Yes a “ticking over” week with nothing greatly special, but as always “something is happening”…


Firstly welcome to some new additions who have joined up on here including two (more) lovely Polish ladies and a “very handy” gent, (well ho ho I assume it’s him), but welcome anyway and again thanks to you regulars…… LOL I not getting too much feedback or comments ON HERE, about the site, but do get some kind complimentary comments face to face…. thanks Sandra today!


A bit of a disappointment yesterday when due to a “last minute glitch” my poetry reading/talk session didn’t take place but we are certainly rescheduling and will confirm soon!!!

Ted n Beth were most upset about not getting to meet people, especially as they said “we travelled in a blooming bag under a scooter seat!!!!”, but HEY bears that’s the stardom you want, complete with “ups and downs” and scooter seats….  DON’T worry they are fully recovered and back into “mischief mode”…..


I got another really nice feedback from a commissioned poem that went down “brilliantly” with the person poem was for, and further thanks and kind words on another requested poem. I also have some more requests to write my personal poems, including two “teen” birthdays. Nice….


The “Blog Post” photo is from an excellent networking meeting last Wednesday with some new people met so more opportunities…. one lady was very interested in me apparently (BEHAVE), my poetic attributes it seems…

I will confess to “somehow” getting “centre stage” in the photo and “leading” the end shout….


Another donation from my book sales and poems etc was made by me, and gratefully received by the excellent Help for Heroes this morning! Thanks to you all for continued support…


My “splurge” (flow) of poems continues as I have written three more since last blog about 6 days ago…


Right, as I am “Napoleonic soldiering ” this weekend I must away to my bed, so as ever, The Journey Continues…..


A message in poem at the end, and from my first book Poetic Views of Life that started it all!!!


Cheers, Laurie



Go safely as you make your way

Your worth is hard to measure,

Not everyone will value you

But you really are a treasure.

Go safely as you make your way

Turning many a mile and bend,

Strong and sure in knowledge now

You have a special friend!

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