As it seems specifically "relevant" at this time I’m doing something unusual and I am "Blog Posting " my "monthly" article for The Sussex Newspaper online, entitled"Anybody There?"….

Do not worry for I will do a "usual" Blog in the next couple of days as I have so much going on……. WATCH this space !!!

In the meantime is "Anybody There?"….

Have you ever sent an email, text or any form of communication and got no reply? Frustrating isn’t it, for you don’t know if your message was received, got lost, had wrong address, no signal when sent or maybe another reason that contributed to the silence. OR it could be that your message wasn’t replied to, so even more frustrating and annoying then, but of course you won’t know that!

But why wouldn’t it be replied to? I mean a common courtesy surely, but not apparently if the recipient feels they’re much busier than you, leaves it until later before forgetting it, feels it doesn’t need a reply, (oh really ?) or perhaps a load of other reasons that a fertile imagination can dream up to remove the need to reply. Nice a? Well no, not “very nice” actually, but in the world of non contact communication, I fear it is all too common?
Has it happened to you? A fairly safe bet will say it has, and of course then you know exactly what I’m talking about! Possibly people reading this, ho ho if anybody does, may actually be a member of the “no reply club” and perhaps can supply via comment any explanations as to why people don’t reply. Were my guesses as to why no replies stated in paragraph two correct? We probably won’t ever know that because nobody will answer us I suspect!
Time for a poem then, but not any old poem as this one is very relevant and entitled “ Anybody There?”

Anybody There?

Is there anybody out there?
Someone who can hear or see,
All those texts and messages
That were sent to you from me.

Oh, you thought they were statements
So there was no need to reply?
Even though I had asked questions
Like how was that and why?
But nothing came back from you
If that reason is to be believed.
And don’t you think it’s good manners
To acknowledge they were received?

Yes I know that you are busy
There’s not enough hours in the day.
But does it really take so long
To quickly reply back and say
Thanks for my communications
And you will say more later on?
For I am not clairvoyant
So must guess where you have gone.

But just ignore my protestations
For I know I’m not alone,
In making these observations
And I’m sure you will atone.
Though of course I know for certain
That I will hear you loudly yelp,
And be inundated with your contacts
The moment you need my help!

So now that’s off my chest we can all relax, or can we because “Hey”, I feel I’m on a roll with all this now! No reply, Mmmm didn’t The Beatles have a big hit with that song? Very apt but moving swiftly on and maybe to reflect that on one amazing day all the text, emails and genuinely misplaced or misdirected communications will all descend and arrive at once! Now that could be interesting but at least they were sent and not just ignored! Oh well enough of that for now…..

Now I, or perhaps “we”, have finished examining those amongst us who won’t reply back, so let us now consider the “blaggers”, you know the “Oh I will do that, leave it to me”, and so you do and they don’t! Ho ho maybe better if they didn’t answer at all, but no not that again. Instead a poetic offering from my 5th and latest book…….


There are two groups mostly in our lives
With people that will, and those that won’t,
So the one’s that won’t you cope with
Unlike the “say they will” who don’t.

For if someone won’t do something
However much you may ask,
You know just where you stand
And must then undertake that task.
But other folks will gladly fawn
When saying “leave it all to me”,
So you are left high and dry
When there are no results to see.

Now we know it’s easy to talk
With little action to show,
For what they have fully promised
Is likely to be a no go.
Unlike the stiff resistive
Who just prefer to take no part,
As they have a selfish side
With no interest to even start.

So give to me a stalwart
Who will spend life trying
To succeed and really help you,
Without a thought of lying,
About what they have to do
Despite hardship and a test.
So you will have to admire them
As they always do their best.

Have you ever had people say they will do something and don’t? Yes another little, or not so little aggravation then, but could it be there is something worse? Perhaps an introduction may help to give a clue, so the first part of my poem called “Game To Lose” from my second book “More Poetic Views of Life”

Game to Lose

Your game of life is often played
In front of the watching crowd,
Who see your each and every move
As you stand small, or very proud.

So the fence sitters will only watch
How others cope with their game.
And decrying all those who’ve lost
Whilst jealous of the victors fame.

For if you won’t take a part in life
You can deride and mock at will,
All those who try to do their best
To enjoy life, and so they’ll fulfil.

So after that I’m sure you can work out about those people who won’t do anything themselves or take a chance, but will become envious and jealous of others who do try. It is also more than likely that you will know someone or people like that, or have even had those feelings yourself? A question indeed, but only answer it to yourself.

From my third book, “Reviews of Life in Verse” comes a poem exactly about the issues raised above and needs no further introduction!

Envy ?

Some people come, whilst others go
A few for reasons I don’t know,
Guess it was something I did or said,
That didn’t settle well in their head.
But meanwhile I will trek my road
So all are welcome with my load,
While I continue with my life
Mostly wondrous, with little strife.
Thus I will offer a smile or joke,
Though on this some seem to choke.
For I am not always like a saint,
And a colourful life I love and paint.
But do not worry if you fail to see,
That I’m always, and forever me!

For regular readers and those who know me, you will surely have seen or heard me quote the poet Grey before, with his definition of poets as having “thoughts that breath and words that burn”!
So if anyone is ever unhappy or disagrees with my words, and that’s fine by me, as it’s far better than being a person who just “shrugs their shoulders” with no opinion, you will know where I’m coming from.

That’s it from me this month, and with my fifth book just published on August 15th, my fantastic journey continues….

All five of my books :–

Poetic Views of Life
More Poetic Views of Life
Reviews of Life in Verse &
Life Scene in Verse
Life Presented In Verse,

Will all ensure my donation to the excellent charity I support, promote and donate to, that being Help for Heroes.


I also have a Facebook page “The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson”, and from very recently a website now:- please sign/join up absolutely free.

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