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So here we are into 2018 already, and I’m going to take a look back on last year, but before that a nostalgic photo for me posted on Facebook recently!

Yes the power stations in the lead photo overlooked the area where I grew up, although there was a railway line and station between my road!

I have travelled many miles and places since then though, and now live near second photo of Eastbourne. The third photo is from my French abode….????

I wonder how much of my "roots, travels and experiences" manifest in my poetry now?

Anyway the theme of this Blog then is "looking back", and thus the poems will reflect that! To start with is one from my first book and poem is entitled "Wandering Within"…..

Wandering Within

I have been to another place

Crossed the line and dared to see,

What other shapes and pictures there

Would have in store for me.

But when you start to wander off,

Turn from the beaten track,

You may return from another path

And are never truly back.

It’s hard to tell when you go away

If you come back to the start,

For you can be around in flesh

But not with all your heart.

So in the small hour of the dark

And eerie sounds of dawn,

Ghostly figures, words and thoughts

Emerge to mock and fawn.

Are you happy and at hearts rest

Not to change the things that past,

And would you still be where you are

After your choice is cast?

But hindsight is a wondrous thing

It can make all gambles right,

So we must make our peace within

Without the gift of second sight!

Ok so looking back, and no better way than to consider last year for The Psychy Poet, and WHAT a year!

As I mentioned last couple of Blogs I will "table" what "I" consider as main successes! You may differ from list below, or anything big I missed?

PUBLICATION of 5th book, On the BBC again + various other RADIO stations, SALE of "1,000 th" book, TWO more poems in NATIONAL finals & PUBLICATIONS, (makes 6 now), MANY personal poem requests, FLOURISHING Website, READING to many & sometimes "local celebrity sprinkled" audiences, Gigs, + POEM for,and reading it to LEWES Mayor , Achievement Award & Presentation on me by Help for Heroes etc, etc…..

Another poem after that, so again from my first book “Poetic Views off Life” and entitled aptly, (lol great planning again a? ????!!!) “Past Echoes”

Past Echoes

There is a teardrop on the table

From the whispers of the past,

For all the dreams and plans

That somehow did not last.

Despite all, you’ve emerged now

Out from those mists of time,

Saw the rivers that contained you

And the hills you could not climb.

So you made your way regardless

Of the pitfalls and the traps,

And settled in your castle

With scarce a dip or lapse.

Maybe your destiny is different

From what you’d hoped it would be,

But looking back from now

At that time you could not see

Without the gift of foresight

Just how everything would end.

So thoughts of could’ve, should have

Are now just scars to mend.

Of course it could be different

From how it’s all turned out,

Knowing then just what would happen

We would succeed without a doubt.

But life never is that simple

When the answers can be seen,

So we would make new errors

After the old ones we redeem.

Regarding my “current situation” there isn’t too much to put other than I am writing a fair bit more from the Festive Period, have just been Interviewed by the smashing and "newly on board here" Clare G, for “Business Radio Sussex” that supports her “close to the heart” charity for Cancer sufferers! Good one Clare!

Obviously all of the above has furnished my “stated” emotions in the Synopsis, so I will say no more on those as self evident really. Thanks guys though!!!

Another poem on our theme, and from my second book comes “People Places”…

People Places

People and places from your past

Are no longer there, or the same.

So will make you notice more

The years you couldn’t tame.

People known from distant days

Maybe won’t still be around.

So you must indulge old friends

Before you too run aground!

Places where you knew each stone

Will now soon lose you in a trice,

And even finding a familiar part

Will still make you look twice,

Because memories will play tricks

On what you thought you knew,

And many a place or person now

Seems different from your view.

People known from distant days

Maybe won’t still be around.

So you must indulge old friends

Before you too run aground!

So going back where you’ve been

May not be for the very best,

As these places may disturb you

If they’ve not survived times test.

But people are somewhat different

Always worth a nostalgic greet,

For though they may have changed

It will be good for you to meet,

And share those long gone times

Where you both ran alongside,

Each other with your experiences

From which you should not hide!

That nicely leads me into the "new" then, and next week is very busy with an exciting Gig for me to read and talk to the organisation and folks of Blind Veterans in Brighton on Monday, some usual “network and meet up” sessions, a chat to discuss future bookings and commitments, and another Care/Residential home booking for my “Poetry world” too. Phew, busy week, AND weeks beyond that as well!

So as I had said a while ago I would try, (difficult with SO much going on) to “trim” my Blogs, and stretch gap between, I will finish and aim the next one for about 20/1/18, if that’s alright guys? ????

Another (very) appropriate, but not romantic this time (sorry), poem to end with and strangely once again from my second book “More Poetic Views of Life”, (a “time” theme there?), and entitled “Round Trip”. Please enjoy……

Round Trip

Time moves on and passes by

As I look back down the years,

To see good times and heartache

But a lot more fun than tears.

We can’t always control our lives

And why our world has cracked,

But your manner and character

Are judged by how you react!

So looking back with a sadness

At the times you regret or lost,

Will only waste and frustrate

Time you already want to accost.

Thus best to count your blessings

And good things that you’ve got,

For even if you’re struggling by

To many others you’ll have a lot.

Time moves on and passes by

As I look back down the years,

To see good times and heartache

But a lot more fun than tears.

Of course trials and tribulations

Can easily make you go insane.

But when I’m due to pass away,

Please can I go round again?

Another epistle nearly done then, and just to mention that the last two photo are obviously of “Our Bear Friends” Ted n Beth, who say a “Big Hi” to you, and my good self again! ????

All done then, so just remains for me to say as "often imitated, but never duplicated", that

The Journey Continues BRILLIANTLY !!!!

From myself and Ted n Beth,

Thanks and goodbye for now,


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