Another reasonably settled week on the “tragedy & terror front” thank goodness, so a Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa ” normal Blog Post” from me ???

Yes I’ve been busy, but more on that in a moment, but first and foremost the link to the excellent charity for Motor Neurone Disease Association and who used my poem “The Easy Life” to highlight disabilities, (Hi Natalie ) please visit :-

Busy ??? YES I’ve been busy for two main reasons….

1) The excellent “Sandra” of “Pink Spaghetti” has been (trying to) educate me and get me up to speed on Facebook promotion, skills, tips etc, etc… We’ve spend hours on the phone, but she is (just ?) surviving!!! Thanks, and bless you Sandra !!!!!

2) After much stress, muttering, (chuffing chuntering) I have completed, checked, compiled and “copied & perishing pasted” all of my new and fifth book “LIFE PRESENTED in VERSE” (LOL orders CAN be taken) which meant,, =

 70 NEW poems, SIX of my poems published nationally by Forward Poetry (well another two out 31/7/2017) AND 10 requested/favourites from my previous 4 books!!!

YES the mental arithmetic Clever Cloggs will have totalled 86, yes EIGHTY SIX poems in the new book, (price agreed when printed, sized etc ), so again order away =      OR      07967 355236

Busy = time, time = a poem, thus from book 3 “Not That Kind of Time”…

Not That Kind of Time

With stealth and cruelty the years go by

Casting spells on both body and mind,

So that we wither and our frailties form

Thus we realise, time’s not that kind.

Our resisting brain cells and lively wit

Dispute any damage is being done,

So you still believe you are fit and well

When in truth you can barely run!

But is it wrong to live a white lie?

You’re still young and everything works,

For the real truth will slowly seep in

So that doubts and uncertainty lurks.

Going back over time, you now see it all.

The things you did, or should have tried,

For however much you want to catch up

You can’t do this when you’ve died!

The march of the years won’t be stopped

Whatever actions you try to pursue.

For once you did things to just kill time,

But that time is now killing you!

With stealth and cruelty the years go by

Casting spells on both body and mind,

So that we wither and our frailties form

Thus we realise, time’s not that kind.

They say time and tides wait for no man

Though we can do things as they release,

But do not squander or spoil the years

Or you will lose your inner peace.

So maybe best to make a covenant now

As your body loses all strength and vigour,

For the secret of youth and endless life

Is a solution we are yet to figure!

So time is now killing us a? Nice, (not !!!) but very true, SO how do we use it ????

Cleverly led in Laurie to BEWARE !!!! LOL…..

Why beware? :- ????

Because I’m going to give away some secrets (relax Rex, not ALL of them) of my much asked questions, “how do I write so many poems?”, & “where do all my ideas come from?”.. Answer = YOU !!!!!!!!!

I observe, note, think and WRITE… some examples with excerpts from poems:-

Bar Room Star

Every pub or bar will have one

There are lots of them about,

And while everyone likes talking

He feels the need to shout.

Amongst his group of cronies

He must be the loudest bloke,

Then burst into raucous laughter

Every time he cracks a joke!

Published in the Daily Mail in 2014 & from my first

Booze and Two’s

It is written that alcohol increases desire

But reduces performance too,

This can be proved on most weekends

When the drunkards roll into view.

Inhibitions and balance both fade

The harder they drink and revel,

With love in the air and emotions high

And skirts raised to panties level,

From book 3 and poem sold many books on its own! (I wonder why ??? lol )

A Growing Problem

It’s said that what goes up in the air

Must come back down to earth.

Sadly all that goes in your mouth

Mostly stays to spread your girth.

For you’re not the size to miss easily,

If your are eating and drinking tea.

When always seen with food to hand

You say that we just don’t understand,

Again from book 3, “do you mean me?”.. NOoooooo

Cocky Two’s

Sitting on their bar stools

Just like parrots on a perch,

And delivering a sermon

As if they were in church.

Solving all the worlds deep problems

Without scarce a pause for breath,

It could be the beer talking

Or a latest script for meths!

The more astute will have noticed another pub setting !!! Really?, I wonder why??? That was from book two, tooooo 

AND from book 4 one of my favourites !!!! (have you ever been to Oz?) but very common here too….

Black Socks

The guy was all ready for the sun

I mean this man had it all.

A shirt to find your way home with,

With shorts just a bit too small.

A baseball cap perched on his head

While a neck chain said he rocks,

He had a smashing pair of sandals

But Oh, with jet black socks!

So some clues there then about my writing, but as my press releases for couple of my books said “Laurie scans the world with a curious eye” and “often found observing in the pub” LOL, is THAT where I saw YOU !!!! ????

No hiding now, I know where you go lol….

Nice to be able to joke as no “nasty” news over and above the usual, but as you’ve been, and ARE great I will finish with a nice poem, (ok now Suanne?),.. “Return Flight” (ya coming S P?) from book……………

Return Flight

There are some loves that will not die

Although they shouldn’t really last,

But linger on still flickering

From times left in the past.

Illicit times or stolen moments

Perhaps your first real kiss,

But every now and then in life

Those memories will be missed.

For as every dog will have its day

We must all find time to fly,

Then reach out to touch the stars

At least once before we die.

With skipping heart and infants smile

And stomach churning fit to burst,

You soar and glide effortlessly

Around sensations not rehearsed.

Though every flight will end sometime

Bringing its cargo back to land,

And so you must return to life

Maybe your soul won’t understand.

For we can never eternally visit

Ecstatic playing fields of gods

And even if we feel we do

It’s only when the devil nods!

Thus glowing embers of loves fires

May burn against the rule,

And play on heartstrings silent now

But better than never played at all.

Anyway as ever, many thanks guys and The Journey continues

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