Slightly different “Blog Post” this time and no apologies for that as not so much on me, but more on the sick, cowardly atrocity last Monday 22nd May….


The two photos are of……

1) Death’s spectre showing the guilty the way to perpetual damnation and….

2) The heart that personifies love that will always prevail and sustain us…..

Thus Evil and the overriding Good !!!


I have often quoted Gray who said that poets have “thoughts that breath and words that burn!”

Well this particular poet has that and from the words that I put out after Monday , and will again here, many people told me that my words made them cry. Don’t worry, your tears fell with mine….


The following poem I wrote after a terrorist attack at Brussels airport in 2016. Sadly with the slaughter of mainly youngsters, including an 8 year old girl, my poem is even more apt, and from my fourth and latest book, thus I posted in tribute to the victims and my condemnation of the murderers ….

Questions of Innocence

Why did you have to kill me

At my young and tender years?

Maiming and killing others too

Replacing laughter with their tears.

Why did you have to kill me?

You didn’t even know my name,

And why murder all the others

Whose religion is just the same

As what you now claim yours is,

Or is it really more a love of war?

That spreads blood and slaughter

But only makes you scream for more.

So religions now all stand together

Different creeds you want to separate,

Some with backgrounds just like yours

United now with the ones you hate,

Brought together in huge revulsion

At your sick, barbaric act,

That will only work against you

With more unity, that’s a fact.

But why did you have to kill me

And not give me any chance?

As you blew yourself up beside me

Without the slightest second glance.

Do you think that you’ll find peace

In any life after your bomb burst?

Because wherever you do land

Your soul is forever cursed.


Another quite simple poem from my first book would also seem to fit here. I wrote this after a “children’s” attack on an allied checkpoint post when 3 soldiers went to help the “distressed” children in Afghanistan in 2009. The “children” blew them up……


Tainted Babes

Herod has given up his sword

He used to butcher babes,

Now the babes strap on their bombs

They use to butcher men.

What grotesque cause sanctions this?

To turn worlds upside down,

And cannot learn a cowards act

Won’t bring a victors crown!

However as I stated at the start, I firmly believe that good will overcome evil and that love will always win out! A dream maybe, but I would rather hope for that, than any sordid, sick, second hand, psychotic aims these terrorist scum have….

Thus a poem suggesting that we can all find, have and enjoy love and it’s fairground of delight !!!

Hypnotic Dance

Everyone has a love song

Or poem deep in their heart,

Maybe you can never sing it

But knowing it is a start,

To begin to seek your dream

Of a love you never found.

So you slowly start to move

Towards that luring sound.

Hypnotic rhythms stealing thoughts

When drawn forward in a trance,

To the person of your desires

Who is wanting you to dance,

While cuddling up so tight

Before kissing that loving face

You now know waits for you,

At that magic, sensual place.

So with bated breathe and hope

That was never there before,

You prepare to meet your muse

Of which you’re really sure.

Because this love song tells you

Something great is coming,

And while you wait and tremble

Loves music is now strumming.

Therefore you sway and wallow

In loves mood that’s oh so deep,

Without the slightest movement

To awake you from your sleep!

I cannot think of a much better ending than that, only to say another “major respect” to last Monday’s victims, and my disgust and contempt for the cowardly perpetrators!!!!
And of course I couldn’t totally end without a big “Thank You” to all of you “reader guys” who give me great feedback, compliments and encouragement too….
The Journey Continues Wonderfully…..
Cheers, Laurie



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