So a pretty “mixed” time since last Blog, but all good and keeping me busy!

Probably a nice “highlight” was me getting another, but unexpected “achievement” certificate from Help for Heroes!

I was just waiting for the customary “thank you” letter received after each donated amount I make, when that came instead. Nice one, thanks!!!

The reason for the “lead” photo of me as our 42nd Highlanders Colour Sergeant, was that I did a fantastic weekend Napoleonic re enactment in Kent the first weekend in September. Another reason was that even there I sold a couple of my books, so I’m never “Off Duty” from my Poetry World…

Mentions, AND a crop of new folks who joined us, including my lovely French place barmaid Sophie, now doing educated things as season calming down, and all the best with those you “smiley lass, Anis from The Bookies also off to do educated things, AND both have my books AND both speak 2 + languages…. I’m a sucker for “looks and brains”, and then Steve B, certainly not in previous category’s ? and seemed to take the longer route to sign up, but welcome mate, ( SURE you’ll like ya poem Stevo, WHEN done lol) and all else on here❤….

I should also have Tony F, Carol A, Nuala, Yvette, Leon,Laura Wilk, Trudy & Julie (sorry new too, bless ya). Of Course Sizzle Suzie, Jennifer P, (keep writing), Gordana and Anna (I will keep singing, “Don’t Leave Me This Way” at you until you change ya mind, sob, sob), amongst other  too.

First poem part follows an unusual “bum note”, but raises its head occasionally and I won’t expand further….

Poetic Prigs Presume

When is our poetry not poetry?

Apart from decree by a pretentious prig,

Who decides his opinion carries all

Like a judge presiding in his wig!

But away from all his dogma

There are mostly differing views,

For some like to tie up every line

Whilst others rhyme in twos.



That is from my 3rd book entitled “Reviews of Life in Verse”, please check it out!


Well suffice to say I met these, (not “he” who was largely mentioned in poem from my 3rd book), but similar “highbrow” ? views and beliefs recently, which has led to following (unusually brand new and not out yet) piece, written lol through gritted teeth, distain and pen! 


Most of you, THANKS, (and many, many others!) know and like my “basic” but “everyday” style that brings so many comments of identification and apparently resonates well (quotes) with people who have said largely “hated” the spoon- fed “formal stuff”,

 So with my much appreciated multi compliments, (See Open Mic below) I will continue “as IS” for certain sure, whilst the snobs can “Foxtrot Oscar”!

 Of course we all differ, but “snobby elites”? NO thank you!!! Anyway try this…

Querying Rectal Views

Strong words written from the heart

Will be expressed without rules.

For passion, care and emotions

Are more important than the fools,

Who reign and preside in majesty,

Over just how you must complete,

Any piece of your heartfelt verse

Wanting it their way, and neat.

For people should be encouraged

To write and express emotions,

In a spontaneous and pure way

Without fear of swirling oceans

Of criticism an lauded sneers,

From snobs all sure they’re right

In stating that educated forms

Must be the only prose in sight.

Perhaps these are the same elite

Who decreed The Bard’s great works,

Could only be seen and appreciated

By elevated and privileged jerks,

Who looked right down their noses

Though had clearly then forgotten,

Shakespeare had written his words

For the base, and generally rotten.

So let’s round this poetic row up

And put it into perspective,

Because we all have opinions

With an individual collective.

For considerations must surely be

On thoughtful, composed care,

And not judged by stuffy rules

Deciding just what can be there!

“IF” I was talking to Marc Anthony’s “honourable men” (Julius Caesar), I would ask them to show me all THEIR published books, charity contributions and “number of book sales”, but unlike those “honourable” I am but a simple man? ?.



Got that out of the way then ?so let’s continue.

Right onto “Open Mic” night then and maybe a bit of……


Deja Vu or what?

At a great “Open Mic” night at local pub I read some of my poems that were very well received, (well being bold they always are), and then got asked to read some more! BUT as not too many “acts” I said I would sing !!!!

Cue disbelief and thoughts that I was joking, lol what ME???


ANYWAY I sang x 2 Napoleonic period songs to a very surprised but appreciative audience (like before) HAhahahaaaaaaaaa, (For those with better memories, I used to sing with groups), and lol can still hold a note or two?
 ALL promoting Help for HEROES :-

Great fun there then and followed the previous week when I had another great laugh, interview and chat on the excellent Uckfield F M again! This time with the lovely Jackie who enjoyed my poems too, bless her. More to come?

Poem again then, and from my 4th book,

Living Well

If you’re thirsty you may go to the well

To quench your thirst with a drink.

And you may do it automatically

Without ever stopping to think,

About how the water got there

Or the need to put something back,

Because the water may soon run dry

If the well is allowed to crack.

For in our world little comes for free

Although plenty will live for this,

By taking out everything they can

And giving help requests a miss.

For they are too busy taking all

It’s possible to get lazy hands upon,

Ensuring when it’s pay back time

They’ll be well and truly gone.

So for us in a concerned majority

Is the need take care of our well

And other gifts passed on to us,

As they are not ours to waste or sell.

When the sacrifice of many others

Gave them up without a cost,

Only a big responsibility of trust

To see they are never lost.

Thus this commitment is now ours

To appreciate and protect this wealth,

Of the things we may take for granted

All the time they’re in good health.

But just a little thought and effort

Will see our gifts all safely supplied,

And to know our drinking well is flowing

Will meet our wish after we’ve died.



Almost “yours” then Helen P, a? Near but not exact for Helen’s great “Get Well and Prosper”!

Just a quick little “commercial” now then, Well “I” need to sell my books for me AND Help for Heroes, so just to say I have recently “sent out” by post some of my books, and as an example the “first three” of mine ONLY cost £1.87p postage, (thanks Julie !!!), amongst others.❤. Thus I can send out to YOU.. = lw1800’

As per one of the photos, I am now back in France where I must get busy writing the final parts for my Book SIX aimed for around November this year. Lucy of Carnaghan Photography is alerted re cover photo as of my 5th book, thanks Lucy!!!


Last poem then, Mmmmmmmm what shall it be? OH o k S P a Romance one lol


Apparent in a wonderful vision

This sight for sore eyes to see,

A woman with alluring looks

Who seems very attractive to me.

Of course nature plays her tricks

Upon the poor male species of life,

Which causes many an intrigue

And more than a little strife.

For the lovely sirens in our view

Cause bubbling emotions in man,

That instil a profound sense of need

To kiss and cuddle them if he can.

Now with a gentle caress or touch

Emotive sensations come alive,

To those soft pressures and strokes

On which our bodies thrive.

So don’t be shy of natures lead

Into temptation with a natural wish.

When signs and permission glow,

Brush her skin with a subtle kiss!

Then if this is received with pleasure

And perhaps an encouraging gasp,

Do not delay or be bashful

Or magic may slip from your grasp.

So continue with sensual movements

With words of complimentary love,

To ensure that you and your lady

Will soar to the heavens above.

That can be for all “lovely ladies” then and I will think quickly (lol at times), Jennifer, Sophie, Suzie, Anna, Lesley, Kerry of the fine chickens, and in fact ALL of you and everyone, as a loving “Touch” is wonderful in this “Oft Troubled World”…


OOOOOOOOOooooooooops, getting told off as not mentioned our Beth, but of course my Fav female teddy is included! ?❤


Time to close, so THANKS for being here, PLEASE spread the word and I remain Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated as The Psychy Poet, whilst The Journey Continues MAGNIFICENTLY !!!!!


Love, Ted n Beth, and myself,


Laurie xx















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