Yes it’s adieu to my French place for this year, and hence the main and secondary photos are of the large and beautiful lake my site sits besides.

Apparently the lake is about 9 miles long and the first sea planes were tested on it, recognised by an excellent museum about all that, which is at the far end of the lake at Biscarrosse.

So yes farewell to that lovely place for this year, and “hello” to home and all that goes with it, more latest book promotions, some reading “gigs” for Help for Heroes, Book Fairs etc. Never a dull moment, but more on that later, as we need to look back briefly…. 

Back to my last Blog and and I felt a bit of an unusual one, but it hasn’t really had the “comments” (well on here) that I’d expected a bit, although I have had many on other sites, face to face, emails etc.

 All have been very positive, complimentary and encouraging, for which I say a big “Thank You” and will of course continue in my same mode. No doubts on that !!!!

A peek then at very new work in form of a latest poem and thus not published yet, lol WHERE will it go? Book SIX ??? Who knows, but not yet! Think an answer to paragraph above can be detected in the first verses that I’m posting of “Brief Watching”…. 

Brief Watching

I have my thoughts and beliefs

That are tied in with my views,

When I just stand around

And the passing world peruse.

With all its strange characters

Acting out on their stage

Of earth’s wonderful scenery

Like a continual turning page.

Some will show off for attention

Or personal reasons that they need,

For in their own mixed up head

It’s the only way to succeed.

But surely this will often have

Opposite responses that they intend.

So they’ll be dismissed as crazy

And daft actions must amend.

No obvious change there I don’t think, OR with the other nine new poems I have written since last book published in August! What do you think?

Talking of my new and latest book I have to again say thanks to everyone (22 currently) for some stunning and humbling “reviews”, that are all 5 star at the moment. Also encouraging for me is that my key aims and intentions are being collectively picked out in very complimentary manner. STILL room for some more please, and you don’t have to have bought my books from Amazon, so merely need to….. =

1) Go to Amazon, 2) Find books, 3) Put my name or titles of books in, 4) On reviews, click add a review and off you go…… Ho ho, be gentle with me!!!

AS a “sweetener” I will add a poem from my First book that is still popular with its earlier poems and this simple but quite profound offering perhaps has a lesson for all of us?

Crowded Out

Can a tree in a forest be lonely

Or a wave crest on the sea?

So if surrounded by people

How can loneliness possibly be?

When you look at peoples faces

For a smile or glint of an eye,

Everyone seems to be moving

And like spectres just pass by.

The fish in the ocean have shoals

And the bees will build their hive,

But many people live in surroundings

Where no one knows they’re alive.

So maybe we should reach out

With more effort to connect,

To try and prevent isolation

That even stout hearts will deject.

No person wants their passing

To go off with barely a squeak,

With people saying they saw them

But never found time to speak!

From my first book then, and still selling well and seems ever popular, so fits in a total of all my 5 books that have now taken me to within about 30 of my 1,000 target,

THUS, please help me get to that target number by thinking of my books for presents, with that ho, ho, ho time approaching, or even for yourselves if not have any or all of my books !!!

I can deliver FREE any reasonably local address, or post out at very moderate postage, SO please contact me = or 07967 355236

Prices are very moderate too for now quite “acclaimed” books, with the first 3 only £4.99 each and the 4th & 5th with more poems in at £6.99. As ever I donate to the charity Help for Heroes from all sales, SO please help me and get in touch for yourself or “slightly different” presents……

I suppose after that unashamed advert I should put on a poem about my writing, so almost exactly that, so from my 4th book comes “Poets and Scrollers”

Poets and Scrollers

The news comes flooding into our lives

From places nationally or world wide.

Amusing, frightening or tragically sad,

Yet from it all, it’s hard to hide.

Graphic images often feature large

As the world comes to our door.

Exposing to us the very worst of man,

As the news channels try to explore

All aspects of life to fully scrutinise

Under a glaringly microscope.

Making you angry, laugh or cry

Or possibly give up all hope.

So how do we deal with a bombardment

Reeking havoc on mind and senses?

Confronting us with with manic thoughts

That causes mass upset and offences.

Some will merely just look away

Denying they have seen, or know it,

But others take it all to heart

And most likely they’re a poet.

For poets tend to write on things

With strong thoughts and burning phrases,

That encapsulates and rams it home

To the indifferent who it amazes.

So having seen it put into words

These ostriches or rock and rollers,

Still prefer to avoid any sympathy

By being just news reel scrollers.

Who turn a blind eye to sad events

Until something happens to them too.

When a poet will then come forward

To comfort their tragic view.

Perhaps on top of that I should also add the “lead” poem from my latest book (is also on the back cover) and again sums up my work I think. “Life Presented In Verse”

Life Presented in Verse

Experiences of life come to us all

Though some will prefer not to see,

But there can be no hiding place

And that’s up to folks like me.

Who will observe and then present

All that life will bring to us.

From laughter and tears, to death,

To confront without a fuss.

For everyone of us will experience

Good and bad that we don’t choose.

So how we react and deal with this,

Will decide if we win or lose.

There you are then and again, please support my target of 1,000 sales, or MORE !!!

Just before ending I guess I should mention my “spread over a few days”, but essentially last Friday 27th, my birthday !!! Thanks for all good wishes, compliments and jokes, but NAY worries this “very young” Ol’ fella will be carrying on BIG style lol.

AND before I close this latest epistle, some more good news on the promotion and “getting the word out front”.

I have a second, and going to be fortnightly ongoing now, poem in “Zonezine” online magazine. This time it is the ever popular poem from my 3rd book “Feeling Special”, so have a look on

Another Blog article done then so as usual and well meant, THANKS for all support, (please don’t forget my Amazon reviews and books), and from Ted n Beth and little ol’ me, Laurie!

CHEERS, and The Journey Continues !!!!



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