Yes a fantastic few days for “Ya Psychy Poet” as the interview on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey went off very well with no drama about being late! In fact being wary of Southern Railway’s recent performances I arrived in Brighton with lots of time to spare and even indulged myself in an “extremely expensive” but very nice “pint and a burger”, ONLY £17. 00 !!!! Yes really !!!


Well that puts it all into a perspective really as I aimed my (first) book prices just under (NOT now seemingly) the price of a drink, pint etc… LOL nearly all the beers in this (pleasant) pub were about £4.90 average a pint!!! (my books are only £4.99 & £6.99 respectively)…. Hence Brighton wasn’t and WON’T now be anywhere top of my “visiting” list!!!


Back to my BBC Radio interview though:-

Great feedback received and more on a “general “me” as was in their “My Life” slot, so not all about my poetry and I just read out one poem “Cradle to the Grave” about mothers, and in both my latest book as a “favourite” and also as originally book four. No I’m not putting it all up, just the start….


Cradle to the Grave

A lilting voice from the past

That will affect you like no other.

Bringing love and goose bumps too,

For it can only be your mother.

The one who always from your birth

Stood by you with no quaking,

Though inside she cried bitter tears

If bad decisions you were making,

Or was given cause to be upset

At your failure to return the love,

Which will always be too late

After she is taken to live above.

For a mother always looks with pride

At your first shaky steps to walk,

Across your rocky paths in life

Since she first helped you to talk.

Yes a “nice” one and much appreciated as kind feedback, including from a chap who heard me read on the radio and said had “reduced him to tears (nicely) as had lost his mother at only 53” !!! 

Anyway the interview was quite rapid and seems from people “Fabulous” and amusing! Well ho ho one tries…

The Thursday interview was followed the next day by a smallish but succinct piece on me with photo, (as in lead photo on here) in The Eastbourne Herald which has brought about some “recognition and comments” too…

Other little, but “fantastic” to me, as promotes Help for Heroes, is a poem from latest book being used in a couple of gyms and Leisure centres, (thanks Adam of AMB Fitness & Sovereign Centre Eastbourne). The poem says it all…

Gym Slip

Many people go to the gym

For their exercise and tone,

With some following a programme

They have worked out as their own

Best ways to keep them fit,

However much work it takes,

For the benefits are manifold

As a healthy life it makes.

But there is a little observation

That always puzzles me,

As regularly down the gym

This is what I often see,

People using the equipment

With exertion that’s not slack,

But when they’ve finished with it

They never put it back!

Then why is this I wonder

In a place where effort rules,

Are people too bone idle

To put away their tools?

For it can’t be it’s too hard,

As that’s the major aim,

And full activity and exercise

Are surely just the same?

So bending down to return things

Keeps floors safe and clear,

And doesn’t require much effort

From fitness fans sincere.

Thus maybe as a suggestion

In their plans to keep fit,

Should be included returning stuff

So we don’t fall over it!

No more to say on that then, only perhaps to you “non go to Gymers” and an appreciation of my “poems and contacts” being accredited at the end of “posted” poem. Good stuff and follow that…. Explanation in a minute!

Included in “Comments” after last Blog (28/8/17) is an interesting, complimentary and amusing err, ummm “Poem type thing”? on me by Rod of Carbury Films, who are excellent and did a couple of videos for me last year, and can do for you too, (copiers please note).

Rod sent it to me and with his permission I added it to the Comments section of last Blog, so please have a look as well worth it! Thanks Rod and very pleased I have “awoken” former poetic juices? 

Right nearly end of (another flipping ?) Blog, but NOT without my customary sardonic take on a “sort of” big compliment !!!

I have been aware and noticed for some time that some of my “ideas, words, title, phrases” etc had “caught on” and were being used, copied or followed by people. Included in this are “charity attachments, phrases, poem titles” etc on Facebook and other advertising. GREAT, a big compliment and thanks…..

You want to copy ME ??? Well  GOOD LUCK with that Ho Ho, he hee and I can also “nick” phrases, so I will offer and wonder how many can remember this, which I like and think sums me up? “Often imitated, but NEVER duplicated” lol !!!

Maybe this poem from book four is pretty apt on above?

Envy ?

Some people come, whilst others go

A few for reasons I don’t know,

Guess it was something I did or said,

That didn’t settle well in their head.

But meanwhile I will trek my road

So all are welcome with my load,

While I continue with my life

Mostly wondrous, with little strife.

Thus I will offer a smile or joke,

Though on this some seem to choke.

For I am not always like a saint,

And a colourful life I love and paint.

But do not worry if you fail to see,

That I’m always, and forever me!

Well Ted n Beth are very happy that they are in the photo with me in The Herald and say “hello” and ask you to please visit their Facebook page “Ted n Beth of Laurie the Poet” and give it a “like” too.

For the relevance of the “Try Harder” photo visit my Facebook page The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson

So that’s all for now and again thanks for all kind comments and support, book buying, following etc as, The Journey Continues FANTASTICALLY ….



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