A very warm welcome to this my latest Blog, and slightly different as it’s really a celebration! ?
A bit belated celebration for April 19 was my five year anniversary from April 2014 when my first book was published by My Voice Publishing! We have now produced six together in under 5 years when sixth was published in November 2018. Book seven IS well on the way but no rush, instead as of lead and other photos, a look back on five wonderful years from a green “newbie” to where I am now! Where is that? Well YOU tell me, but I’ll provide some clues….. 
First though a quick update, and I’m again in France, but back by this Sunday 9th. Last Blog I left you just before I did my “two bits” at the wonderful Ivy House concert for Dementia Awareness on May 19th. WELL what an amazing and lovely afternoon with some smashing people, some great entertaining acts, and many people I knew, but had no idea were going. These included neighbours, friends, local M P Stephen Lloyd etc… 
I wasn’t nervous about reading my poems to the full house, but my first slot singing a Napoleonic song in my full uniform was a bit concerning, though I can hold a note, and I sang with groups in my teens, various bits since & at Open Mic Gigs and of course my Napoleonic re enactments where I lead sing ? s, so NO worries, well I did have some, but all went well and with some amazing compliments on my singing slot, including from Stephen Lloyd who “knew I could write a decent poem” as I did one for him, BUT said I sang well too…. MMmmm another tangent Laurie Boy?
Right settle down and let the excitement subside… ?
I will let the chronologically ordered photos spell out my “published life”, with 1) Me with Victoria Falls behind “way back” thus my looking back, 2) My first book (and going to be ONLY one) cover, 3) My creation and idea to involve and write (about 27 now) poems on our TED n BETH, 4) My leaflet for “Target 1,000” when I’d sold about 570 books. Target was met about 18 months ago and now going well towards 2,000, 5) All my six current books, and 6) Part of my current activities raising more money for Help for Heroes by Stalls & promotions, my books obviously, my “Poem Reading Gigs and Talk” presentations to various groups, now swelled by recommendations…. ???
Poem time, and I carefully chose this one to fit the “celebrations” but also to show nothing is achieved without work, reflection, doubt, criticism (though in truth I’ve not had much), jealousy (lol yes a bit, but as I say “I’m Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated), support and encouragement, (THANKS to many people), concerns & commitment by the proverbial “Shed Load” etc, etc… Note I don’t say the over used “OOoo I’m passionate” because you SHOW passion and not say you are…. Sorry ?
Poem then, and quite an insight into me, but is all there. From my latest and sixth book comes –


Loneliness of the Long Distance Poet

With apologies to the famous sixties film

That has virtually the same name.

About a long distance runner instead,

But other things are near the same.

For pounding the fields and streets

And running hard can take its toll,

When all alone with your thoughts

And concentrating on your goal,

That is to beat all of the others

Probably running lonely like you,

But you must have more resolve

And determination than they do.

So actually there is a connection

Between our lonely runner and a poet,

For whilst both think hard and deep

Neither is all that keen to show it.

Because for me some poetic times

Can be quite solitary and stark,

And I’m also quite sure the runner

Feels alone if in the dark.

For it’s the same for me regarding

His public school competition,

As I must face some stuffy views

That is trotted out in repetition,

With all the criticism and asides

Such poetry snobs can decree.

But again just like that runner

Their rules are not for me.

Though loneliness presides at times

When standing to read poems out,

And whilst always well received

I still get moments of doubt,

But continue my poem reading

As I traipse a long weary road,

Towards a poetic understanding

Which for me is the only code.


Yes a real inside view of my writing really, and possibly answers a bit of how, why and what I write on?

Mentions and welcomes to Clemmy, Anne- Laure, Shona in N Z, Tina in Oz, Rex “Ooop Jungle” lol, James in Bali, French & English friends, The 42nd always supporting me, yes O K Suanne lol❤️ in S A and a BIG thanks to everyone else who kindly follow and support me, Geoff from 50’s ha ha… AND:-
Could all those mentioned around the world PLEASE do me a little favour and try to check if my books are available/orderable in respective countries….?
Five year celebration and look back achievements (quickly) to mention…
Poems published and articles on me in National & local papers, on BBC Radio, Main stream and local radio stations, several poems now read out on National and thus International radio, My monthly column article in two Online newspapers for nearly 4 years, multi reading gigs and presentations etc OH, hahahahaaaa we HAVE had fun and OF COURSE raised and still raising a fair bit for the excellent charity I donate to HELP for HEROES who care for our wounded,
Start of very popular poem on Mothers that I read out at Ivy House Concert, and from my 4th & 5th (on request) books….


Cradle to the Grave

A lilting voice from the past

That will affect you like no other.

Bringing love and goose bumps too,

For it can only be your mother.

The one who always from your birth

Stood by you with no quaking,

Though inside she cried bitter tears

If bad decisions you were making,

Or was given cause to be upset

At your failure to return the love,

Which will always be too late

After she is taken to live above.

For a mother always looks with pride

At your first shaky steps to walk,

Across your rocky paths in life

Since she first helped you to talk.

Thus had also been there for you

From that cradle to the grave,

Watching out for all those dangers

As your soul she tried to save.


Also I have had some very kind and amazing compliments and reviews, (on all of my books on Amazon, but ho ho always room for more), including from The Poetry Society I paid for a feedback from, called my poems imaginative & “fable like stories” which did please me as I do try to make them little stories with meanings on our life with a start, middle and twisty end! My poems have also been called “very powerful, deep and philosophical” so not at all bad….
The Bears “Ted n Beth” (and their growing “Bear & Friends family) want a mention and how could I forget their popularity at Gigs with the poems on them, their clothes etc… AND of course their Facebook page “Ted n Beth of Laurie the Poet”….
JOKE time:-
 1) A bloke was disturbed by his wife tossing and turning and saying that she couldn’t get to sleep! He told her to lay on the window sill as would then soon drop off……
2) Old, but still amuse me! Man jumps into London taxi saying Waterloo please, and cabbie replies, “The station?” to which his passenger replied “Well I’ll be a bit late for the battle !!!” Boom boom…
I will again reiterate that all my six books are available directly from ME (I get more money this way) by FREE local Eastbourne area delivery, posting out, (SAFE and very cheap, an average of £1.30 depending on book size and number) + lw1800@hotmail.co.uk – 07967 355236 – www.psychypoet.com
Last poem and a deeper one, (Helen P? X) from my 5th book…..

Open Prison

Prisons don’t all have bars

Like Mandela’s cell so cruel.

For even with open spaces

Some confinements can still rule

The very limits of your scope

And any foray you’d like to make.

So restricted in your freedom

You feel your heart will break.

Seeing just everything you want

Or would like so much to do,

Can crack your very being

When it’s all denied to you.

For if you try to journey out

Those chains won’t let you go,

Yanking you back severely

With a more than physical blow.

For a soul that is so tortured

By wishes it can’t enjoy,

Will be heavy, dark and rotten

From desires it can’t employ.

So must look forlornly about

At scenes that appeal so much,

But remain unfulfilled and empty

From attractions it can’t touch.

Thus imprisoned in a carcass

But though dead, will still breathe,

This soul will know real anguish

Caused by restraints that peeve.


Meanwhile I continue writing more and now have nearly all i want for book SEVEN, but will probably wait for later in the year? Rex just mind those snakes, monkeys and blooooooming big Pythons and CROCODILES….???

Well that is it for now, but WHAT a five year ride, and MASSIVE thanks to ALL who have bought  my books, donated, encouraged, supported OR helped in ANY way!!!! BLESS YOU ALL ….

Love and thanks again,

Laurie xx









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