APOLOGIES for another message, but to continue to send out my Blogs with news, poems photos and "Our Bear Friends" etc I must ask you to do a simple task and requirement please….

ALL that is needed is for you to just agree to me sending out my Bog emails to you! I have had so much feedback to say that they are "enjoyed, interesting and amusing" it would be a massive shame to lose this for lack of a "little click"? ?

Don’t leave me this way, or as the following poem "Kiss" me goodbye please?


A quiet, simmering, burning fuse

Maybe oh so easy to miss,

As with a soft awakening

To someone you’d love to kiss.

So the signs of any recognition

Or consent given from your muse,

Are sought for their confirmation

You are the one they choose.

Thus with heartbeats all a flutter

You slowly pucker up to brush,

That alluring sirens ready mouth

As you prepare to make them blush,

With that soft sweet sensation

Now blowing bubbles on your lips.

So you lean closer in together

Lest this precious moment slips.

Eyes tight shut to keep out the world

From your very own embrace,

Your bodies pulse fast and close

So you are now lost in space.

With bright stars and planets forming

Brilliant lights across the sky,

To transform your understanding

That you’ve just learnt to fly.

Of course I promote and support Help for Heroes through my website so as that is very close to my heart it is another consideration!

Often in life we "don’t know what we have" until it is gone, well ho ho I’m not that dramatic (really?), but maybe this next poem from my first book is a bit apt….

Silence Thunders

Silence echo’s loud as thunder

Like the voice of someone dear,

That you will never see again

Or feel their body near.

Silence echo’s loud as thunder

In the rooms inside your home,

Where every noise will tell you

That you are all alone.

The special one has gone now

So won’t be heard to speak,

Or let you kiss and touch them

And so your eyes will leak.

It’s said you don’t miss someone

Until after they’re not there,

The gift is gone completely

So your life is really bare.

Silence echo’s loud as thunder

Even if you are sincere,

So no future substitution

Can ever fully cheer.

There’s silence in the heart

Like a thunder in the ears,

And so that silent thunder

Haunts your future years!

So like the old road safety advert, "clunk click" just give this website a "click" to sign up to keep receiving me please. ?

Well I said it would be brief, so from Ted n Beth and I, it’s goodbye for now as:-

       The Journey Continues MAGNIFICENTLY…..

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