WELCOME HOME, welcome home, like the old pop song (you DO remember it come on !!!), I was welcomed home last night !!!  I got an amazing complimentary endorsement on a Personal Poem for someone, (including 16 year old recipient too).

AND, also not one but TWO of my poems have been chosen again for National publication !!

Forward Poetry (already published FOUR of mine), have chosen both "Is it Merry Christmas?" for their book "Winter Wonders" and my powerful anti-terrorism poem called "BOMB" for their book "Mind Matters 2". Both of course are in the respective National Poetry finals too…. (Both also published in my books by My Voice Publishing)….
WELCOME HOME "Laurie Boy!"

To quote my son recently BEFORE this news, he said of my own four published books and the four books I have published nationally,  "was I planning to start my own library?" Well there could well be ELEVEN in "my library" soon…..

Add to that I have several choices of proceeding with another book or so, having now 59 new poems, and am/will be discussing options with (My Voice) publishing team!

Again we have been joined on here by another couple of "Join Ups", though a few people who said they had/were going to, don’t seem to have come through, but anyway WELCOME to the new folks, one an interesting lady from Ireland who has just joined the entertainment team at my French site and we have been chatting away together.

One little disappointment in my "current" (LOL sorry) happy pool, (current, water, pool, … get it ho ho???), is still no comments coming through on my Blog Posts, although couple of people had said they would, so I guess everyone is so "fascinatingly stunned, impressed, amused and entertained" by my Blog Posts there is no need to comment ?
Thought after the moving poem "Someone Says Goodbye" and testament last Blog I may have got some feedback, but perhaps nobody is reading them now ? ???? LOL

Just in case there is anybody out there I will post my poem "Bomb" that is to be published nationally as mentioned above earlier in blog.


An exploding bomb’s a blast of energy

Massive reaction to chemical release.

It is stunning as well as shocking

Replacing a hell on earth from peace.

An indiscrimination of violent power

A bomb spews both impact and heat,

With splintering eruption and shock

Making varied traumas hard to treat.

Shock will shatter across a body

And damage the internal organs too.

Causing cuts, infection and major burns,

Ensuring nearby survivors are few!

Bodies ripped open by metal explosion

As projected fragments kill and maim,

Mental scars that may never heal

Should a shattered body look the same

So we know the awesome power now

Of violence from an exploding bomb,

Made worse in confined spaces

Where living people love to throng.

Now please try hard to explain to me

The workings of an individual who,

Can callously leave such a device

Knowing the mass slaughter it will do!

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