Patience, a fertile mind and inspiration do not make great bedfellows, and whilst never being one of the most patient people, (lol doesn’t really go with a manic mind?), I seem to have inspiration and fertile ideas aplenty!?, Thus being in a “limbo like state” does not fit well with me really and like an arrow I must shoot forward again  ?.  
So why the limbo then maybe you will ask? 
Well largely due to my Publisher Rex having “Techno Troubles” for a while, followed by a form of malaria, my new and seventh book seemed to be on hold!
Given that it was all done and sent in September there was little I could do further, thus a limbo state presided, especially in France over the last two weeks where I am usually prolific…?.
But in true Psychy Poet style I am all go now and new book could be out within two weeks…. Just as well really as I’m on Hailsham F M Radio being interviewed by the excellent Simon again on 23rd November am, before the afternoon’s book launch, reading and social event at The Incredible Cake Company Eastbourne with the lovely Helen! AND they sell delicious cakes, scones etc so please join me.
 Now Helen I said I would make you look good, not hard really, so put your photo after the mosquito…❤️ Leaflets ARE ordered and will be with me soon!


I can only follow the start (shooting forward, HEY how good is that?) with my poem “Arrow” from my 5th book.


An arrow can be considered noble

For it is upright, straight and true,

But it also has a deadly side

With the other things that it can do.

For this slender, pointed projectile

Must be given a certain respect.

As it can be a fearsome weapon

That many do not suspect.

For fired from a bow with great power

An arrow can deliver a severe blow,

That can even pierce metal armour

And lay any poor victim low.

But more concerning than this

Is that it makes very little sound,

As it hurtles from the bow

Until hitting where it is bound.

So not only do we have a device

That can kill in a practised hand.

But often the victim won’t know

Or even begin to understand

What has happened to them,

To cause such distress and pain.

Compounding all their helplessness

That they may be struck again.

But in some cases more sinister still,

The pointed barb of the end tips,

Are infected, or dipped in poison

That will spread from the place it rips.

So if the wound is not instantly fatal

Or likely to cause the victims death,

The poisoned and deadly barb

Will slowly ensure a last breath.

Now I just cannot help but consider

When mulling over these facts,

That there is a great comparison

With some people, that the arrow exacts,

In just how they will deal with others

When they decide to silently strike,

From an apparent upright, and noble look

That will conceal their spike.

So they can be quite dangerous to know

As you don’t worry about turning your back.

Thinking they are benign and friendly

Until they launch their cowardly attack!


On my return from France last Saturday I have a very busy period (for a change? NOT lol) apart from new book, with more Gigs, Stalls, Guest Speaker and “lead Poet” slots… YAY all go I Like ?.

Ted n Beth have been reminding me they want a poem about them, so as I was praying for book to be ready, from new book comes an excerpt of “Ted n Beth at Prayer”


Ted n Beth at Prayer

We must now hush and be silent

Making no disturbance or move,

For Ted and Beth are at prayer

Their consciences trying to smooth.

Like Christopher Robin in his story

When no one whispers or dares,

To interrupt a boy, or bears now

As they offer up their prayers.

Those teddy legs bent in tribute

And holding together their paws,

This is exactly how I found them

In this reverent pose indoors.

What follows those first verses I will let you guess, OR ho, ho buy the book! It is “Fabulous”, trust me I’m The Psychy Poet….

EVER popular now (yes really!) Jokes… Tony F take note Sir…?
1) I accidently booked on an escapology course and now I’m struggling to get out of it!
2) What twitches on the sea bed? A nervous wreck….
3) A thesaurus is great! No other word for it!
4) A bloke came running up to me asking if I’d seen a policeman. When I said no he stole my wallet….
My usual but quick this time mention of people. Rod and Alisair of Carboury films. Mike of Studio Seager who has done my new book cover photos. LOL just WHAT will they be after the last book? Gordana, Jane B, Jayne K, (thank you), Mathilde and Guinelle merci for my lovely little Birthday video Sunday, and EVERYBODY else on here, PLEASE give me a comment and I will mention you too.
BONUS:- A WHOLE poem from my new book called “Flutter” from the romance section….. AAAaarr Suanne ? but only after we beat you in the rugby World Cup final!!! He hee heeee



When I catch your lovely smile

I flutter deep inside me,

And with those twinkling eyes

I am now all lost at sea.

But please don’t stop that smile

Or let your eyes lose their shine,

For at my very lowest moments

They appear to me so fine,

With a never ending story

Beamed out from your face,

To make me flutter more

And send me to outer space.

For it doesn’t take too much

To make all our hearts flutter,

And we can zoom into orbit

From the quietest little mutter,

That you feel the same as me

And that my look is the very best.

So how can we possibly lose

When much better than the rest?

So move on from smiley twinkling

Of your mouth and shining eyes,

To touch me in your special way

Which causes no great surprise,

That I only flutter with you

As you’ve seen me melt away,

Wanting to hear, and see you

Every minute of each day!


AS I’m “up to my eyes” in New Book decisions, reading etc (gladly) I am closing now, but again “Hi” and love to everyone!


SO from my good self, often imitated, but never duplicated, Ted n Beth and their now 18 friends, bye for now as The Journey Continues like an arrow SHOOTING HIGH………

Love ant Thanks,

Laurie xx








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