Hello and welcome to even more “lovely” people signed up to our web site, great to have you “on board” with us here.


AND I have an apology to “sort of” missing two more “lovely” ladies already with us on here who I didn’t mention as part of our nice “multi national” group. I “missed” them as they aren’t living in their respective countries, but great to also have a Polish and an  Italian lady as members too!!!!

HEY, gosh I need to start learning all these languages, but I’m pretty good with the “Aussie” already “Cobbers”, for “The Sheila” in Brisbane! G’day Blue …. LOL


Anyway I promised not to ramble too much and T & B want the start of their poem (from my 2nd book, More Poetic Views of Life)… Over to you bears…


Bears’ Greatest Hits




      Though Ted and Beth are travelling bears


Sometimes they stay home and rest,


And of all the things they love to do


Listening to music is their best.



Sometimes their Mum will play piano


And they will join in and sing,


About a teddies’ picnic place


With lots of goodies they will bring.



Ted and Beth like other songs


Not just about teddy bears,


And one of their favourite songs is,


About a boy who climbs the stairs.

Thanks for being here with us,

Cheers Laurie


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