I have been quite busy this last week, which probably explains why I can hardly believe another week has passed since last Blog Post!

But it has, so what can I say?

Well first I will explain the "Blog Photo",  which I try to vary each time, from photos of me, my antics, themes, events etc and this one is courtesy of Facebook , believe it or not!

Facebook, like the proverbial elephant, now remembers everything, anniversaries, Posts and suchlike, so the  photo was their kind recognition of "my PUBLISHED birthday" when my first book came out in April 2014…. Thanks Facebook, and a lot has happened since….

This last week:-

We had some new "sign ups", and WELCOME, including a good friend who is an entertainer, singer, dancer and much more in France, having spent 2 years at my site there, so welcome H B, (Yup our own pencil?) and also new Irish lady singer, dancer, entertainer, "kids controller" (almost?) currently on my site, and although newly arrived we have had some great chats, cheers O M, and I will see you again soon….

On May 14th I published my monthly article for "The Sussex Newspaper Online" and concurrently its sister paper "Bonjour France" (for English speakers in France! The article is entitled "When it has Gone", which although quite a deep one, as ever has my relevant poems to back it up. Please check it out by putting the paper’s name in…

Over the last 2/3 weeks I have had some excellent and kind comments on the Blog Post which is excellent THANKS, please check them out, and even add YOURS!!!

Poems !!!! Well yes, after a lull on getting back from France 2 weeks ago I have written 5 in the last week, one commissioned, and four others…. Listen to the Flowers, First Sex Lessons, (MMMmmmm), Ducking Stool & Full Frontal Folly, (I WASN’T going to put THAT after the sex lessons titled one, come on….

Last Sunday I did some poem readings at a group and this one from my first book was relevant, (and ever popular, so here it is!


To perform yoga is intriguing

So try it if you dare,

You sit, or lay upon a mat

And puzzle what goes where!

And when you have successfully,

Tied yourself up quite a lot,

Not moving, so it’s hard to see,

If you’re still alive or not?

But to help you with your yoga

And some of the pain relieve,

You lie very calm and silent,

While you still attempt to breath.

Try another skill of balance

Up on one leg, and smile,

Just practice you can do it,

But it may take quite a while!

There are though, other postures

When you just lay back and rest,

And after all the spasms,

You will like this bit the best.

Lay back and check your breathing

Going slowly in and out,

Surprisingly you feel good

And all relaxed without a doubt.

For those ancient yoga masters

Must have known just what to do,

About being calm and supple,

And living on past ninety two!

Last week I mentioned "not catching fish if not fishing" and that proved right on Wednesday when I called in to a local shop that has/sells my books, (well they had sold one), to find they have now sold quite a few, so good stuff, and "one up" for trying!
A little "taster" of new poem =

First Sex Lessons

We had no sex education at school

Or any that I can remember well.

Just about the gender differences

And hair growing where you tell,

What each others parts look like

As there were no diagrams to see,

Apart from a couple of new "presentation & reading" gigs on the horizon, I think that is all for now, but will of course register my thanks to you for your time and interest, comments, feedback and general much appreciated compliments and encouragement, so THANK YOU again!!!!
Will leave with another poem, from my last book "Life Scene in Verse" with poem entitled "Jigsaw" ( another for you S P lol)…


Dreamy figures of great delight

All come dancing into view,

I have a panorama of beauty

But know what I must do.

For you have made intrusions

Seismic like upon my soul,

As we determine to be together

Making our separate pieces whole,

Like some closely fitting jigsaw

That a glorious picture makes,

For it had become quite desperate

To complete for both our sakes.

I can still see your posture

With majestic desire for me,

That I had to return with vigour

How it was designed to be.

Now disappearing from all else

Except the views fixed in our sight,

We released basic desires

With erupting volcano might.

So now our jigsaw was complete

And you in your ecstasy cried,

Whilst we had flown together

Returning to land satisfied.


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