Hello again my very valued friends, and IF this wasn’t such a special time with my latest and sixth book now published, out, AND in my possession, the lead photo would have been a plane, or a space shuttle!

Why? Because I am actually flying, yeah well I think so, as my feet won’t touch the floor from so many wonderful things happening, said, done and up coming too! Now that "IS" a blog start a?, or "wot ennet ‘arry"?

What (wot?) makes it all even better for me is that it all promotes, raises awareness and more cash for my supported charity Help for Heroes! Yeah nice that, but where to start?

Spill it all out "Laurie Boy"….

Right, so obviously my new book "Poet Reveals All" (in your world) is out and seems to be getting quite a few comments, attention and publicity already, for some reason! 

The superb Lynn Parsons of Mellow Magic FM was quite amused (nicely she said) by the cover and was chuckling (with the Magic studio) when kind enough to mention it live Wednesday night. Thanks Lynn, and that was after Lynn’s kind congratulations on news of my 6th published book earlier in the week…

I must repeat a "Thank you" to Mike of the excellent Seager Studios, and also Andrea Hunnisett "photographer supreme" of Gun Hill Studios for her patience, care and attention for the book cover photos! Mike your "Calendar Girl" idea will certainly haunt me and thus YOU for many a year, but "Good One" mate…

Poem then, and it just has to be new book  back cover one, expanding the theme that nobody can see themselves as others see them…

Revealing Reflections

In your journeys across the years

You may meet various emotions,

That will ebb and flow all about

Like the spray from oceans.

For with love, life and tragedy

Needing so much deep reflection.

Observations can be quite helpful,

When held up for inspection.

As it’s difficult to see ourselves

Even if very honestly tried.

So best inner exposures come,

From perceptive eyes outside.

So many things have happened since last Blog, only 18 days ago, I think I must "list" some of them:-

* A Glut of book sales, always nice, but great to see my books selling well!
* One lovely lady who bought a book wanted it signed with a kiss and INSISTED on a real one as well
* Stall at Eastbourne’s  Bo Ho Festival was a success and spread "My word & H 4 Heroes" too
* Presentation of my poetry at a Lewes Network group a great success with book orders and kind compliments as well! THANK YOU lovely "Sizzle" Suzie for opportunity!
* Stall at the wonderful "Nuts" Hair Design & Studio was another great night and success, laugh etc with the smashing, gregarious and louder than me? Katie! Sold quite a few books, plus generous donations in the H 4 Heroes tin too.. Luuuuuuurves Ya Katie, and just what DID you do?
* Another great Gig booking with wonderful St Andrews Ladies group again, and thanks for book purchases and donations in H 4 Heroes tin!

Phew, another poem then and also from my new book and entitled "When"


When speech is not listened to

And words are never heard,

You must think something’s wrong

Or maybe people aren’t perturbed,

As when laughter isn’t shared

Or in any way joined in,

This can be a form of ignorance

And perhaps a kind of sin.

So when silence is stretched out

Though seems as loud as thunder,

It could be a sort of portent

Of what may be cast asunder.

For when loudly spoken words

Aren’t heard or even known,

This almost proves for sure

Your seeds will turn to stone.

For when joy or food is fed

But yet still remains untasted,

Some realisation starts to dawn

That your efforts are all wasted.

Because like the proverbial horse,

Led down by water to drink.

If it won’t comply with you,

Best step back from the brink.

Which lastly just leaves love.

That when given, is a great gift.

As majestically with acceptance

Even sunken hearts can lift.

But if all of this still fails

When given and tried sublime.

Any recipient cannot be living,

So just don’t waste your time.

My new book signing at The Old Courthouse Pevensey on December 15th at 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm and THEN into Royal Oak and Castle pub next door from 5 pm is getting publicity. Already mentioned in local paper, The Eastbourne Herald, last week, I’m assured there will be a bigger spread on it and my new book this Friday. A follow up on the event is also promised too.

