Well as it is World Poetry Day I thought I would post again quickly, but still with a bit of “new news” lol..

I continue to write poems prolifically, and they keep coming, near ten in week or so now, and they still surprise me with the diversity of themes and ideas! Recent titles include, (but as you know, MAY not be the suggested topic), Gym Slip, No Milk Today, Blindspot, A Little Loud, Exposure, Soft Touch & Fake etc….


I am discussing later (again) me being on local radio, have had a little rush for my books, and have posted a “World Poetry Day” short article and poem on my monthly column papers, (LOOK them up if not seen yet) = The Sussex Newspaper Online and Bonjour France that caters for English speakers in France……


I will post a complete poem now as W P D and following nice views theme it is called “Nature of Man” but of COURSE with my little twist….


Nature of Man

As well as my sardonic observations

And cryptic views of life’s things,

I also see nature’s wonders

Like beautiful creatures with wings,

Or amazing life all shapes and sizes

Living plants in varied hues,

Filling us with awe and amazement

And our eyes with special views.

Mr Attenborough awakened minds

Before all closed to planet Earth,

So now we can be astounded

At stunning wildlife giving birth,

With expanding growing numbers

                                                            Living with and around us.

Some we see and take for granted

Others just live without fuss.

But though I dearly love to see nature

My main interest is the common man,

Who with knowledge, or perhaps none

                                                  Is killing our world each way he can!

Cheers Laurie and as ever The Journey Continues….


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