Well they say that elephants never forget unlike mere mortal poets, even a Psychy Poet!

Yes, when I posted my news yesterday I must admit I forgot a couple of things……. shame on me !!!!! WHAT ARE THEY THEN ?????

Oh sorry, yes right, I’ll get on with it, but still "shaken" (but not stirred) by my forgetting something, but even MORE by "remembering" taking the elephant photo as it "burst" out at us in a small boat by Victoria Falls!

Forgotten =

1) On recommendation by our President of my writing group, "Anderida Writers" in Eastbourne, I have submitted "my information" for consideration of the daily Brighton Argus newspaper’s "60 seconds with…. " (hopefully) Laurie Wilkinson giving a brief resume of myself and answering some set questions! Let’s wait and see, but again watch this space….

2) Secondly is that I have a stall at St John’s Hall, High Street, Polegate, BN26 5BW on Saturday 11th March (2 weeks time), where I will be promoting, collecting & generally fund raising for Help for heroes and hopefully selling some books or my "Write a poem for You" service!

Also I will have raffle tickets to sell for prizes at my "H 4 H fund raise & Book Signing" the following Saturday 18th March at Eastbourne’s Lansdowne hotel, so all go!

As penance for my "forgetting" I hahahahaaa include a limerick from my latest book, Life Scene in Verse…. Perhaps worth noting LOL,

Cheers Laurie.. The Journey Continues to CONTINUE

There was a man from Woking
Who spent all his life joking,
But he had failed to see
The folly of picking on me,
So now the bugger is choking!

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