As the old children’s song goes, (and being an "Old Child" I should know ?). So "If you’re happy and you know it shout it out!" 
So shout it out I will, but what, why and when? Well another terrific couple of weeks or so for a start off, because it pleases me is why, and I’m telling you all now!
From another wonderful poem presentation gig to some great folks out at Horam, patting my (clothed) botty to "every little helps" in Tesco, and various accolades and compliments, I have been very busy, but successfully and happily so!
A room full of terrific folks greeted me at a Horam residency, (I’ve been booked back soon), and it didn’t take long for some banter to start before my "very well received" poem reading. Of course Ted n Beth, those mischievous bears, nearly stole the show, but they need to watch out as "Big Ted the Minder" may upstage them too. 
An enjoyable session for all of us was followed by tea and cake, so as I love doing it, gain some funds for Help for heroes, and the residents "loved it" may show why I’m so happy, but MORE to come!
As it’s a full Blog I will get the poems in, so from my 4th book comes "Only You" as we are what we work and aspire to….

Only You

Most of the successful people you meet

Won’t have let grass grow beneath their feet.

But it’s not all about making money,

More of creating your world that’s sunny

And makes you smile across your ways,

And grin back at whatever days

Don’t sit well or rest with others,

For the fact is we’re not all brothers.

So get up and get your ideas on

For tomorrow they could all be gone,

And disappeared down the slippery slope

Leaving you frustrated without hope

That you can ever move yourself,

To gain prosperity and wealth.

But do not worry too much on this

For money is not the only bliss.

Now cast around this world of ours

Where a negative thought always devours,

But if you have your health and brain

There is little that can restrain

You from doing what you will,

Ensuring happiness soon must fulfil

Your heart and all you do,

For there’s no point in being blue.

So to just finish and be very exact

It all comes down to a simple fact.

And in this there’s no need for debate

That you can a success create.

Down to us then, and I’ve been told several times this week, lol kindly, "you never stop", but if you’re happy and you know it….

On Friday March 1st I was allowed to collect for Help for Heroes and show my books on a stall at Tesco’s Langney Shopping Centre. Many thanks to Seb, Irene and the team who helped me collect a wonderful £175, sell eleven of my books and make many contacts! THANKS guys!!!!

As a further stunning surprise to that day, on messaging the excellent Lynn Parsons of "Mellow Magic" on Magic F M 8.00 pm to midnight Monday to Friday, to "whisper out my window on the day", Lynn made a wonderfully kind compliment to my poetry, mentioned my books, Help for Heroes and my Facebook page! Amazing and thanks again Lynn!!! ??

Again you have to put yourself out there, perhaps where others don’t, (Often Imitated, Never Duplicated a?), so another poem from my second book..

Game to Lose

Your game of life is often played

In front of the watching crowd,

Who see your each and every move

As you stand small, or very proud.

So the fence sitters will only watch

How others cope with their game.

And decrying all those who’ve lost

Whilst jealous of the victors fame.

For if you won’t take a part in life

You can deride and mock at will,

All those who try to do their best

To enjoy life, and so they’ll fulfill.

So that’s why I have strongly felt

It’s far better to have tried and lost.

For if you won’t compete or try

You’ll much later count your cost,

Of just cowardly sitting at the side,

Never taking any risk or chance.

Making you a lonely, boring case,

And not worth a second glance!

But by getting stuck in having a go

It’s just possible you may win out.

And that must be so much better

Than not to know a winners shout.

So our cosy spectators of the world

Will always rue not being brave,

And missed the warmth of joining in

Thus taking a sadness to their grave!

If possible I had another heart stopping and humbling moment from my "Tesco Day" in as much as a friend who bought my latest book resonated with a particular poem, as have other people for many reasons, and gave me a further donation for Help for Heroes!

That poem is a particularly strong one, written from frank accounts given to me, and my observations. The start of it follows…

Am I Dead?

I guess I must be dead now

For I feel no pain, or a life.

And nothing touches me

To bring succour or more strife.

And I can’t see outside my box

That’s how confinement feels.

