Welcome, and again I’m struggling to decide where to start, and how to fit everything into another busy period for me, in a Blog already delayed a bit!

Ok, let’s start with why was it delayed?

It was delayed so I could get confirmation that my new and 6th book "Poet Reveals All" (in your world) will be presented to me for "Final Proof" inside two days, and all being well I should have my hands on actual copies inside two weeks!!!!

SO not too bad a start. ?

YOU can get your hands on copies by ordering with me, with free local delivery to Eastbourne area, or minimal postage to send out. The cost of my new larger, professionally photographed and all round famed and heralded book is £9.99, BUT with an introductory price initially for regulars, and the "quick of the mark" at 07967 355236 or lw1800@hotmail.cco.uk

The reason for "professionally photographed" is that the excellent Andrea Hunnisett of www.gunhillstudios.com spent about an hour and a half JUST taking the book front and cover photos without the editing time after. The slowly being "leaked" and already applauded photos are testament to this. The back cover photo is included in this blog! The front photo? LOL patience please ?

To move things along in a "busy blog" I will just touch on some things and events I have done or been involved in since last time:-

Another birthday, thanks to all for wishes, an opening ceremony for a local defibrillator I helped raise money for, stall at local church plus 2 commissioned poems for Help for Heroes, a network talk & presentation, another successful "Open Mic" evening, several network meetings, Remembrance Day parade etc, etc…

I must add that I am reminded of the golfer who being successful, was then deemed "lucky", to which he replied YES, "the more I practice, the luckier I get"!!!

In my humble little case I rush round, talk about my poetry and Help for Heroes, get involved, generally promote etc, etc which all pays massive dividends, so lol guess "I" must be "lucky" too ? BUT with a big thanks to all of you fantastic guys as well!!!!

To that end as per the "lead" photo, I’m "in court" on December 15th……

BUT in a good way as it’s Pevensey Old Court House that has graciously agreed to me having a book signing and promotion session (session, court house, GET IT lol?) there, before I adjourn (lol) to the Royal Oak and Castle pub next door to continue any book signing with alcohol! Mine’s a pint please! WHO wants to come? You’re ALL welcome please!

To show the thought behind these blogs comes a poem called "Witness", clever a? He hee



An innocent bystander can observe

Many “going outs” and “coming ins,”

And whilst not wanting to be involved

May witness an array of sins!

For we are all spectators of life

Though many with blinkered eyes,

Apart from scenes that involve them

Thus they bask under cloudless skies.

Of course until their sunshine is gone

When they will shout for you and me.

But generally they’ll be indifferent

As none are so blind as will not see!

             So we can bear witness to our world

Occasionally making comment to seek

Correction or change, but mostly don’t,

For if not our problem we’re loathe to speak.

Though obviously all the worlds wrongs

Cannot be solved by just one voice

That has witnessed man’s injustices,

Though some will make the choice,

To make a growing chorus

So much harder to then ignore,

But for many it’s too much trouble

And through contented sleep they snore!

To continue then with a few “mentions” as usual:- Gordana of Open Office, Carbury Films, Liz, Glenys, (my lovvie Brummie), Simon and Steve B of the 42nd, Tracey C, Marc “Mac”, G’day Blue, Vanessa of Oven Cleans, Trudy, LOUISE, see “I” can spell it lol of U W (welcome, lady and glad you liked the poems), Liz Pellett & M’Lady Annabel for support, and indeed everyone who kindly takes the trouble to read this!!!

Cracking on then and more future Gigs and events for The Psychy Poet (and those bears)…

On Saturday coming I’ve been given a free stall at Eastbourne’s BoHo festival of “Light and Music” and much more, I have been re booked at Beachwood Grove in February after my gig there recently, I have been requested to read poems and have a stall at Pevensey Market Christmas Festival 8th December, and I’m joining the lovely Kerry of Mantel Farm ?? to read poems and scoff mince pies at their Christmas Open Day December 14th too! Hello Kerry lol

Another poem then, again with “court” theme, “The Singer, not this Song”

The Singer not this Song

I didn’t make the mistake

Someone else had got it wrong,

So when crashing in regardless

They hit the singer not the song!

For the song was sung by many

A sort of chorus choir collective.

But sadly our “do gooder” got,

The completely wrong perspective.

Because when adding moral sums

It’s not so easy to thrive,

So when our errant tried it

They made two plus two make five!

Thus the singer took a hit

That should not have been for him,

But I guess that can be the cost

When someone acts upon a whim.

So the wrongly wounded singer

Turned to look around for aid.

Calling out desperately for justice

Saying an error had been made.

But he couldn’t quite believe it,

Reeling stunned back from the frame.

When the verdict came back “guilty”

And that he the singer, was to blame!

My regular monthly articles for The Sussex Newspaper and Bonjour Limousin Online were published a few days ago, so check it out for more poems and “wit and wisdom”, entitled "Nature 2) Animals and Creatures"

A little sadness now ? as not only have I not seen “Anna” of the yellow glasses lately, (sob, sob), but my smashing “Laura F” of my Help for Heroes contact tells me she is also leaving ??…. Oh LAURA please, “Don’t leave me this way”… Bye Laura it was great and blooooooooooooooooooming keep in touch ?, but welcome Christie apparently!

Ted n Beth ?? have asked very nicely to be included, so despite their prank of posing like me in their photo on here, I will include the start of one of their poems in my NEW BOOK! See an exclusive….

Circus Clowns

Ted and Beth saw a circus advertised

And got tempted before I realised,

Their idea for having thrills and dares

Was to run away and be circus bears.

Now I’m not really sure about this

And I explained what they would miss,

When touring about in a circus bus

For Beth is known to make a fuss,

If everything isn’t all neat and trim,

Getting cross with Ted, and blaming him

For being untidy and not putting away,

Things that he had used that day.

But despite my advice and explanation

They wanted to go straight to the station,

And join the nearest circus around

Not knowing where it could be found.

WELL nearly done then so please enjoy, AND by the time my next blog comes out “we” should have my new book, that even more confirms that The Psychy Poet is “Often Imitated, but NEVER Duplicated!” ?

So to finish a romance poem (again) for all us romantics  and lovers (?) of a bit of “passion, pouting and presumption” ho, ho, (NO third HO as it is MUCH TOO EARLY)..

Come Our Tomorrow

I will have all of your love tomorrow

And share our kisses so very sweet,

For we will always have it all

Each and every time we meet.

I will feel your touch tomorrow

As your hands explore my frame.

Saying you’ve had private moments

But without me, it’s not the same.

I will bring you to life tomorrow

As I gently stroke and softly caress

Your body, just as you like it,

When your secret parts I address.

I will fuel your desire tomorrow

To make you want all you feel,

For until it’s just the two of us

Those desired heights aren’t real.

I will hold you close tomorrow

As we melt our bodies into one,

To feel that glorious togetherness

When we are finally all done.

But I’m coming for you now my love

Coming for you fast as I can drive,

For I have set desire all aflame

And tomorrow may not arrive!

There we are then folks, (S P ?) etc,

Photos are of Pevensey Old Court House, Ted n Beth mimicking, my back (side), Remembrance Day Parading and me proudly with The Colours of The 42nd highlanders (Black Watch at time of Waterloo 1815)

SO with love and best wishes from myself and Ted n Beth, The Journey Continues EXPECTANTLY….

Laurie xx


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