Having only just done a Blog Post, I have taken an unusual step in posting again quickly and also just posting my (changed and earlier) monthly article for the x 2 Online newspapers I write for!

I am sure you will see why, and allow my indulgence to express my (and I’m sure countless other people’s) anger and disgust at these cowardly attacks on innocent people…..

The photo is to represent "eternal damnation" of the extremists….

For "The Sussex Newspaper" & Bonjour France Online newspaper

As now most major towns or cities have been subject to cowardly attacks by so called “Islamic (or perhaps psychotic?) extremists and/or of whatever evil demonic denomination”, including again now London my proud place of birth and breeding, I feel the need to respond!

As Gray said of poets “having thoughts that breath and words that burn” I will gladly accept that mantle!

I don’t usually “do” religion, politics and suchlike as a now “prolific and published poet”, but as said by the “Iron” Duke of Wellington “there is always a time to cut cards with the devil”, so apart from my usual observations of our world and man, thus I will….

I don’t mind or care within reason about anyone’s religion, colour, culture or beliefs, and have many friends among all of aforementioned, but when cowardly bullies seek to intimidate, murder, and cause bloodshed and atrocities on innocent people, THAT is another matter!

Thus again as a proud “born and bred” Londoner this is my angry response to Saturday 3rd June’s cowardly attack… “Impotent Bullies”

Impotent Bullies

Obscene and ungodly scum

Now copy-cats as well,

Perform their sick atrocities

That condemn them to eternal hell.

For their psychotic, twisted minds

That cannot see or understand,

Why we are free and fearless

And live in a defiant land.

So however depraved and wicked

Your cowardly acts become,

We will still revile and oppose you

And leave you looking dumb.

For nothing recently has cowed us

Or forced us to concede,

So best lose your foul ideas

Because you never will succeed.

Oh yes you’ve terrified people

Gang- stabbing a helpless girl,

But take a look over your shoulder

At the defiant banner we unfurl.

For you may have been scaring

Defenceless kids and unarmed folk,

But when your bomb smoke clears

You remain a sick, sad joke.

Thus employ your bully tactics

And brief moments of shed blood,

That will always curse and damn you

As a pathetic, impotent dud!

I don’t really feel the need to say many other words as I will let my poetry speak for me in respect of France, Brussels, Tunisia and many other places of unspeakable cowardly attacks by so called “soldiers?”, who strangely will not fight against other armed and prepared forces, choosing instead defenceless women, children and unarmed men. Thus for Paris, France 13th November 2015 =

Lambs and Guns

I am naked except for my clothes

No match for knives, bombs and gun.

You can kill me anytime you want

For my only defence is to run.

You are fully armed to your teeth

A veritable arsenal moving on legs,

So you can slaughter and maim at will

No matter how much your victim begs,

As they relax, carefree on a beach,

At a cafe, or maybe a music hall.

Thus your foul war on the unarmed

Ensures that only the innocents fall!

Creeping, slithering, making your plans

Hiding in shadows behind a locked door.

Disgusting cowards, strapping on bombs

For your sick, ambushing war.

Thus you avoid, and wont bring to combat

Any trained and well armed man.

So you stick to putrid sewers,

And attack like only scum can.

For I am naked except for my clothes

No match against knife, bombs and gun.

You can try to kill me anytime you want,

But it’s not my only defence, to run.

So stalk our free world, trying to see

Easy targets like lambs, unaware at play,

Your brainwashed mind and smoking gun

Will never earn a winners sway.

Brussels 2016 and then Manchester 22nd May 2017…..

Questions of Innocence

Why did you have to kill me

At my young and tender years?

Maiming and killing others too

Replacing laughter with their tears.

Why did you have to kill me?

You didn’t even know my name,

And why murder all the others

Whose religion is just the same

As what you now claim yours is,

Or is it really more a love of war?

That spreads blood and slaughter

But only makes you scream for more.

So religions now all stand together

Different creeds you want to separate,

Some with backgrounds just like yours

United now with the ones you hate,

Brought together in huge revulsion

At your sick, barbaric act,

That will only work against you

With more unity, that’s a fact.

But why did you have to kill me

And not give me any chance?

As you blew yourself up beside me

Without the slightest second glance.

Do you think that you’ll find peace

In any life after your bomb burst?

Because wherever you do land

Your soul is forever cursed.

And of course a more general assault on freedom of speech, democracy, women’s rights and independence, choice of religion, way of life, opposition to imposed beliefs and tyranny that offend the “self elected, powerful and sectarian bullies” that spew out hate and cowardly advice to “kill themselves and others” in of pursuit this “cause” that strangely these “hate leaders” won’t do themselves???…

Hand of God

Scenic beauty, sweet fresh air

All you could wish for, it was all there,

For one more moment, then it was gone

When the coward set off another bomb.

Smoke and flames, cries and screams

Another end to countless dreams,

A place of wonder to melt all hearts

Was now a horror of body parts!

All be praised, his god is served

The dead just got what they deserved,

For not praying the same as those

Who blew them up and burnt their clothes.

Some strange god, that death he asks

From his army with their bloody tasks,

That spreads out terror, fear and dread

And victories measured by the dead.

Again you pray, your day is won

Religion spread by your smoking gun,

It is honour you want, your way is best,

Go tell the man with his shattered chest.

Little children, babes in arms

Now lie slaughtered with no more charms,

You say it is vengeance, we had done wrong

So we must suffer you sick death song.

It is peace you wish, and to make us sure

You continue to kill, and make more war,

Until we learn, and have passed the test

That your gentle, loving god is the best.

Well once again I hope that you agree with me, my response, sentiments and another Blog Post!!!

The Journey Continues……………………..

Cheers, Laurie

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