Locked in consuming darkness

Which my personality steals.

Again I am deeply touched by some amazing compliments and comments on my poetry work as I strive to visit as many topics and subjects that I can, which of course hopefully will resonate with many people and in different ways!

An apt poem here then!

Poets and Scrollers

The news comes flooding into our lives

From places nationally or world wide.

Amusing, frightening or tragically sad,

Yet from it all, it’s hard to hide.

Graphic images often feature large

As the world comes to our door.

Exposing to us the very worst of man,

As the news channels try to explore

All aspects of life to fully scrutinise

Under a glaringly microscope.

Making you angry, laugh or cry

Or possibly give up all hope.

So how do we deal with a bombardment

Reeking havoc on mind and senses?

Confronting us with with manic thoughts

That causes mass upset and offences.

Some will merely just look away

Denying they have seen, or know it,

But others take it all to heart

And most likely they’re a poet.

For poets tend to write on things

With strong thoughts and burning phrases,

That encapsulates and rams it home

To the indifferent who it amazes.

So having seen it put into words

These ostriches or rock and rollers,

Still prefer to avoid any sympathy

By being just news reel scrollers.

Who turn a blind eye to sad events

Until something happens to them too.

When a poet will then come forward

To comfort their tragic view.

An insight into a (slightly different, deep and sardonic?) poet then. But for amusement and to show how much I try, in the last week I have given my card and details to "A girl in the gym Nicola, a tourist and my new dentist"!!! Nothing ventured……

Welcome aboard on here, Tina N, a truly smashing "Danish dish" and clever too, Nessy at last, and a Big Hi to all you great bunch! Anna Yellow glasses did I see you at Tesco’s on the 1st of March?

Getting through all my notes for this, but some will have to be missed out now, or skimmed. 

As I brief further mention of "How and why I Write", that I’ve been covering the last few blogs, thanks James H, a quick description.

 As normal now following publication of a new book, I concentrate on that and don’t write many new poems but DO make notes of ideas, titles, first lines etc for going back to later and like butterflies from moths, turn them into poems!

I have though written just a few since last book out in November. Remember last Blog "Big Ted the Minder"?

Well on Tuesday last, March 5th, I had a "Seagull Incident" that led to a poem I very quickly wrote and typed up (in record time)  to read at the monthly Open Mic i read at, last night. 

I was going to put the start up, but am now saving it, but will report it was very well appreciated and laughed at thankfully. See James, lol EASY ?

Suffice to say at this near blog end that I have many new contacts, bookings, interest and sold quite a few books as well…. SHOUT it OUT !!!!

Quick couple of jokes, Tony?

1) I just recently met a bloke who thought "Muffin the Mule" was a sex offence! Like that Katie W???? he hee heee

2) On being asked about "safe sex" an Essex girl replied is it "In a car with the handbrake on?"….

Last clever themed poem. Value this Blog a?


A positive mind yields a happy heart

For troubles come, and some go slow.

But if you are steadfast in your way,

You can help any heartaches go.

For all of us will have challenges,

We must do our very best to meet

With strongest resolve we can find,

Or get knocked right off our feet,

By seismic shocks that shake you

And possibly cause you many tears.

Though if you tackle these heroically

You may have better future years.

For a positive mind yields a happy heart

And helps make worries seem smaller,

Thus meet them in a courageous way

And you certainly will walk taller.

For I feel I’m living proof of this

Being a very optimistic man.

Though I have had many troubles too

But met them the best way I can,

For even if I lost sometimes

I always stood back up again,

Which certainly was best for me

Although of course I felt the pain.

So onward in life and upwards

We must make our merry way,

Because even if sad times prevail

We can still fight another day.

Did you get my connection? Not too hard, and very "me" I think?

Photos are, lead, ME shouting it out in South Australia, Tesco logo, depressive statue image, those THREE Bears, me at poem reading gig, and "Thumbs Up" to how all is going!

Thanks to you all for being there, here, compliments, kind comments and encouragement!!!!

The Journey Continues "Shouting for JOY in Space"…

Cheers to you all from those three bears, and myself,

Laurie xx

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