LOL, please forgive my veiled comment and pun a few days ago that I had a new collaboration that might soon "take off"… Well it has!

Confirmed today with Lambert’s White Dove Release – Brighton, that I will attend their 12th February Valentine Release day and be on hand to "pen" romantic verse for the "romantics" there who wish a short personal verse and perhaps a longer Personal Poem later on!

I have already written "Lambert’s Dove Release"  promotion verse that they are using (below) and probably much more…..

The Journey continues……..

Valentine Dove Release

We release these doves in loving trend,

Celebrating as off they wend.

Destined for near and distant parts

Carrying the love from your hearts.

And a message that you can be sure

Will bless and reach, those you adore.

Cheers and thanks for being there (worldwide) Laurie


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