Driving off into the New Year then, and here is to a very happy one for you all! The lead photo is from my second trip to Oz and is quite near, well as near as IS in Australia, to Ayers Rock or Uluru as Aborigines call it.
AN APOLOGY from a “dappy Psychy Poet”, as on 3rd Jan you probably received a photo of a plane email Blog and nothing else? Sorry but my email on draft “sent itself” before I was ready, and I retrieved the title but couldn’t stop the photo…. LOL nice to know we not perfect, BUT hopefully always interesting on here, thanks again James H our Website Guru in Bali, who has now removed it…
Moving on now over a largely quieter period as of the Festive Time, but I still fitted in two Gigs since last Blog 26th December, AND all owed payments have now found me so more cash coming for Help for Heroes “I” and your good selves support through my books, poems and on here etc.
An appropriate poem then =


Not To Reason Why

Loyal boots march where they’re told

On rough terrain or forbidding ground,

For our courageous forces go

To where danger’s often found.

Never to disobey or question

Any strange command given out,

No matter how they feel

Or how much that they doubt,

The wisdom of the orders

And so their best they’ll try,

To perform for Queen and country

For they will just do or die.

Now these heroes all have families

Who miss them when away,

From loving parents worrying

To wives who save the day,

By keeping safe their houses

Also looking after any kids,

With school runs and homework

And preventing escaping bids.

So all of this is on the mind

Of our service personnel,

Who thinking of all those at home

Must face all kinds of hell.

From heat and dust with full kit on

To those unseen exploding mines,

Or seemingly friendly children

Who with the enemy combines.

Loyal boots march where they’re told

On rough terrain or forbidding ground,

For our courageous forces go

To where danger’s often found.

Now what is it we may ask

That brings so much commitment here?

With comradeship and loyalty

To those who share their beer.

But it is something more than this

Maybe not understood by me and you,

When these mixed background heroes

Decide there’s a job to do!


A relevant dedication to our fantastic Armed Forces there, and poem from my 5th book “Life Presented in Verse”. Seems a long time ago that came out in mid 2017, but i did purposely leave a gap before book six, and of coursr book seven came out in November 2019. Book EIGHT will be out later this year with “slightly new” management, but no major changes from me, AND is over a third written. OH sorry, there WILL be a small format change from me that I’m sure people will like as I think will enhance it, BUT be assured the poems and style will be the same….. exciting and intriguing then, but more later……

Another apt poem follows, YAY I’m on form today ?


Loneliness of the Long Distance Poet

With apologies to the famous sixties film

That has virtually the same name.

About a long distance runner instead,

But other things are near the same.

For pounding the fields and streets

And running hard can take its toll,

When all alone with your thoughts

And concentrating on your goal,

That is to beat all of the others

Probably running lonely like you,

But you must have more resolve

And determination than they do.

So actually there is a connection

Between our lonely runner and a poet,

For whilst both think hard and deep

Neither is all that keen to show it.

Because for me some poetic times

Can be quite solitary and stark,

And I’m also quite sure the runner

Feels alone if in the dark.

For it’s the same for me regarding

His public school competition,

As I must face some stuffy views

That is trotted out in repetition,

With all the criticism and asides

Such poetry snobs can decree.

But again just like that runner

Their rules are not for me.

Though loneliness presides at times

When standing to read poems out,

And whilst always well received

I still get moments of doubt,

But continue my poem reading

As I traipse a long weary road,

Towards a poetic understanding

Which for me is the only code.



Meanwhile I have some more Gig bookings coming up, a couple of really interesting “overtures” and (nice?) requests made to me, so watch this space. Seems that whilst only a “minor celeb” locally, I am, and its quite nice, and hence the aforementioned “overtures” ?

MENTIONS, and on here unlike “the” Royal New Year Honours list where one or two pretty awful, unpleasant little people got noted, (LOL message me for names if you like), OUR list are all “GOODIES”!!!
First up, and again these are NOT exclusive mentions as EVERYONE supporting me on here is greatly appreciated = Debbie B who as initial “feed backer” on ideas, poems and suggestions etc SIX years ago, remember Deb? still gives great help and clarification THANKS. Sharon M F G, stop HIDING, of Olive Design and does my excellent card, leaflets & posters, Sandra of Pink Spaghetti Media Support, Gordana, also stop hiding! Helen and “that” Ollie @ Incredible Cake Company, Lesley A T, lol still supporting me since 1981, Kerri Louise and “Si”, Suanne P, Diana M, Geoff H, Mick S, Anne & Russ of Deacon Designs and all of you reading this, BLESS and THANK YOU.
PHEW, so now is Ha, ha, he heeee JOKE Time=
1) If you put your Grandma on speed dial is she an Instagran?
2) A man ran up to me asking if i had seen a policeman, and when i said no he robbed me!
3) A priest driving along found a dead pig in the road. Being public spirited (lol sorry) he rang the Council to report it and a sarcastic man asked the priest if he’d given the pig Last Rites? NO replied the priest i wanted to inform Next of Kin first !!!!!! Love that ?
 Photos as are part of news:- Lead photo in Oz described, View from “Great Supporters” and donators to me & thus Help for Heroes, Garden Bar, Waterside Eastbourne, sky from the excellent Chaseley Trust and prompt for Led Zepp’s “Trap Door to Heaven” song, (sorry again he hee), Bears in Bed photo sent to the wonderful Lynn Parsons of Mellow Magic Show on F M Radio, and appreciated my poem to her on “sleep”, Cheers Lynn.  A very welcome, but early Bee in my garden, THE Bears, and a “what’s UP” look from me, and last but not least, my seven published books. Please contact me direct if you would like one OR more….
Ending with an “Aaaaaaaaw” Romance poem from way back book ONE, and I do know the ROMANCE poem fans…….



I have observed you much of late

You may have felt my looking stare,

Perhaps you knew the reason why

Or merely how you seemed to care.

Whilst others queued to build my load

You saw I walked a lonely road,

Rejection can taste an acid pill

That even survivors blood will spill.

So when light invades consuming dark

Flames can rise from a smallest spark!



 So here “endeth” the first News Blog of 2020, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as I continue “Often Imitated, but NEVER Duplicated” as The PSYCHY Poet with Bears??

Thanks and love to you all from me, Ted n Beth, and all their 20 now friends as The Journey keeps DRIVING FORWARD BRILLIANTLY……

Laurie xx












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