So the relative peace of the Festive Period after manic run up and preparation of it all. has passed and given way to the bursting forth of another New Year!
 A bit "cheesey" I know, but I thought my magnificent photo and memory of Victoria Falls says it all? 
Anyway that is my excuse for posting that view, but I will never forget my wonderful trip there and amazing helicopter ride over the whole "Viccy Falls" area!
 IF the mention of the helicopter has got us "spinning off" to a great "flying start" ? (I know you like corny jokes Tony, or maybe just telling them?) I will continue off the runway ✈️. Warning now, "It may get worse"? Sorry Carbury Boys..?

So what is "storming" for you then Laurie Boy" ? "LOTS actually" comes my answer, as I’ve had an uplift in contacts, recommendations and bookings for my talks. My books (all) are selling quite well and I seem to be involved in various new initiatives that I will say more about as they evolve, (careless talk costs imitation ? I’ve learnt), but generally all in my "Poetry World" is going very well! 
Perhaps the exception to that is my "Personal Poem" service which surprisingly over festive time has slackened off, but WHO knows….. Cue many requests?

Poem time, and a popular one of mine at gigs etc and is apt for the another year starting….

Moment in Time

The world spins on its axis

Night darkens the light of day,

Summer follows winter and spring

Our times were made that way.

Yet we go on in our existence

Even if we want to or not,

For however much we fight it

We mostly have the life we’ve got.

For as we continue on our road,

Days will come that bring our turn.

To have some suffering to bear,

From which we need to learn.

For as our loved ones die on us

Others will come as we see them go.

Replaced by babes newly born,

In natures continuous flow.

So enjoy what you have now

For as long as you possibly can,

Because there is no certainty

Of the time scale given to man.

Waiting for exactly the right time

To do all that you want to do,

May catch you out very badly

And be totally denied to you.

Thus best appreciate it all now

Even if the truth hurts and numbs,

For however hard to accept it

Sometimes tomorrow never comes.

Yes, maybe tomorrow never comes, and sadly over the last couple of weeks I have heard of sad passing of friends and acquaintances, and whilst of course we all "have to go", some somewhat premature. Thus unfortunately is life!

A very quick mention of people randomly, as opposed to "random people" because I know a few of them? Chickens Kerry ?? at Mantel Farm, I’m NOT thinking of you in that, or am I Kerry? (bit worried about ya mum lol). Lesley from Class of ’81 I hope you are better, Sizzle as I said I will be thinking of you ❤️!!!! Anna Yellow Glasses you’ve gone, sob, sob and HAVE left me, but STILL on here I hope???Gimmeeee a call.
 Gordana, I’m still waiting gel, Marlena thanks for kind words, and news although sad, Tina Winch Doooooown Under?, Shona, almost down under??? message me "Jimmeeee Lassie"..BUT seriously ALL of you great gang on here with us…. HEY put a (non rude) comment on the end…..

Quick bit of "homework" ? BEHAVE !!!! 

I have two very recent and current articles on The Sussex Newspaper online and Bonjour Limosuin:-

 1) "Large and Small, a Christmas Reflection" &

 2) "Thanks from me, and thanks from them"

I think you will find them interesting and or amusing as befits my style! Alright clue, one is on the have’s & have not at Christmas, the second a thanks from my charity I support, being of course the excellent Help for Heroes.

Second poem and again apt (always) as we need this to survive life at times, so a romance one, and Suanne no "giggling" when I mention my poetic skill of knowing what people like, ?, YEAH but "got ya" and hope S A is being kind to you weather wise?


Close is an intimate nearness

Of two bodies tight together.

And when that’s me with you

I don’t think that I could ever

Consider the heartache and pain

Of ever being torn apart,

From all your warm soft contours

Or the kindness of your heart.

So allow me to snuggle up

And encompass us both and hold

You in my passionate embrace

That all inhibitions will unfold.

Leading to those sensations

From pulsing of passions flame,

Sparked off by our desires

We must release without shame.

With our lips exploring secrets

And wonders that they find,

Like the sensual closeness

Of the intense lovers grind.

Following all those emotions

That a close bonding feeds,

Until volcanic movements cease

With the conclusion of our needs.

For now we have uncovered

The secrets of close touch,

So will practice continually

For we can never have too much.

Last night was another great night at Pevensey Royal Oak & Castle Inn, run by Simon, (all the best mate), and Karen, (thanks for organisation), alongside Chris (M) & Lee (F) lol for great Open Mic of various presentations, but I still sold books, etc… Good night by and for all!

I mentioned at the very start about jokes that MAY get worse and being reminded somehow of one of my "Old Favs" I told this following  one to great, well much? appreciation last night, and hence crocodile photo (taken by me at Chobe river Botswana side) included in the "piccies" section). 

A bloke asked me what I did for a living?

 I replied I kill crocodiles in Eastbourne!", to which somewhat stunned, he said "but there are no crocodiles in Eastbourne!!!"

"EXACTLY" I said, "bloody good at it aint I!!!!?"….  Boom, boom,…?

The other photos are of me New Years Eve, festive Ted n Beth, me again "talking" and my increasingly popular "back view & poem" from my latest book! Ladies mostly, continue to comment, and as a Gentleman I continue to remain (fairly) "stoom" on said suggestive & complimentary remarks, and occasional request?

Well as it is a busy start to the year I have kept it quite short, but time for one more poem, again maybe how some people are feeling, and this one is from my latest book "Poet Reveals All" (in your world)

Banana split

I knew it could be a difficult day

When my banana was hard to peel,

Maybe trying not to come apart

So I respected how it must feel.

For most of us from time to time,

Must be like the banana resisting

Being split open and vulnerable,

And no more life existing.

So we put up our resistance

And protect soft spots inside,

Though at times like a banana

We are completely open wide,

And expose our inner self

We don’t always want seen.

Not necessarily in a bad way

Just what’s behind our screen.

For certainly I have traits

I don’t want put out on show.

Though nothing that’s unpleasant,

Just things that make me glow

With pride or sometimes anger,

That I’d rather were unknown.

So if I can keep my outer skin

My cover won’t be blown.

Thus mostly it is just a game

We all play in an attempt to fit,

Nicely in everyday surroundings

And not be a banana split.

I have just remembered before closing that for the more stoic among you, my Hailsham FM Radio Interview with Simon Herbert (December 8th) can be found on my Facebook pages, and Hailsham FM and is probably worth a smile with some great "off the cuff" banter and music! LOL, apparently I was quite good too hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa

Here "endeth" this blog and as ever thanks for all support, compliments and encouragement etc not seen on here! Bless you and thanks again!

I remain "Often imitated, but never Duplicated" as The Journey Continues BRILLIANTLY…..

Cheers and bye from myself and Ted n Beth

Laurie xx

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