The week before that, Saturday December 8th I’m having a stall, and requested to read some poems at Pevensey Square Christmas Market, again raising funds for another defibrillator, this time in Pevensey village.

Mentions: Tony Flood of Anderida Writers who were instrumental in helping me to get going, which I never forget, Anis "the Alive", hope studies going well M’gel, Tony C of East London Talking Stories, (wannanother poem man?), James my excellent "Website Guru" and soon to be updating with new book etc, cheers man, Sian a lovely "kindred soul" from Youth Fairies, (we both know "wassa occuring" gel), Lesley my 1981 Student colleague who is massive help and supporter, Gordana of Office Tidy, (tell me where and when gel), Mantana, Hello ? of Pannarai Therapy, please say hello or I will "visit" again lol,…. 

Of course Big "Hi and Hello" to all kind enough to read, follow and encourage me, some from afar, YES Suanne I KNOW ??, "Kute" Kerry of the amazing Mantel Farm, ho, ho, Ho Hold ON Izzzza coming he heee

Poem time and just HAS to be this one now….

Love to Live

To love is to live

In all things, they say,

As to feel like this

Must enrich every day.

Though some people can’t,

Get love past themselves.

And the result of this is

They’re left on the shelves.

Others spend their love

All on one single thing,

Which if it goes wrong

Only heartache will bring.

You can love what you do

To give you much pleasure.

So long as it’s spread out,

And done in equal measure.

Many folks type of love

Will only bring strife,

Whilst for me it’s all simple,

I just love my life!

Gosh and Gracious where to now? Oh yes I know…

At 11.00 am on 8th December I’m again guesting on the excellent Simon Herbert show, on the wonderfully growing Hailsham FM, to talk about my new book, laugh, joke and generally have a great time as Simon just expertly "orchestrates, pulls the strings and tells me when to "shut up"!?

A quick "observation" now, and that is an amazing number of people who have (gladly) come "out of the woodwork" since my new book and cover has been released! HELLO guys, and just WHERE have you been hiding?

Another, yes ANOTHER brilliant happening is that next week I’m to be "paid and commissioned" to go to a local school to read some poems and talk on motivations to write, before running a workshop on same. Great stuff…??, and YES Ted n Beth will be coming with me!
WHILST on our beloved Bears, I will report they were both in hysterics about me "attending" the Nuts Hair Design saloon, and suggested I had a perm!
 Laugh on "Teddy Types", wait until people read "Circus Clowns" I wrote about you and is in my new book hahahahhaaaa ? Don’t forget "You Two", it is "I" who has the pen (and Liz P cannot always protect you)… 

Near the end now…

Photos:- Lead is obviously new book cover, plus photo at BoHo stall, The Bears, (with Big Ted now The "Minder" for Ted n Beth), Me reading out a "powerful Poem" at Lewes, and the new book arrival!

Last but by no means least, comes from today! You never know who is about, watching, listening etc, (as my poem "Brief Watching" in new book explains)
I dropped into Nuts Hair Studio today to take my new book as they have my books there, and to "give Katie one" (copy of new book). Of course usual banter, jokes and mentions of new book cover ensued!
THEN later, the wizard of Social media, (Mina of Ditzy Media) promotion supreme, sent me a message WITH my new book photo as had been lurking, (having her hair done) and covertly taking all in! I must say Mina has been fantastic, (as she is with her media business) by being extremely complimentary and promoting my new book on her Twitter, Facebook links etc, so THANKS Mina and lol I’m coming to give you one as well! ?

Last poem would have been "Guardian Angel" but it won’t load so will leave it, (before I lose all that I’ve written as has happened before), THUS to close a fantastic period of time for me and hopefully an interesting and entertaining Blog, which of course all FURTHER demonstrates why The Psychy Poet is "Often Imitated, but NEVER Duplicated"…

Love from myself, Ted n Beth, AND Big Ted the Minder, as The Journey Continues MAGNIFICENTLY….


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