My seventh book is born !!!!


From Indonesia to Sussex, it is done
Although “techno troubles” cast a doubt.
Whilst malaria then threw its hand in too,
But now my SEVENTH book is  finally OUT.

So get orders in and don’t miss it
Before my book very quickly goes,
As each and every copy donates
To the charity Help for Heroes!

So after some hold ups my new book Poet Reflects Your World is out…. and also after much conjecture by people there is NO towel or much flesh on the cover, as in lead photo, but a “well scrubbed up” Psychy Poet”.. yeah “Got YA” ?

A book launch, as another photo, is at The Incredible Cake Company, 24, South Street Eastbourne, on November 23rd from 1.30 pm where I will show, sell & read from my new book and maybe others! Ted n Beth could be there too, and ALL fundraising etc for Help for Heroes. YAY…. I will be on Hailsham FM with the excellent Simon Herbert in the morning  as well. 

Another photo shows my latest article in the Eastbourne Herald on Friday November 15th, and also the one and only superb Lynn Parsons of Magic FM gave me an amazing endorsement on my poems, books and support of Help for Heroes on November 11th. Thanks again Lynn….❤️

Add an advert for me at Sunrise in the local magazine “Etc” and possibly a future editorial piece on me in the future, it continues to be a fantastic period for me!


Living Well

If you’re thirsty you may go to the well

To quench your thirst with a drink.

And you may do it automatically

Without ever stopping to think,

About how the water got there

Or the need to put something back,

Because the water may soon run dry

If the well is allowed to crack.

For in our world little comes for free

Although plenty will live for this,

By taking out everything they can

And giving help requests a miss.

For they are too busy taking all

It’s possible to get lazy hands upon,

Ensuring when it’s pay back time

They’ll be well and truly gone.

So for us in a concerned majority

Is the need take care of our well

And other gifts passed on to us,

As they are not ours to waste or sell.

When the sacrifice of many others

Gave them up without a cost,

Only a big responsibility of trust

To see they are never lost.

Thus this commitment is now ours

To appreciate and protect this wealth,

Of the things we may take for granted

All the time they’re in good health.

But just a little thought and effort

Will see our gifts all safely supplied,

And to know our drinking well is flowing

Will meet our wish after we’ve died.



Perhaps that poem from my 4th book says a lot?

With many gigs coming up, as they are increasing, I have some upcoming busy weeks and several stall events to keep me occupied and hopefully sell more books and raise a lot for Help for Heroes. 
JOKE SECTION, lol Oh come ON ???
1) Is stealing someone’s coffee a “mugging”?
2) A leopard goes to psychiatrist and says “every time I look at my wife I see spots”. That’s natural the psychiatrist says, but the leopard says “not really my wife is a Zebra!”…..
3) I just held the door open for a clown as I thought was a nice jester….
I have recently had some amazing and kind compliments, (on my poetry NOT my jokes lol) which is always pleasant, but some were so nice and even complimented my “presentation improvements” and delivery. Thanks !!! ❤️❤️


Lest I Stumble

Lest I stumble, should I fall

In lame attempt to do it all,

Please don’t think I’m contrite

As I only want to do it right.

So please help if I need a hand

And beg you to understand.

That I also have my weaker days

So no matter if it never stays,

Across my face, or in my voice

For it’s my committed choice.

To not advertise my grief and woe

As that is not the way I show,

Myself to all the outside world

If I’ve become a bit unfurled.

Thus lest I stumble, should I fall

Others may not care at all.

Which is why I’m asking you

To watch over me in all I do.

For though I wear a carefree smile,

I sometimes suffer for a while.

But always struggle on inside

While on the outside try to hide,

These inner battles you can’t see,

As they attempt to torment me.

So I think I’ve now spelt it out

How we can struggle with a doubt,

Of our abilities to cope with life

When worries cut us like a knife.

But have a comfort in what you do,

For I am always there for you.

Thus go and make your world extend,

Knowing you have a special friend.




 And first Bev Hall, I hope all is well with you, and all the best but you’ve disappeared, so all positive thoughts. Hi James my excellent (and could be yours) website guru, Carbury Gents, Super Sizzle Suzie, great meet up ?, Sandra of Pink Spaghetti, Mick S for great support, and Geoff H from way back too, Suanne M Q for lovely comments as always, Jane B with great ears, and many other parts, and also thanks for our times, just watch my balloon Jane! ALSO “Hi & THANKS” all others who kindly follow, please gimmmmmmeeee a nudge for mention, OR tell me at Book Event on Nov 23rd?. SO a BIG thanks and Teddy Bear kisses from Ted n Beth too…??


A new collaboration with Anne of Deacon Home Improvements Seaside who are now selling my books too..


With MUCH to do soon, and especially next week with THREE gigs in TWO days, a Guest Speaker slot etc, I must crack on, SO with a big thanks again, AND please message/contact me for your copy of  my new book on – – Facebook Page “The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson”, I will close.


Other photos are my new book “awakening”, great future viewing and of course SUCCESS……


BUT The Journey Continues “Incredible Cake Company” ish and GROWINGLY !!!!!!


Cheers and Love,


Laurie xx








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