol…

Right more detais next Blog, but I HAVE committed and “well chuffed” to be invited and accepted to attend AND read x 2 slots each of the two days at a big and prestigious event in Eastbourne soon…..
Time to finish this Aaaaaaaaaaaw “Womance” special, but not before start of very recently penned poem for Book 8, get READY James H lol
Am I Enough?

My edges may have roughed over

And no longer are called smooth,

But inside there is a steady heart

With a mind that’s in the groove

Of holding you in great awe,

That you may find hard to see,

So be all reassured it’s there

Now will you accept me?

As I have both heart and soul

That can be loving and deep,

And if I make you a promise

It’s one I will always keep,

Alongside my athletic mind

Of words and ideas for you.


YUP for Book 8 but AS it’s a ROMANCE Blog and I AM lovely ? I f you message me, on here, Facebook, email etc I WILL show you it all !!!!! NOT an offer to turn down I hear you say….

DONE, and a great Valentine’s Day to you all, but don’t forget you ARE allowed to be nice, romantic and loving EVERY day,
SO THe Journey Continues LOVINGLY !!!
That all ok M Q? Bye from Ted n Beth and friends, and ME,
Luuuuuuuurvve yall,
Laurie xx














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