By the time you read this latest Blog I will (hopefully) be back in the U K, (not Proliferation, but Eastbourne?), "Here to Proliferation" oh keep UP lol….

WELL I am safely back in good old U K, and have hit the proverbial ground running, o k after a day in the car travelling back, creeping along a bit, BUT to the gym tomorrow!

Right "crack on" Laurie as a lot else to do too… 

YES well I spent a very enjoyable spell at my French place again, as of two lead photos, and also wrote a great deal as per, thus 16 new poems written in those 18 days, some I (and others from kind comments who have seen them) think are a bit special. The start of one will be shown a bit further down. I also wrote my May article for The Sussex Newspaper, their headline logo is in a photo as well on here….

First poem then at has to be for home so "Home Comforts" from my 2nd book…

Home Comforts

You must really count your blessings

I do that each and every day,

For there’s always someone worse off

No matter what you think or say!

We live closely in our own world

So don’t see much else around,

And very little affects us here

Thus we sleep safe and sound.

No war now overshadows us

Earthquake, drought or heavy weather.

In fact if we get deep heavy snow

There’s panic running hell for leather!

We have no major killing diseases

Of course cancer threatens us all,

But that’s a worldwide problem too

Thus our health concerns are small.

Well apart that is from obesity

That will be the new fatal killer,

Unless people stop eating fast food

And go easy on their stomach filler.

We live closely in our own world

So don’t see much else around,

And very little affects us here

Thus we sleep safe and sound.

So rest safely in your beds tonight,

For it’s only you that cause distress

And shock waves in your tranquil pond,

So why would we settle for less!

So I’m home and have my usual full diary of events and promotions. The first main one being my Open Mic slot next Wednesday night at Royal Oak and Castle Inn, and next Thursday I’m the Guest Speaker at Hailsham Chamber of Commerce breakfast!

I promised the start, first two verses, of my "very powerful" quote poem written the day after the Sri Lanka terror atrocity. Some ideas for it had been in my head and the cowardly slaughter brought it out!!!! Another example "James Website Guru" of how, why etc I write!

What a Piece of …..

The wonderfully expansive Shakespeare

Wrote magnificent words on everything,

From loves joy, sadness to tragedy

Using words that made hearts sing.

One such speech and quote from Hamlet

Is “what a piece of work is man”,

Going on to exult, but question

As to why man kills all he can.

With the murder of animals for gain

And shredding world treasure to the bone.

But worse than this is man’s wars

With people keen to cast the first stone.

YES !!!!

 Well that is for my Book SEVEN that I now have 2/3 rds of poems for, but I’m in no rush. But back to that poem, or start here, it does have my usual anger and rage at such atrocities with a strong end too.

I mentioned my monthly article in "The Sussex Newspaper Online" I have done for approaching four years now, and you can easily look it up. This month offering (April, as this goes out later for some apparently),  is called "Sheep or Sheepish" and I’m confident it will amuse!

AS I’m pushed for time I am reminded of a poem that will come next, sparked by my wonderful parents, so full of sayings, humour, wit and laughter, called "Not That Kind of Time". The poem IS slightly different from that, but they used to say if we were in a rush "we haven’t got that sort of time" (enough).

 A lot of my parents influence is, I notice, in my work, and very proud of it too. YES next Blog I will post my poem "Gratitude" thanking my parents for everything. This Blog poems etc are already chosen and laid out!

From my third book comes….

Not That Kind of Time

With stealth and cruelty the years go by

Casting spells on both body and mind,

So that we wither and our frailties form

Thus we realise, time’s not that kind.

Our resisting brain cells and lively wit

Dispute any damage is being done,

So you still believe you are fit and well

When in truth you can barely run!

But is it wrong to live a white lie?

You’re still young and everything works,

For the real truth will slowly seep in

So that doubts and uncertainty lurks.

Going back over time, you now see it all.

The things you did, or should have tried,

For however much you want to catch up

You can’t do this when you’ve died!

The march of the years won’t be stopped

Whatever actions you try to pursue.

For once you did things to kill time,

But that time is now killing you!

With stealth and cruelty the years go by

Casting spells on both body and mind,

So that we wither and our frailties form

Thus we realise, time’s not that kind.

They say time and tides wait for no man

Though we can do things as they release,

But do not squander or spoil the years

Or you will lose your inner peace.

So maybe best to make a covenant now

As your body loses all strength and vigour,

For the secret of youth and endless life

Is a solution we are yet to figure!

Some food for thought in there I think, but HEY I try, I try!

I had a wonderful experience, well own UP Laurie, MANY actually, at my regular "off site" bar where I’m known to the French locals apparently as "The smiling Englishman", well ho ho have been called worse, BUT the experience yes!

a French lady Guylaine, yes spelt it correctly lady, ? who speaks quite good English and has 3 of my books was there one day. I showed her my latest book cover, (Laurie and towel lol) and she literally clapped and said " OOOOoooooo Superb, brilliant and I MUST have it!!!", so I had to ride my bike back to my place, (about two miles return) to go and get it "now please". Of course I obliged and a very happy lady and me of course.

 Anything for a lovely lady. I have made a note for photo to be put on next Blog! SEE I’m planning already….

Couple of special mentions, and first the lovely Stacey, new on here, who has kindly read several of my poems and given very useful, constructive and expansive feedback, (AND complimentary) which is always helpful, thank you!?.

Secondly the wonderful Lynn Parsons of Magic F M for several mentions again lately, and again a complimentary "WOW very powerful" on my poem start above "What a Piece of ……" poem. Brilliant thanks, and of course my usual appreciative thanks to all who support and encourage me, Mick Seaman, Suanne in S A, Julie V P, Geoff H from my childhood, YEs that long ago, etc etc, I THANK you all as WE work towards promoting and fund raising for Help for Heroes…

JOKES…. (groans?) =

1) How do you kill off a whole circus? Go for the Juggler!!!

2) What is the best way to never forget a wife’s birthday? Forget it once…

3) And the silly jokes "I" love = Robin Hood was teaching a rather thick new recruit the bow and arrow. Robin told him to fire into the sky,  but the thick recruit MISSED !!!!

O well, lol "I" laughed as not my jokes so I can!

Last but no means least last item before closing is Thursday May 9th the excellent E C F (Eastbourne Coach Finishers) who do all car and vehicle body repairs, (NO sadly NOT ladies?), repairs and servicing, hahahahahaaa, I had to move "servicing" away from "ladies" Richard, don’t want any trouble a?

 ANYWAY from 9.00 – 1.00 pm they are having an Open Morning and FUND RAISE for myself and Help for HEROES. I’m reading some poems, offering my books for sale etc with tea, coffee, biscuits and cake etc…. HOW can you miss…. THANKS again Richard..!!!

Must close now, the gym is calling, oh JOY, so last short poem, but a nice "hot little number" from my 3rd book Reviews of Life in Verse" called simply, but so much more, "Wish"


I wish that I could touch you,
Feel the texture of your skin,
Trace the contours of your body
And see where curves slope in.
I wish that I could caress you
See your reaction to a kiss,
Put in all your special places
It would be a tragedy to miss.
I wish that I could hold you
Closer if you were inclined,
To run my warm soft touches
Where a woman is defined!

A wish a? Well we must all have those and our dreams I also write on!

 Ted n Beth have shouted I not mentioned them much, they are in photos, so again they are in next time. Sorry BEARS ???

SO as ever thanks for all your interest, support etc as The Journey Continues BRILLIANTLY….

Love, peace and Regards,

Laurie xx

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