It is never ever quiet in my world of The Psychy Poet, but I was going to say it has been quieter, HOWEVER when I looked through my diary since last blog email 3 weeks ago I found that I had hardly been still! ?

As the title "Home to Home" etc suggests I have done several gigs in nursing homes, many network meetings, a hike through Pevensey castle (in windblown pouring rain) a quiz, a photoshoot and another visit to The (yes it is)Incredible Cake Company, "coffee & cake" shop too, in South Street Eastbourne!

Among these visits was a wonderful Gig at The Chaseley Trust, and Alfriston Court too, National Teddy Bear Day at Sov. Lodge, a photo shoot for cover of my new book "Poet Reflects Your World" out soon, and photos by the excellent Mike of Studio Seager, (just WAIT for the photos…… what follows the last book cover??? ?Amazing….

Phew, more in a minute, but LOL "quiet"??? Yup "Often imitated but NEVER duplicated" is Little Ol’ me?.So a (part of) poem break and as of title "Home Comforts", part as think I used it recently? Well ho ho did I????

Home Comforts

You must really count your blessings

I do that each and every day,

For there’s always someone worse off

No matter what you think or say!

We live closely in our own world

So don’t see much else around,

And very little affects us here

Thus we sleep safe and sound.

No war now overshadows us

Earthquake, drought or heavy weather.

In fact if we get deep heavy snow

There’s panic running hell for leather!

So to continue and clarify, the photos are clues, but a quiz by Priory Court Hotel for Help for Heroes raised a fair bit thanks Peter and Robert, I met a great irreverent Paul Bohill from national television "Can’t pay we’ll take it away" at Lord Brett’s lunch, terrific bloke, the same as on screen and made me seem saintly?, ALTHOUGH gave me and my work a great endorsement, and we got on like a house on fire, (or evicted?).

 I made another trip to The Incredible Cake Company café, just WHAT am I up to with the lovely Helen B that we are "playing down" from "Cakemaster" Ollie???

Oh yes I have received from "Rex my Publisher" first draft of new book and returned it, come ON Rex, put those chuffing snakes and monkey DOWN !!!I have sold a fair few books too, hence Pevensey Castle wet walk, gigs, etc….

OH yes WELCOME to lol Helen B, who IS truly incredible lol, Liam of "Laddy’s, HI man, a terrific "charity Tara", hello again, and Felicity who may think I’m now "Dumbo"? BUT elephants do not forget lady, but THANKS for all your support, and yes literally Tracy W too hahahahahaa. Lovely Jane B who is attempting to nicely sort me out? BUT a massive HELLO & THANKS to everyone else on here too….

JOKES, oh yes I know you LOVE them really, (sorry you got when incapacitated Lynn Parsons, but I know you liked them as you said thanks, and welcome back "Airways Queen" it wasn’t the same without you!

SO :-

1) A local police station toilet was stolen two weeks ago, but the police still have nothing to go on…

2) An astronaut with claustrophobia was hoping to just find himself a little space!

3) Is a line of rabbits going backward a receding hairline?

I already have several stall and gigs for Christmas booked, so with new book 7 hopefully out soon I will be very busy still…

Poem to illustrate movement can only be my "One Night Only"..


One Night Only

For a spectacular one night only

The famous entertainer is in town,

Or possibly an attraction venue

That has a show of great renown.

So obviously we’re all very keen

Not to miss a special one night.

But is it always as it seems,

And for you at this time, just right?

Because I have a thought to offer

That we probably all have our own

One night wonder to remember,

Though it may be little known.

For you cannot always make plans

As to what happens at certain times,

Because the best surprise events

Won’t occur with church bell chimes.

But we are happily bowled over

To walk in a wondrous ecstasy,

As your one night only events

May happen just as for me.

Thus this keenly sought one night

May not involve an entertainer,

Or that great attraction venue,

But cutting loose with no restrainer.

So go and cruise your life with joy

For it won’t always be just phoney,

As you awake in awesome majesty

That it’s not for one night only!

MMMMMmmmm well I think that is more or less it, but Ted and Beth & their now FIFTEEN other bears, dogs, Tigger, elephant, (not yours Felicity lol), Koalas  etc are ALL waving for a mention….

The Photos = The Chaseley Trust, me and the bears, Paul Bohill and I, Incredible Cake Co, Alfriston Court and Pevensey Castle as,


Bye and THANKS all,

Love Laurie xx

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