Well, yes another busy few days in "Psychy Poet Land" that saw me battle the early morning rush hour (WHY ?) and rain on Wednesday to a nice new networking meeting at Horsham. I met some nice people and Blog photo is from there, (who IS that young looking fella at the front on the left lol ??), particularly Larissa, Natalie & Sandra.

On Friday 3rd February my "bit overdue" Press Release from My Voice Publishing went out and can be seen at:-


Friday night I made another dark and rainy drive out to Robertsbridge for the monthly music, stories, poetry & music evening (complete with power cut) meeting of "Meet of the Tongue", where I read some of my poems out, but again well worth it…

Well as "catch up" we "Happy Few" on here are growing quite well, and a warm welcome and thanks to the new folks who have joined us, and also my "Amazon Reviews" on "Life Scene" book are growing too, which always helps! Anyone not given me a (nice 5 please lol) review on latest, or previous books, please do. You do not have to have bought book from Amazon, or be signed up, but sometimes there is a little glitch, but it "can be done"…

There are still a couple of things in pipeline I’m waiting on, may soon nudge, so hopefully can announce next Web Blog. Please DO feel free to comment/get involved on here..

Cheers & thanks as ever, Laurie

The Journey Continues INTERESTINGLY….

The Psychy Poet releases the fourth volume of his poetry – Life Scene in Verse. MyVoice Publishing is proud to present our favourite poet, Laurie Wilkinson, in this his fourth volume. – PR12607189


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