Well mostly laughing but just the odd minor moments of panic, worry, stress, doubts and gross frustration at delays or “echo only email replies”, so yes laughing!

LOL yes laughing! Some hysterical, some inane, and some just to stop the odd thoughts of murder perhaps…


Seriously though, so far with this latest and fifth book of mine, LIFE PRESENTED in VERSE, most is in hand with ALL of my bits with publisher, (Good Ol’ My Voice again) and the excellent Lucy of Carnaghan Photography who took the photo with this Blog, took some photos of me to chose for front cover, as in previous books the cover photo had been a bit of a stumbling block!


NO I am not going to say where, what, how or anything about the photos for the cover now but you will “sea” soon enough……


It is due for publication on August 16th 2017 AND you can now order from me on here, email  lw1800@hotmail.co.uk   My Facebook Page (on 396 “likes” so please pop on and like page if not already) “The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson”  or mobile = 07967 355236


As I’m feeling nice (ho ho lovely girl !!! No I jest) I will put on starting verses of 3 new poems in my latest book, so not seen before…. Now that IS nice he he heee


Faint Heart

In our lives I’m sure we’ve all heard

That “so and so” is big trouble,

With often the rumour or gossip spread

By the person who is a double

Of the very one they’re on about,

And calling the nasty name.

So how ironic that it transpires

That they are just the same.

Now there are both men and women

Who don’t do so well in love,

So the warning off of these

Could be guidance from above.

Now I have to recount for me

That such a lady did arrive.

And I dived in despite concerns,

But still managed to survive.

A romance one to start then, although has the “Laurie Twist” ( ok S P ?), and the next is a (hopefully lol) a Humour section poem…


Can’t take your call at the moment

The metallic voice intones,

And will repeat this basic sentence

Every time that someone phones.

Please leave your message then

After you hear the beep,

So that we can get back to you

And this promise they will keep.

Well, that is on the condition

That you got their number right,

For metallic lady could be anyone

As no name, or face was in sight.

Thus I’m sure I’m not alone

In leaving a message for reply,

To someone that I didn’t know

Who will sit and wonder why!

Of course you just know that one won’t all end too well, but sadly very true !!!!

Ok the 3rd poem excerpt is from my sardonic mocking locker, (who ME???? Naaaaar surely not?) and entitled as follows…

Butterflies of Life

The happy butterfly is busy

Showing off its fun each day,

With many expansive shows

Of exotic scenes of play.

These conjured images of fun

Show the happy life you’ve got,

Being a butterfly of fun times

When in fact you’re not.

For there are aches of sadness

That a loneliness compounds

Conflicting with the smiling,

As if from a wall rebounds.

So you will need to buy my new book to see how those poems pan out and finish, but I KNOW you won’t be disappointed, and if that sounds a bit cocky it is based on feedback from “my Quality Control readers” (THANKS guys), so hahahahaaa, there you are!

Also in my new book you will find new poems entitled, First Sex Lessons, Sample, Love Cruise, Soft Touch, Exposure, Open Prison, Pyramid, Will, Full Frontal Folly, Tea for Two, (on Ted n Beth), Arrow, No Milk Today, Hard & Ease of Entry to title but a few…..

Ok, time for “Laurie Boy” to shut up and close, but as I’m still feeling nice lol I will end with a very popular one (with the ladies) from my fourth book that I again KNOW the certain ladies (some overseas and some local), AND men too who will love “Come Our Tomorrow”….

Come Our Tomorrow

I will have all of your love tomorrow

And share our kisses so very sweet,

For we will always have it all

Each and every time we meet.

I will feel your touch tomorrow

As your hands explore my frame.

Saying you’ve had private moments

But without me, it’s not the same.

I will bring you to life tomorrow

As I gently stroke and softly caress

Your body, just as you like it,

When your secret parts I address.

I will fuel your desire tomorrow

To make you want all you feel,

For until it’s just the two of us

Those desired heights aren’t real.

I will hold you close tomorrow

As we melt our bodies into one,

To feel that glorious togetherness

When we are finally all done.

But I’m coming for you now my love

Coming for you fast as I can drive,

For I have set desire all aflame

And tomorrow may not arrive!

So I hope you enjoyed that, and as ever,
MANY thanks to you all for “being here”, please tell your friends as….



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